Scrapbooking your wedding


Married? Love scrapbooking? Nothing goes together better than your special day with your favourite hobby. It allows you to go wild with your creative juice while creating a keepsake of your special day. And because it’s for your wedding, no one will question your desire to spurge on special papers or accessories!

Here are some pages to article to give you inspiration for your wedding scrapbook.

Kodak has a nice tips for creating a wedding layout complete with a list of instructions and a step-by-step how to.

DesignAglow has a great photo montage of an actually wedding album. These great wedding pages should give you the inspiration you need to go ahead.

Love My Scrapbooking Ideas has a great list of photos you’ll want to have (give them to your photographer before the date) as well as links to other articles with actual layout examples.

SuperScrapbookingIdeas has an even more detailed list of photos you’ll want from before the event, the day itself and other items you’ll want to include in the scrapbook (like napkins, place cards etc). You’ll want to check this out before your special day.

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