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Choosing bridesmaid gowns


bridesmaid dresses

bridesmaid dresses
Bridesmaids are an important part of the wedding party, and most brides opt to have a handful of close friends and family members play a special role in the wedding. Choosing a gown and a color that will flatter all of the bridesmaids typically takes a little work.

An overwhelming majority of couples choose to have a formal wedding. The average number of bridesmaids for these formal weddings is four. Considering around two million weddings take place in North America every year, that’s a lot of bridesmaids for whom gowns and other attire must be planned.

Many bridesmaids worry about the gowns they will wear come the big day. Horrible bridesmaid dresses have been the butt of jokes for years, and many people have their own stories of garish gowns they’ve been asked to don for a wedding. Some have said that brides intentionally choose ugly gowns for their bridesmaids to ensure they’re not outshined come the wedding day. Although this may be the case for some, most brides aspire to select gowns that will be flattering for all. And color scheme is integral in the choice of gown.

Every well-planned wedding carries a color scheme throughout. This includes the color a bride selects for her bridesmaids to wear. But not every color accentuates everyone’s features. Therefore, some experimentation might be necessary to find a color that is flattering to all and fits with the color scheme.

Depending on hair color and skin shade, there are many flattering hues available for gowns. When making this decision, consider bridesmaids’ ethnicity and skin tone.

African-American women: Women with dark skin and hair may really shine in jewel-colored gowns, including silver, gold, purple and salmon. Very pale colors may be daring and conspicuous.

Asian and olive-skinned women: Those with a slight yellow tone to their skin will look good in many colors, including red, navy, peach, and fuchsia. However, avoid colors in light yellow, aqua, gray, taupe, or mint, which may make the bridesmaid look washed out.

Fair skin women: Ladies with pale skin will benefit from richly colored gowns in jewel tones. Pastels may work, but be careful about those depending on hair color. Pink or red-hued gowns may clash with someone with auburn hair. Yellow and green may not work with a fair brunette. Gray and silver may wash out someone who is pale and blonde.

pink dresses

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Once a color is chosen, brides also need to consider the season. Certain colors may look out of place depending on the season. For example, an evergreen or deep blue may seem wintry during a summer wedding. Similarly, russet or brown may work for the autumn but not for a spring wedding. Many brides gravitate toward mid-level blues, greens, pinks and purples for their weddings, simply because those colors transcend the seasons.

After colors are worked out, the style of the gown deserves consideration. Because not every bridesmaid has the same physical attributes, many brides are now open to selecting a color and length and allowing the bridesmaid herself to choose the exact style. This way someone who is busty won’t feel uncomfortable in strapless, and someone who is thin won’t be overwhelmed by a lot of ruffles. The intent is to have bridesmaids feel beautiful and comfortable, and different styles can help achieve this.

Making the effort to choose a gown color and style that is flattering to all in the bridal party will help the ladies feel they are truly a special part of the wedding.

How are you going about choosing bridesmaid’s dresses?  Colour? Design? What is (or was) your strategy? Share with us below or on Facebook.

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Buying for your BFF


BFFsMy BFF is hard to buy for.  She’s the kind of person who, when she wants something, she buys it for herself. Not that that’s a bad thing; good for her. It just makes it hard to buy gift for her. I often have to think outside the box to find her something good.

Because my BFF is already a spa girl (who goes regularly for her mani’s and pedi’s) and she’s already got her home decked-out just the way she wants it.  Because she has no problem buying herself nice clothes with all the matching accessories; my best bet is often buying her a sentimental gift.  Does this apply to you?

If so, here are some sentimental gift ideas to let your BFF know that she’s your BFF this holiday season.

Psssst… Jump to the bottom if your BFF is a guy


Leather Bracelet

This pink (or black) leather bracelet includes a charm which you can engrave with her name (and yours if you want). Click to buy.


Remind her why she's such a special friend. Big charm reads "Wherever you are, it is your friends that make your world." Add her name to second charm. Click to buy.


Engrave your BBF's name onto this heart shaped friend tree ornament. Click to buy.


Yup, more jewelry. This classic friendship bracelet is blinged out with crystals. Click to buy.

Is your BFF a guy? No problem! We’ve got you covered.

Money Clip & Cuff Links

Stainless Steel Gun Metal Money Clip & Cuff Links. Engrave his name/initials. Click to buy.

Folding Knife with Carabineer

Flex Folding Knife with Carabineer to engrave as you like. Click to buy.

Man's Bracelet

This Men's Woven Black Leather ID Bracelet is ready for your BFF's name to be engraved. Click to buy.

Leatherman Micra Tool

Ten useful tools are packed into this tiny, lightweight tool. Ready to be engraved for a personalized touch. Click to buy.

What are some of YOUR gift giving ideas for that hard-to-buy-for person? Please share your tips with us on facebook.

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