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Canada Day Sale!



Many of our stores are OPEN on Canada Day and we’re having a sale!

Save 25% on ALL regular priced gifts, when Engraved.
Online use coupon code: CANADADAY2015.
No coupon code required in-store.

All Stores that are open on July 1st are running the same promotion as online – But for July 1st only!

List of stores that are OPEN on Wednesday July 1, 2015

600 Things Engraved, Cataraqui Centre

625 Things engraved, Lindsay Square

627 Things Engraved, Square One (kiosk)

630 Things Engraved, Square One (inline)

635 Things Engraved, Pembroke Mall

642 Things Engraved, Cherry Lane Shopping Centre

645 Things Engraved, St. Albert Centre

646 Things Engraved, Park Place Shopping Centre

647 Things Engraved, Kingsway Mall

649 Things Engraved, Southcentre Mall

650 Things Engraved, Prairie Mall

654 Things Engraved, North Hill Centre

660 Things Engraved, West Edmonton Mall

662 Things Engraved, West Edmonton Mall

664 Things Engraved, Village Green Centre

665 Things Engraved, Brentwood Town Centre

667 Things Engraved, Millwoods Town Centre

669 Things Engraved, Markville Shopping Centre

673 Things Engraved, Charlottetown Mall

678 Things Engraved, Cornwall Centre

679 Things Engraved, Southgate Centre

749 Sears Personalized Gifts, Metropolis at Metrotown

767 Things Engraved, Tecumseh Mall

772 Things Engraved, Market Mall

780 Sears Personalized Gifts, Park Place Shopping Centre

826 Things Engraved, Chinook Centre

845 Things Engraved, Medicine Hat Mall

848 Things Engraved, Rideau Centre

849 Things Engraved, Woodgrove Centre

858 Sears Personalized Gifts, Midtown Plaza

865 Things Engraved, Southland Mall

866 Things Engraved, The Promenade

892 Things Engraved, Guildford Town Centre

895 Sears Personalized Gifts, Hillside Shopping Centre

898 Things Engraved, Coquitlam Centre

911 Sears Personalized Gifts, Lloyd Mall

917 Things Engraved, Upper Canada Mall (inline)

919  Things Engraved, Orchard Park Shopping Centre

922 Personally Yours, Londonderry Mall

925 Things engraved, Niagara Square

930 Personally Yours, Park Royal Shopping Centre

939 Things Engraved, Parkland Mall

945 Things Engraved, Devonshire Mall

953 Things Engraved, Aberdeen Mall

963 Things Engraved, Upper Canada Mall (kiosk)

981 Things Engraved, Metropolis at Metrotown

985 Things Engraved, Mayfair Shopping Centre

988 Things Engraved, Northgate Mall

998 Things Engraved, Lougheed Town Centre


Happy Canada Day!

Carry-in Engraving Services


One of the most commonly asked questions we get asked is whether or not we can engrave items that were not purchased at our store.

The answer is YES!

We do have a few limitations though…for example, NO we cannot engrave a reminder to your teenagers to put away the dirty dishes into your counter or their bathroom mirrors (unless you can bring it to us!) NO we cannot engrave a reminder for the guys to bring home flowers for no reason now and again, into the steering wheel of the car.

We also can’t engrave irreplaceable items like family heirlooms or antiques.

We CAN however, engrave rings, watches, tech devices, glass, wood, plastic and metals. It doesn’t matter where you bought them…we can help you get the perfect personalization onto your item. As long as we can find a way for our engraving machine to secure your item, we will find a way to engrave it!

Just like we did on this very large and beautiful fire extinguisher!

fire fighters 3

This challenge was presented to one of our engravers recently and it turned out beautifully! This fire extinguisher is like the Stanley Cup for a fire fighters hockey league. Who wouldn’t want to be the winning team for this unique trophy?

fire fighters 1

And congrats to the Oilers for winning two years in a row!! (we won’t say how shocked we were to see that the Leafs won this in 2012).

Click here for Prices and Details about carry-in engraving.


From your Things Engraved Social Team,



Come into a store near you to ask about your carry-in engraving needs. Our experts will be happy to give you suggestions to put the finishing touches onto your item.

fire fighters 2

Find a store near you for carry-in engraving.



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