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Recently, the staff at our head office in Kitchener, Ontario had a great opportunity to spend some time over lunch with a local celebrity. Yes, he is a radio host, the voice of the Kitchener Rangers Junior hockey team, and all round swell guy. But I call him a celebrity because he is a powerhouse when it comes to bringing awareness to and raising money for Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

To show you how tireless he is in his support of not only this important cause, but also as part of our larger community, Mike was one of the recipients of the 2016 Kitchener Mayor’s City Builders Awards! We think that is a well deserved honour. Congrats Mike!

Mike Farwell Visits Things Engraved

Our staff thoroughly enjoyed his company during lunch and we happily passed the hat to help out with the cause. You can read more about it in this article Mike published in the Kitchener Post recently. Every May, you can participate in his #Farwell4Hire, by having him do some ‘odd’ jobs in exchange for a donation. Check out his twitter feed to see more fun things people are having him do for them (I LOVE the photo of him catching baseballs in exchange for a donation! So fun!)

We went easy on him this time – next year, we are DEFINITELY going to have him engrave and embroider something while he is here!

Thanks to Mike for his visit to Things Engraved and for all of his hard work for Cystic Fibrosis!


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