Office gifts – To buy for the boss? Co-workers? or even a Secret Santa?


Gift for the bossTo buy for the boss or not?  A simple bottle of wine or something more extravagant?  Will it help you get a promotion? Will you look like a brown-noser?  These are tough political questions.  Sometimes finese is needed in buying your boss a holiday gift. Christmas is a great time of year to buy your boss a gift without it looking too “suspeicious” or as if you have ulterior motives (even if you do).  Hey, let’s face it, you’re buying gifts for tonnes of people already, why not the boss too?  who knows where it might get you.

Also, what about co-workers?  Or the inter-office secret Santa. Those can be fun.


Here some office-gift-giving suggestions for your boss or co-workers to get you started:


Office Set

Love your boss or co-worker? You can't go wrong with this office gift set. Totally engravable. Click pic to buy.

Memo Pad

Simple, useful, and personalized. Perfect for boss, co-worker, or secret santa. Click pic to buy.


Engrave this chrome compass and paperweight with co-workers name. Click pic to buy.

Desk Clock

Boss of the year? Manager of the decade? Engrave this clock any way you like. Click pic to buy.

Inspired yet? Do you still need more ideas? We have over 100 office-type gifts on our website. Click to see more.

Employee recognition – an inexpensive way to gain loyalty and reward good work


Whether you’re the head of HR for a large multi-national corporation or the manager of a small retail store, odds are you aren’t giving your employees the recognition they want or deserve. And yet we know good employees are more likely to leave a company if they don’t feel appreciated.

Creating a simple system to recognize employees for their hard work can help retain good employees and motivate existing employees to work harder.

Treat everyone

You can schedule periodic recognition for the entire staff. For example, if you have periodic busy times, once things slow down, treat everyone to coffee and muffins or gift cards to a local eatery. Another idea is to choose a holiday that is not normally recognized by employers. Surprise your staff with funny gifts for Groundhog Day or St. Patrick’s Day. They’ll have fun and the surprise will make them appreciate it more. One word of warning. Don’t do this at Christmas. Many employees expect a Christmas bonus and getting a muffin will seem like a cheap cop out.

Recognize a group or department

You don’t want to forget to recognize people for their hard work. If a department or team has done an exceptional job on a difficult project, give them all a special bonus. It doesn’t need to be expensive; a business card holder or a pen given as recognition of hard work can really make a difference.

Individual Rewards

While it’s important to recognize groups, don’t forget individual effort. There’s nothing more demoralizing than having a slacker get recognized when the really hard workers are ignored. So be sure to reward people for their effort. It’s easy for managers to feel like “she’s just doing her job” but everyone appreciates a pat on the back now and again.

Give a gift after someone does a great job on a project or recognize someone for length of service.

Employee of the Month

This can be a double-edged sword. Done well, and an employee of the month awards become coveted and cherished by employees. Done poorly and they are seen as recognition of the boss’ favourite and has nothing to do with merit.

If you choose to implement an Employee of the Month award, have clearly defined criteria for choosing the winner. Make sure every employee has the chance to vie for the award and knows what it takes to win.

To avoid the look of favoritism, try having a committee choose the award winners. Then the manager isn’t on the hook and everyone knows the process is fair.


Scrapbooking your wedding


Married? Love scrapbooking? Nothing goes together better than your special day with your favourite hobby. It allows you to go wild with your creative juices while creating a keepsake of your special day. And because it’s for your wedding, no one will question your desire to spurge on special papers or accessories!

Here are some links to articles that will give you inspiration for your wedding scrapbook.

Kodak has a nice tips for creating a wedding layout complete with a list of instructions and a step-by-step how to.

Scrapgirls has plenty of scrapbooking designs as well as some freebies to download and some tutorials to help you get started on your project.

Love My Scrapbooking Ideas has a great list of photos you’ll want to have (give them to your photographer before the date) as well as links to other articles with actual layout examples.

The Thinking Closet has a resource for the less-craft savvy…”A Non-Scrapbooker’s Guide to Creating a Wedding Scrapbook”, to be exact. They offer step-by-step detailed instructions on how to best capture your memories in scrapbook form.

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