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National Coffee Day


national coffee day - pink mugMonday, September 28th, 2015 is National Coffee Day.  How fitting that it falls on a Monday!   We like coffee, you like coffee… So here’s some facts about coffee!

1. Two cups (or more) a day can extend your life.  Researchers aren’t sure why, but people who consume at least 2 cups of coffee daily lived longer and were less likely to die of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease as were coffee abstainers.

2.  It reduces pain. Office workers who took a coffee break felt less neck and shoulder pain during the day. There’s your excuse, go take a coffee break!

3.  Coffee can help you burn fat!  Studies have shown that drinking caffeine can increase your metabolism 3 to 11%.

4.  The effects of coffee kick in fast!  It only takes ten minutes to start feeling the effects of caffeine.

5.  The webcam was invented for coffee.  The first webcam was invented at the University of Cambridge to let people know if the pot of coffee was full or not.

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Happy International Beer Day 2014!


international beer day imageNot only is it the Friday of the August long weekend, but it’s also International Beer Day!  While you kick back and enjoy your favourite brew, here are some Canadian Beer Facts:

  • The oldest brewery in North America is Molson’s in Montreal where they have been brewing since 1786.
  • Residents in Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec and the Prairie provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) consumed more beer in 2012 than the Canadian average; British Columbia residents consumed the lowest amount.
  • Canadian beer is slightly stronger than American beer.
  • 97% of all bottles and 86% of all cans are returned. Hey, every nickel and dime counts toward a new case!
  • In 2012, Canadians bought the equivalent of 235 bottles of beer per person.

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National Pet Day!


national pet day image

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April 11th is National Pet Day, a day for all pet lovers to  spoil their furry friends.  In honour of this special day here are some fun facts about fellow pet owners:

1. 57% of Canadians own a pet.

2. Think dogs are the most common pet?  Surprise, cats are! 35% of pet owners own a cat and 32% own a dog.

3. The most popular pet name for cats and dogs in 2013 was Bella.

4. Do you take your pets on trips with you?  32% of pet owners say they take their furry friends on vacation.  Lucky!

5.  The majority of pet owners like to spoil their pets with special presents.  64% of pet owners say they purchase gifts for their pets.  Find a personalized gift for your pet here.

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