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What story will you tell? #TravelTuesday


Where would you travel if you had the chance?  Anywhere at all?  Grab a globe, close your eyes, point and go? Or do you have a dream of someplace specific?  Do you want to see the Great Wall?  Or the Swiss Alps?  Visit the beach in Ortona, Italy to pay silent tribute to a loved one?  Maybe you just want to hop in the car and drive a few hours to a secluded lake.

Ever since reading “Eat Pray Love” I’ve been dying to spend months in Italy eating way too much pizza and pasta, (and of course learning Italian and dolce far niente – the sweetness of doing nothing!) followed by finding my inner peace and purpose meditating in an ashram in India.

“Travel.  It leaves you speechless and turns you into a storyteller.”

While these two phrases seem contradictory, they could not hold more truth.  I’ve had my breath taken away by the beauty of the mountains and the vastness of the ocean.  I’ve seen the world from the sky, coasting over a patchwork of fields and bodies of water.  Felt the thrill of feeling the touchdown on a foreign soil, knowing adventure waits beyond the gate (I love arrivals gates, don’t you?).  I have experienced moments where words fail to express the magnitude of what I’ve seen, yet I have come home bursting at the seams with stories of the places I’ve been, the memories I’ve made and the people I’ve met along the way.  Memories engraved onto the very core of my being.

How amazing it would be to travel the world.  Some of us will have the chance to climb mountains, sail the ocean, experience cultures unlike our own (yet somehow, touchingly similar) and some of us will only see the world through photographs, living vicariously through those who have gone before us and hearing accounts of what lies beyond our own backyard.  May wherever life takes you leave you speechless with a story to tell and memories to be engraved.

Travel Gifts

Globe gifts are popular choices to help remember your travels.  But any gift can be a momento of your travel adventures if the simple memories are not enough.  Frames to hold the awesome photos, pendants, and dog tags engraved with your travel co-ordinates are all great options to keep the memories of your travels alive.

This frame is PERFECT for a girls weekend trip for example.

OR are you looking for something that is EXTRA special and out of this world? This levitating globe is not like any other gift you have ever given!


Learn more about our LEVITATING GLOBE here; so very cool!


How To Be A GREAT Gift Giver – Part 1


Things Engraved Gifts


Being a fabulous gift giver is not as easy as one might think. It can truly be an art. Think about the gifts you have received over the years – you can probably remember the ones that were given to you with lots of thought and consideration, as opposed to the generic Pot of Gold that someone bought to have handy at the holidays (not that I don’t like to indulge in a bit of Pot of Gold. Yummy!)

Here are some tips to consider if you want to be an even BETTER gift giver. This is the first EIGHT in our list of SIXTEEN (yes, we have you covered with these ideas!) Let’s get started:

1. Don’t be a last minute shopper You will rarely be able to get something truly ‘right’ for the person if you just run into a random store (or gas station??! gasp!) at the last minute. Putting in time to do some thinking and planning ahead of time is always the best way to show the gift recipient you put thought into what they would most like in a gift. If you want to shop on-line, be mindful of what realistic shipping timelines will be – don’t order something 2 days before the occasion and HOPE it arrives on time because you will probably be disappointed and stressed about it.

2.  Listen and take notes When the person you are going to be buying for express an interest in something during your conversations or on social media, add the idea to a gift list (there are apps for that!). When you are ready to purchase a gift, you will have ideas already in mind.

3. OR take risks with your gift ideas If you know the person fairly well, you can go outside of the norm and surprise them with the perfect gift they didn’t even know they wanted! Be creative, keeping their personality in mind the whole time.

4.  Food and drink gifts are almost always appreciated. These often make the perfect hostess gifts as well (be sure to personalize some glassware to go with it!)

5. Maybe not a gift card I know, these CAN be a great gift, especially if you know they are a huge fan of a particular brand or store. If you do go the GC route, accompany it with something small, like chocolate or a fun novelty item, just to spice up the presentation and show them you really did make an effort.

6. Ask someone close to them for ideas You never know, they might already be planning to give the same person something BIG and you can add to the gift with your own complimentary idea.

7. Don’t forget it is always the thought that counts You can LITERALLY give them your thoughts with a handwritten note or card and they will be thrilled. Not many people hand write cards or letters, so this will be very well received. Include some sentiments that will make them feel appreciated and cared for.

8. The gift is NOT about you Don’t fall into the trap of selecting a gift that YOU love, unless you are 100% sure they have the same tastes as you. Keep THEIR interests and likes in mind when choosing.

That is the first 8 tips to becoming the best gift giver in our series. You can read Part 2 by clicking HERE.


From your Things Engraved Social Team,

Things Engraved Social

6 Gifts for Hard to Buy For People


We all have them in our life. They seem to already have everything or they never seem to WANT anything. You and I know them as the ‘HARD to buy for people’. HTBFP for short (hoping that acronym will catch on…okay, probably not).

These people, no matter how much we like and care for them, are simply making life tough for us! BECAUSE we like and care for them, there are times we WANT to give them a gift to express our feelings for them. To celebrate life’s special days with them. But what can we do when it comes time to choose a gift?

We have lots of great gifts in our line up, but we think these 6 gifts are different and unique enough that someone that has everything probably doesn’t have anything like them. Start with these, or consider taking one of our popular gifts and making it 100% unique by adding engraving.


Bobbleheads – see below for inspiration about Bobbleheads. Believe me, you need to get this!


Photo Engraving on Pendant – besties, kids, pets, cars, kissy-faces. Engraved right into the pendant!

Carpe Diem

3D Photo Crystal & Key Chain – your faces in 3D? Yes please!

Sweat is SEXY

Mova Globe – It rotates on it’s own! No electricity required! It’s kind of a scientific miracle.

Believe In Miracles

Wine Bottle Accessory Set – It looks like a wine bottle, but it has wine tools inside!

There is still time

Handcuffs Key Chain – Not just for people in law enforcement. How cheeky!



Now, HERE is why I am putting Bobbleheads on this list:

Things Engraved Bobbleheads

Dwight Schrute and his mini-me from “The Office” Best.Show.Ever.

Of course, we KNOW that our stores offer a TON of great gift ideas for those tough to shop for people on your list. Be sure to visit our website or find a store near you to shop in person. With engraving to make your gift choices all your own, the options are endless!


From your Things Engraved Social Team,

Things Engraved Social






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