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Mystery Monday Contest Answers


Find the Things Engraved Mystery Monday Facebook contest answers below.

Contest ended September 9th, 2013.

Week #1

Golf prize answer

1. Golf Flask with Tools

2. Golf Divot Repair / Ball Marker Key Chain

3. Golf Ball and Clubs Clock on Wood Base

Week #2

back to school prize answer

1. Stainless Steel Travel Mug 16oz.

2. Cadence Gun Metal RB & BP Pen Set

3. iPad Smart Case Black

Week #3

jewellery prize answer

1. Fluttering Hearts Bracelet

2. Ladies Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet

3. Guitar Pick Pendant

kids prizes answer

1. Musical Pewter Teddy Photo Frame

2. Turtle Tooth & Curl Set

3. Embroiderable Bear


Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt – Daily Clues


fathers day promoimage

To participate in the Things Engraved Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt please enter the contest through Facebook.

Today’s Clue:  Share with us your favourite Father’s Day gift from Things Engraved! 

June 12th: We gave away 3 of these special tools last week!

June 11th: Is your dad a Calgary Flames fan?  He can show his support for his favourite team with this great beer mug!

June 10th: This gift is picture perfect for the cat loving dad.

June 9th:Does your dad have an iPad?  Help him protect it and personalize it with this great gift!

June 8th: This case is full of essentials for any cigar connoisseur!

June 7th: This lighter is perfect for any Jack Daniels fan!

June 6th: Does your dad love cars?  He’ll love waking up with this alarm clock!

June 5th: This lighter is just for Toronto Maple Leaf Fans.

June 4th: We gave away 3 of these special lighters last week to 3 lucky winners!

June 3rd:Sometimes playing cards is more fun with a drink! 

June 2nd: Is your dad a Montreal Canadiens fan?  He can show his support for his favourite team with this beer mug!

June 1st: Help your dad remember to take his vitamins with this small box.

May 31st: This beer glass is perfect for any hockey fan!  Have it engraved with his favourite team!

May 30th: Does your Dad love his iPhone?  Help him protect it with this great gift idea!

May 29th: We gave away 3 of these beer glasses last week to our first 3 winners!

May 28th: Does your Dad rock?  Whether he plays electric or acoustic he’ll never lose this guitar pick!

May 27th: Don’t forget your Grandpa on Father’s Day!  This special gift will remind him of your special times together every time he looks at his keys!

May 26th Clue: Is it a bottle opener or a pocket watch?  It’s both!

May 25th Clue: Golf with your dad? With these glasses you can enjoy a drink together, even if you’d rather be golfing.

May 24th Clue: This gift will let your dad show his support for the Toronto Maple Leafs while enjoying his morning coffee. 

May 23rd Clue:This is a great gift for the King of the Grill!

May 22nd Clue: This stemless glass is great for the Dad that enjoys his beverage of choice in an old fashioned glass.

May 21st Clue: Does your Dad need post it notes to remember when Tee Time is?  This desk set may help!

May 20th Clue: Tick Tock lots of watches can fit in this box.

May 19th  Clue: This is a great alternative to a Wallet. Personalize this gift with an engraving; however this gift was made just for Dads.

May 18th Clue: This Father’s Day gift is great for the golf lover. The golf ball and golf club may bring your Dad some luck when looking for his keys!

May 17th Clue: Some may confuse this as being an upside down beer bottle.

May 16th Clue: Scottish kilts are not the only thing that look good in Tartan.

Start searching our website to find the answer to today’s clue!






Piggy Banks



"pygg bank": sourced from all over the web

The Piggy Name

Did you know that the piggy bank got it’s name (so the internet tells us so) during the Middle Ages? It is believed that back in the day, dishes and pots were made of an economical clay called pygg. Whenever folks had extra coin, they dropped it into one of their jars made of pygg. Folks called this their “pygg bank” which evolved into the term “piggy bank.” Interesting right?


Put money in the bankGiving a Piggy


If you’re superstitious, and you’re going to give a piggy bank as a gift, (or a wallet or purse for that matter), you should always put money in it when you give it (even just one penny) as it will bring good luck to the recipient.




Image sourced from Matt at "feis dad" blog which you can google

World’s Largest Piggy Bank?

This is the biggest piggy bank I could find in my web travels.  Looks like this cutey makes his way from state fair to state fair.  He is certainly parade-worthy!  I wonder how much coinage this piggy could hold?

kids piggy bank

Image sourced from








 Start Kids Early

The Globe and Mail suggests to “start your kids off with a piggy bank” to teach them the value of money.  Use the piggy bank as a “teachable moment” to teach your kids on an on-going basis about saving and spending money.



It doesn’t always have to be a PIGGY bank….

Now that we’ve got you thinking about piggy banks, we have some awesome money bank designs.  AND an exciting contest where you could WIN a piggy bank for a child in your life.  Prices start at $25 and all of our banks are engravable.  Have us write that special child’s name right onto his or her new ‘piggy’ bank.  Here are our some of our exciting designs:

money banks

Enter our “Win a Bank” contest on our Facebook page:

Facebook Contest - Click to Enter

Facebook Contest – Click to Enter Contest

Good luck & happy saving!

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