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Memories on Display – Engraved Christmas Tree Ornaments


So here’s the thing.  I LOVE Christmas.  Not only do I love it, but since the dawn of time…well, my time anyways, the very mention of Christmas has conjured up nostalgia so intense that I’m overwhelmed by the memories of times long ago.  I think of traditions.  I think of family gatherings, seeing faces light up as gifts were opened and before all of that, decorating the tree with my parents while the Carpenters crooned their Christmas Portrait in the background.  Ahhhh the tree.  The tree, in all of its glory, covered in twinkling lights and tinsel and bobbles and decorations of all sorts, the star the crowned jewel peering down from the top.

I don’t know what Christmas memories are close to your heart, but personally I relish the moments of unwrapping carefully packed ornaments, each specific to a time and place with memories all their own.  I have dozens upon dozens, an ornament and a memory to go with it.  Some make me laugh, some make me thoughtful, some bring a tear to my eye, but they all make me smile.  There’s the Merry Mice that from years of wear are no longer fuzzy, the one half of a pair of turtle doves whose counterpart hangs on the tree belonging to best friends in England, the Santa hat-wearing basketball from when my dad and I road-tripped to Indiana and, most recently the two new ornaments that will adorn my tree this year, the Big Sister and Little Sister ornaments I’ve personalized for my daughters.

The Christmas tree, to me, is a collection of memories hung on display for a brief period of time.  In their shiny surfaces we remember Christmases gone by, we relive the magic and wonder of our childhood Christmases and we build memories for future generations.  What a special gift it will be this year to share this experience with my little ones.  I’m hoping that they will eventually grow to love this tradition as much as I do.

Opening engraved ornaments year after year takes your tree decorating party to the next level of sentimentality and nostaglia.

To purchase, visit our website to view our full collection.

Last-minute shopping for the holidays


It’s less than 10 days til Christmas, and you’ve just barely made it through half of your holiday shopping list. The panic may have set in and you might be worrying that you just don’t have enough time to get everything done.

This is a common scenario around the holidays. Shoppers have the best intentions to get their gifts early, but whether because of work obligations or social events, the task seems to get pushed further and further into December. Soon many are staring down the calendar experiencing sweaty palms.

For the scores of shoppers who wait until the last possible minute to shop, there are ways to survive and surprise friends and family with great gifts.

At Things Engraved, you can choose gifts in our stores, and do other shopping or run errands while you wait for the engraving to be done. This is multi-tasking at its finest! How  about these great last minute gift ideas:

Things Engraved

Classic Swiss Army Knife

Things Engraved

Stainless Steel Dog Tag

Things Engraved

ceramic Mug

Here are a few more suggestions:

* Gift cards: They may not have sentimental meaning behind them, but gift cards are fast and easy. Chances are you can run into a store and be out with a handful of gift cards in less than 15 minutes, depending on lines at the checkout counter. Things Engraved offers gift cards that can be used in any of our stores across Canada. Making it the perfect choice for family from near or far.

* Food and beverages: While everyone is heading to the mall in droves, you can be stepping inside of a gourmet food or spirits store. Splurge on fine cheeses or that trendy bottle of liquor that a gift recipient has mentioned but not yet purchased for him- or herself.

* Magazine subscription: A magazine subscription is an easy fix as a last-minute gift. Purchase one copy of the magazine at the newsstand and wrap it up nicely. Put a note that a year’s worth of this periodical is on the way. No one will suspect that the gift was a last-minute thought.

* E-certificates: Retailers like music or book sellers will e-mail a gift certificate code to the person of your choice on a selected date. For those who are never without an e-reader or mp3 player, digital gifts could fit the bill.

* Gas card: It may sound funny and tacky, but a gas card from a brand-name station is a universally acceptable gift for anyone who drives regularly. With fluctuating gas prices, filling up the tank can be an expensive venture. Having a pre-paid gift card can help.

Waiting until the last minute for shopping can induce some anxiety. But knowing about easy gifts for procrastinators can take the stress out of this type of shopping.


From your Things Engraved Social Team,

Things Engraved Social

If you are one of those last minute shoppers, you can find a gift at one of our locations across Canada. A personalized gift is ALWAYS appreciated, and you will be the hit of the season (even if you DID procrastinate the most!)



The Best Things about Christmas


The Best Things About Christmas
The holiday season is upon us! For me, the first morning that I wake up to a snow-covered ground, I realize that it’s here. Here are some of the best things about Christmas:

  1. Snow: It may be cold and wet, but it covers the ground in a layer of glittery goodness. You can go snowboarding, tobogganing, build snow men, and so much more. So bundle up, get out there and enjoy it!
  2. Ice Skating: Even though you can skate all year round indoors, there’s nothing quite like skating on a nature-made, outdoor ice rink. Have a fun game of ice hockey with your pals, teach your child to skate, or circle the rink hand-in-hand with a loved one.
  3. Hot Chocolate: If you’re like me, this is the only time of the year that I really love to drink it. After being outside in the freezing weather – cuddling up in a fuzzy blanket and enjoying a soothing cup of Hot Chocolate with melting marshmallows is the best feeling.
  4. Christmas Trees: Putting up your tree is a sure sign that Christmas is just around the corner. Choose your tree and hang some beautiful, sparkling ornaments. Then add a personal touch with all your family ornaments that bring back fond memories. Once decorated sit back and enjoy the twinkling lights that illuminate the room.
  5. Christmas Lights: Decorating the outside of your home with lights can be so much fun (maybe not so much if you’re the one climbing up the ladder). Driving down the road and seeing all of the homes glistening with lights, front lawns filled with inflatable snow-globes and Santa’s, it instantly fills one’s heart with joy.
  6. Christmas Parties: Now is your chance to try some eggnog and celebrate the holidays with family and friends. Family gatherings may be unbearable sometimes, but there’s little doubt that those you love will be there for you! So be thankful and enjoy your time together and celebrate family.

    Photo Credit: RetroFestive

  7. Ugly Christmas Sweaters: This goes hand in hand with Christmas Parties. Ask your guests to wear their ugliest Christmas sweater, and gather for a fun group photo. Who wears it best??
  8. Presents: Even though Christmas shouldn’t be about receiving gifts, we all secretly love getting them. The best part is getting to rip the gift wrap open and discovering the surprise!
  9. Christmas Music: It’s the only time of the year when it’s appropriate to listen to Christmas music and hum your favourite song. Here Comes Santa Claus, Here Comes Santa Claus… sign it loud my friends!
  10. Chocolates and Treats: You’ll never go hungry during Christmas! This season is filled with gingerbread houses, candy canes, boxes of assorted chocolate, sugar cookies, and so much more. Who can resist??

What did we miss? What are your favourite things about Christmas?

From your Things Engraved Social Team,

Things Engraved Social

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