Responsibilities of the Groomsmen


Happy couples choose friends and family members to serve as attendants in their weddings. Bridesmaids and groomsmen each have different responsibilities in the wedding.

In ancient times, groomsmen essentially served as the groom’s bodyguards, ensuring that he made it safely to the altar and to his future wife. Today, the groomsmen’s roles are not based on saving life and limb.  Today’s groomsmen serve as assistants to the groom and help plan the bachelor party. They also usher guests down the aisle at the ceremony. They also may have a few other responsibilities, depending on what the couple wants of their assistants.

Before/After the Wedding

* Help pick out the tuxedos and show up for fittings.

* Help plan and share the cost of the bachelor party.

* Attend rehearsals for the ceremony and appear at the rehearsal dinner.

* Help plan and attend the bachelor party.

* Pay for their own wedding attire or formal wear rentals.

* Help unload cars with supplies if the couple is doing the decorating the wedding themselves.

* Pay for their own travel expenses and accommodation during the celebration.

* Return formal wear for themselves and the groom.

* Provide transportation for the couple to the airport or honeymoon destination if the best man is unavailable.

During the CeremonyGroomsmen

* Greet and seat guests at the ceremony in the appropriate rows or pews.

* Stand near the groom during the ceremony.

* Serve as escorts for the bridesmaids at the ceremony.

* Cater to anyone’s needs and mingle with the guests afterward.

Wedding Reception

* Ensure that the groom does not get too intoxicated.

* Sit at the table of honor beside the rest of the bridal party.

* Mingle with the guests.

* Sometimes a groomsman is asked to give a speech or make a toast.

* Participate in all photos if asked.

* Dance with their bridesmaid counterpart.

* Help load the wedding gifts into the car afterward.

What other duties do groomsmen have?  Share with us below or on Facebook.

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Thoughtful gifting to children – nieces, nephews, friends, grand-children


AuntieThere is no denying that kids of many ages love their toys and video games.   They often have closets full of them!  But do they really need another doll or action figure?  Will they even remember that you got them that “sick” video game or Barbie two years from now?

Is there an alternative to these meaningless toys and games?

A story, if you will. I have an aunt and uncle who always, I mean always, bought me books when I was kid.  Not cheap boring books but quality picture books or best-selling novels as a young adult.  They bought me my first picture dictionary (now we use the internet to look up information but this was back in the day when we still used a book called a ‘dictionary’ to look up information).  I used to hate their Christmas gifts.  What made it worse was that my brother always got hockey equipment.  He loved hockey; I did not love reading.  Funny thing is, I appreciate those books more now that I’m an adult.  They are lovely because they were meaningfully chosen books especially for me.  My aunt and uncle didn’t ever get me the coolest doll or newest video game and I’d probably not be able to even remember them for those gifts if they had.  However, I can name 10 or 12 of the book titles they got me when I was young; many of them I still own (somewhere in storage); the kind of books I can pass onto my children.  My point, if you take the time to buy the children in your life, be it nieces, nephews, grand-children, the children of your best friends, there is a good chance they will remember you for it, years down the road.  Right off the bat that meaningful and more thoughtful gift might not give the child the “wow factor” but years from now they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and effort.

So if you’re looking for something a little more thoughtful this year may we suggest some meaningful gifts for children:


Yo Yo

This classic yoyo brings fun now and is a nice momento for the future. Stainless steel and ready to engrave. Click to buy.

Tic Tac Toe

Everyone loves a good match of Tic Tac Toe! Engrave it with his or her name or any message. Click to buy.

Key Chain

A keychain for their house key. Don't leave home without it! Personalize it with the child's name. Click to buy.

Piggy Bank

A timeless treasure for any child. Made of pewter and ready to engrave with anything you like. Click to buy.


Engrave her name! This girl's ID bracelet would be the perfect memento; daisies included! Click to buy.

Princess Box

How about the matching trinket box? Ready to be engraved with her name. Click to buy.

More meaningful keep-sake gifts for children can be found on our website. Please click to visit.

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