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New Girl


Things Engraved Canada Social Media Julie Tauro

My first day of work gift…my own engraved pens!! I LOVE them!

In brief: wife, mom, dog mom, photographer, writer, reader, volunteer, wears lots of black, lover of green shoelace licorice and Easter cream eggs, addicted to coffee and peach-ginger tea. Dreams of living at the beach and being a rock star. Wants her 20 year old body back and world peace. Likely won’t get either so she will settle for being active, having fun, and trying to notice kindness all around.

Things Engraved Canada Social Media Julie Tauro

In my kitchen, making lists and drinking peach – ginger tea…yummy!

The extended details (for those that like to read more stuff):

I am Julie. I am the new social media associate for Things Engraved. Our head office is located in Kitchener, Ontario. I also live in Kitchener, Ontario. Which is a good thing because if I lived in Kamloops or Halifax or something, the commute would be a bit too long. I do like driving though, but mostly when I am alone so no one argues with my choice of music. Or tells me to stop singing so loudly (no one gets me).

I am a married mom with three kids, one in university, one on his way to university, one soon to be in high school. I am also a mom to an old golden retriever named Cooper that barks way too much for his own good (luckily he is pretty so he gets to stay).

I moved to the Kitchener Waterloo area to attend university and ended up liking it so much that I stayed (and maybe that I met a guy that lived here didn`t hurt…we did end up married, so I didn`t follow a guy for nothing).

Over the years I have worked in radio promotions, marketing for a business association, sat on many committees and board of directors for some charity groups that I support, and spent a number of years up to my elbows in diapers, sippy cups, broken crayons, and lots and lots of board books – I was a stay at home mom. This was the MOST glamorous job I have ever done.

Uh, huh…

Things Engraved Canada Social Media Julie Tauro

Here are a few of my favourite things…sung just like Julie Andrews by the way.

Once our youngest child was a year old, I started a portrait photography business, which was the PERFECT business to run while I was raising my babies.

Now that my children are all grown up (for the most part), it’s time for ME to leave the nest again. I am so excited to be working for Things Engraved! This company has a strong history and a great reputation. Plus they specialize in happiness… their loyal customers purchase gifts with personalized messages for people they care about. That is right up my alley!

I am looking forward to connecting on all of our various social media outlets to all of our amazing customers and supporters.


From Julie, your  newest member of the Things Engraved Social Team,


Can pets feel love?


Scientific evidence would have you believe that only human beings are capable of complex feelings that include love and hate.   However, talk to any dog or cat owner and chances are they’ll say that they love their pets and receive equal love in return.  Do you agree?

Distinctive areas of the brain light up on MRIs when humans are shown someone they love. Researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine saw the caudate area of the brain –which is involved in cravings — become very active when study participants were shown an image of their significant other. Another area that lit up was the ventral tegmental, which produces dopamine, a powerful neurotransmitter that affects pleasure and motivation.  Does the same occur with pets? It is debatable.

Although dogs and cats rely on their human owners to provide much of their necessities, from food to water to a safe place to live, their motivation toward affection does not seem linked to security alone. Cats have been known to travel hundreds of miles to find a pgirlwithcatrior owner who moved. Or if the cat has run off, he can generally find his way back. Dogs, similarly, have been shown to mourn the loss of a loved one after he or she has died, sitting outside of the room whimpering. Both dogs and cats have been documented as taking the proverbial bullet for their owners, attempting to save them when owners are injured or attacked. Cats have even been known to lick away tears.

However, experts still debate whether or not pets can feel love. Researchers at Penn State have offered that dogs and cats probably don’t feel love in the same way that humans do. However, they’ve learned that by putting out cues that seem like love and affection to people, they stand to gain more — treats, food, pats on the back. Dogs and cats may “love”us based on the reward of their behaviors. If people no longer supplied rewards, the love would wane. One could say that it’s ironic that Pavlov was able to train his dog to salivate as a conditioned reflex to a bell. For it seems people have been conditioned to reward dogs and cats for the supposed “love” they are showing their owners.

Still, others have said there may be some basis to the concept that pets feel deep emotions. Jane Goodall’s research into primates gives evidence that animals actually do have emotions. “From a behavioral perspective, it only makes sense that animals would experience edoggysittingmotions,” she has noted. Goodall’s research suggests that social animals must be able to read other animals in their society and must be able to maintain social bonds, much in the way pets form a social bond with their humans.

The jury may continue to be out regarding whether puppy dog eyes or purring symbolizes love or our pet companions are just looking to secure their place in a comfortable environment. However, there is no harm done when pet owners lavish affection on their pets, especially if that companionship brings everyone involved joy.

Share with us – How does your pet show you his/her love?

Halloween Fun Facts!


Happy Halloween!

10 Halloween Fun Facts!

1.  Halloween was inspired by the Irish Celtic festival called Samhain, which celebrated the end of the harvest season.  The tradition spread after the Irish fled during the potato famine.

2. Why are orange and black traditional Halloween colours?  Orange represents the fall harvest and black represents darkness associated with the death of summer.

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3. Jack-o’-lanterns also originated in Ireland!  People used to place candles in hallowed-out turnips (instead of pumpkins) to keep away spirits and ghosts during the Samhain festival.

4.  Did you know pumpkins also come in white, blue and green?

5.  It was believed the spirits and ghosts roamed the countryside on Halloween night.  Masks and costumes were worn to avoid being recognized as a human.

6.  Chocolate candy bars top the list as the most popular candy for trick-or-treaters, with Snickers being #1!

7.  Black cats were once believed to protect a witch’s powers.

8.  Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween.

9.  The largest pumpkin ever weighed was over 2,000 pounds!  See the photos here.

10.  According to ancient myths, if a person wears their clothes inside out and walks backwards on Halloween, they will see a witch at midnight!

Enter WIN a set of 4 Glass Coffee Mugs engraved for Halloween!  Enter the contest here.

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What are you, or your kids, dressing up as for Halloween?



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