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5 Changes for a Happier, Healthier You


Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday! With every New Year comes the expectation of renewed excitement and reignited passion for the things we gradually forgot we cared about over the course of the year before.

The most common resolutions seen every January focus on healthy eating, losing weight and being a more productive person in general as soon as the 1st comes along. The fads are everywhere: Dry January, No-spend January, New Year New Me, and the list goes on.

Fact is, it doesn’t matter the time of year, switching your habits cold turkey is simply not the most efficient way to create an effective and lasting lifestyle change. Instead, try these simple alterations to your daily routine that will put you on the right track this year.

Here are 5 small changes you can make today to become a happier, healthier you:

  1. Drink more water
    Next time you’re feeling the need to refresh, take a pass on the pop or juice and reach for water instead. I recommend purchasing a reusable water bottle that can fit in your bag and be with you at all times.
  2. Keep a food journal
    If one of your goals this year is to start eating healthier, don’t just throw out all your junk food and rush to the grocery store to stock up on fruits and veg. A better way to eat healthily is to be aware of what and how much you consume on a daily basis. Once you have an understanding of your typical eating habits, it’s much easier to see where adjustments and improvements should be made.
  3. Save spare change
    Spending zero money for an entire month sounds pretty fantastic but is it actually reasonable? What happens when you’re faced with an unexpected charge? Do you start over or give up? Disappoint yourself or lie to yourself? Instead, I suggest you switch tactics. Anytime you get change back from a purchase, save it! At the end of the month or year, crack open your money box and see how much you have!
    Tip: you can do this electronically as well by transferring spare dollars and cents to a savings account.
  4. Take short walking breaks
    Getting exercise in the winter is hard. The urge to hibernate under a pile of warm blankets and not move until spring is almost too much to resist. Still, physical activity is vital to our overall health. If you sit at a desk most days, be sure to stretch your legs for at least 5 minutes every hour.
  5. Meditate
    Your mental state is just as important as your physical health so make sure you’re focused on both! If you’ve never tried meditating before, there’s no better time to get started than right now. There are even a few handy apps that will make the process seamless for beginners.

Make 2019 the Year of Self-Gifting


It’s far too easy to forget our most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. After the craziness of the holiday season, it’s necessary to take a step back from making everyone around you happy and focus a little bit more on yourself. Whether you want to call it self-love, self-care or as I like to say – self-gifting – the fact is we all need to contemplate whether we are giving ourselves just as much as we give others, so what better time to do this than the start of a new year?

And no, I don’t mean self-gifting in the sense of reckless spending when you blow your savings, feel good today but worse tomorrow cause now you have to choose between eating and putting gas in your car for the next month. There are certainly times I will advocate for the treat-yo-self movement, but what I actually mean by self-gifting can be narrowed down to the Four Rs of the New Year: Relaxation, Reflection, Reassessment and Rejuvenation.

So put down the phone (unless that’s how you’re reading this, of course), turn up some music, pour a glass of wine and let’s get down to the business of you.

Congrats, you survived the holidays! Take a second to breathe a sigh of relief and pat yourself on the back because you made it through (somewhat) unscathed. Rest is probably at the top of your to-do list and I definitely don’t blame you. You deserve a break after making sure your halls were decked, gifts were bought/wrapped under the tree and Christmas dinner was perfectly prepared to put the entire family into a peaceful food coma. But more than that, what you need is the chance to actually sit back and relax. Like, really relax. I’m talking pampering, trashy television shows, a little (moderation is key) alcohol or anything that will help you to stop stressing for one precious moment before the walls of reality start to close in.

Once you’ve had a chance to relax, you can start to reflect on the year gone by and the year ahead. Did you accomplish everything you wanted to? If yes, that’s amazing! If not, that’s amazing too! You know why? Cause personal growth doesn’t have a deadline. It’s an ongoing process that should never feel like work or a chore because investing in yourself is the greatest decision you can make. And anytime you have a chance to better yourself, you should also celebrate yourself because how great are you for realizing you could be even greater, and taking steps to get there. Your accomplishments are yours, and you should feel proud. Announce them to the world with an engraved necklace or bracelet that says just how awesome you are. Not only is engraved jewellery a way to remember, but also a cute way to keep yourself motivated.

You know the feeling of euphoria that comes with finding the perfect gift for someone in your life? When you’re so excited to see their reaction that it becomes all you can think about? Now, imagine making yourself feel that way every single day. Sounds pretty damn incredible, right? So my advice to you is at least once a month makes sure you surprise yourself with a well-deserved treat or token of appreciation just for being the awesome person that you are. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers, send yourself a love letter or prepare a candlelight dinner for one. Love requires dedication so, this year, be more dedicated to loving yourself.

Whatever your mantra is this year, consider how to reinforce that statement in your daily life. One idea I absolutely love is embroidering your goals on a personal item like a pillow or throw. It’s a constant reminder that doubles as home décor, adding a touch of positivity to your routine and your personal space! I don’t know about you, but when I see an inspirational quote, I can’t help but feel ready to take on the world. So surround yourself with good vibes and life will naturally fall into place.

Self-care isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Likewise, self-gifting is more than buying yourself the occasional present. It takes time and consideration to train your brain into treating yourself with the same care you show others. So in 2019, make yourself your main priority. Do what makes you happy, whether it’s going on that spontaneous trip, buying the expensive bag or simply taking a day for yourself. And remember, always be kind, to others and yourself.


Winter Wedding Gift Guide


It’s the season of giving! From snow-covered landscapes to mugs filled with warm hot chocolate, winter is one of the most romantic and enchanted seasons of the year! More and more couples are now trading sunny and warm wedding dates for a snowy and cozy winter wedding.  

When it comes to tracking down the perfect wedding gift, there are many different approaches and rules of wedding gift giving. Some of the best gifts are the ones that aren’t found on the registry. It’s always a good idea to check the registry but if you’re looking for a gift that is more personalized, there’s always the opportunity to get creative. Here are a few suggestions that would be perfect for any couple getting married this winter, or any season!

For The Couple That Still Needs to Deck The Halls!
From finding the perfect dress to choosing the right wedding tuxedo rental, newlyweds often get behind on their decorating for the season. Help them celebrate their first Christmas together as a married couple with a snowman ornament that is festive and sentimental. Get creative with the wrapping of your wedding gift! Gift your present in a classic embroidered stocking that will look the part for decking the halls!   

For The Couple That Likes to Have A Drink…or Two!
Red or white? Let them decide as they drink out of beautiful and personalized wine glasses! Paired with one of your favourite recommended wines, couples will love seeing their initials or a favourite saying on these multipurpose glasses. Let the toast be to this next chapter and adventure!

Encourage the newlyweds to spend a night in and get cozy by the fire. Gift them with all the recipe essentials for a delicious hot chocolate and the coziest mug to pair. This is the perfect opportunity for them to curl up and watch their wedding video, or enjoy time together as they settle those post-wedding details.

For The Couple That Loves Adventure!
Give a gift they can use immediately! For couples heading on a honeymoon with hiking, tropical climates, or just a staycation, an engraved water bottle will come in handy. Engrave their name or a funny saying like, “This isn’t water.”

For The Couple With Home Renovations!
As they begin this next chapter in their lives, there are many more chapters to come! For some couples, that next step is purchasing their first home. Give them a tool that is multifunctional and perfect for any job! Engrave an inspiring quote about working hard or even their initials. This multipurpose tool is the perfect size to carry on-the-go or to quickly grab from a drawer for a quick repair.

For the Couple That Likes a Good Laugh!
Rather than sentimental, give the gift that is perfect for a laugh! Things Engraved offers custom bobbleheads that would be sure to make not only the newlyweds but all of their guests laugh as well. All it takes is a recent photo and you can give the newlyweds a gift that is completely their own. Perfect for a wedding topper or on the car dash, a custom bobblehead will be sure to bring a touch of their personality and a laugh as well!

Extra Tip
When it comes to choosing a wedding gift, it’s okay to stray away from the wedding registry. Make sure no matter what gift you choose, it’s personal and relevant. If you do choose a gift that isn’t on the wedding registry, give a small explanation in the card.  Explain why you think your gift would be perfect for them or a memory that your gift reminds you of them. The time and thought behind your gift will make the happy couple even happier.

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