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Will You Be My Bridesmaid?


When I think of the most important girls in my life, the ones who come to mind are those who have been there for me and shown me their support through anything life throws at me.  I have close friends who are there for me through everything, and I’m right there for them as well. Your wedding is a day you look forward to for months (for some, even years!) and what better way to celebrate than with the most important ladies in your life?

It’s a special moment when you ask your girls to be in your wedding party. If any of you have had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid or maid of honour, or have been the bride popping the question to your closest friends, I’m sure you’d agree. You can commemorate this moment with a unique matching gift.

For those ladies at your bachelorette party, a very appropriate gift for this event and for the gals who are helping you celebrate is our engraved Swig wine cups (below). Classy and customizeable for each girl in your wedding party.

To create a lasting memory and a lovely accessory for your friends, personalized necklaces do the trick. You can put their name on the front and the date on the back, or anything you can dream up. These gifts serve as not only a memento of the day, but also as a sweet token of your friendship.

Gifting the special girls in your life a sweet thank-you for sharing this important time is a great way to commemorate the celebration and create a cherished memory. You can browse more gift ideas on our website!

How did you or do you plan to “pop the question” to your bridesmaids? Share with us on Facebook.

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Custom Wedding Designs



Your wedding is a special day. It’s the day you get to come together with the most important people in your life to celebrate your marriage.  It’s YOUR day and you’re planning it just the way you want. Why not make it special and unique to just you and your partner?

This wedding season, Things Engraved is helping you do just that, and encouraging you to “Uniquify Your Wedding.”  Make it just yours; make it unique!  Choose a wedding logo base template and let your creativity match your unique wedding style.


Based on wedding trends, Things Engraved has created 16 design templates to help couples create customized wedding logos that can be engraved on any item.  There are plenty of gift options perfect for your wedding logo: gifts for guests, drink-ware, place cards, glassware, guest books.  Virtually anything can have your custom wedding logo engraved!  Brides and grooms can choose a design from four categories: Modern Elegance (simple and classy), The Classics (traditional and stylistic), Rustic-Chic (whimsical, natural, bo-ho inspired), and Destination Weddings (beachy and travel-themed).  Whatever wedding trend you’re following for your “big day” you are sure to find a custom design that suits your theme.


The Unique Gift Experts at the Things Engraved store can take any of the base design templates and create a perfect wedding logo for you using various fonts, sizes, and styles which includes your names, dates, locations, or initials.  In-store staff will assist you in choosing from a multitude of gift options to get the logo engraved on including: wedding party gifts, guest gifts, parent gifts and so much more.  The design templates are just the beginning and together with your Unique Gift Expert your personal logo will come to life and represent your union in the most unique way.

Take your wedding day and make it even more special, by creating a designed memento that you can look back on for years to come. For more information ask a Unique Gift Expert in-store for details or visit  Things Engraved will help you #UniquifyYourWedding!


Wedding Song Inspiration


A huge part of your wedding day is the celebration after the ceremony. Whether the folks in your life like to tear up the dance floor or stick to the sidelines, these songs are sure to get everyone movin’ (or at least a little groovin’). Everyone likes different genres and styles of music, and choosing songs that speak to you as a unique couple is a great place to start. Consider choosing songs that have special meaning in your relationship, like the first song you slow danced to or your favourite song you jam out to in the car with them.

Here are some romantic and feel-good song ideas to get you started on your Big Day playlist (click on the links to listen!).

First Dance Songs:

Dance Floor Songs:

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