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Find the Right Gift Fit For Everyone On Your List



With the holidays upon us, shoppers everywhere are once again agonizing over what to get their family and friends. While holiday shopping once consisted of a necktie for Dad, a comfy robe for Mom and some toys for the kids, today’s holiday shopping list is much more complicated than that.  What gifts to buy people is certainly a #FirstWorldProblem!

Each and every family or circle of friends has its own unique identity, and each member within those groups is his or her own individual. For those with a holiday shopping list on which no two people are the same, consider the following gift ideas to ensure everyone on your list enjoys a happy holiday season.

The Techie

What do you get your gadget-obsessed friend or relative this year?  Oftentimes, when it comes to gifting a tech-savvy relative, it helps to go with something new. Technology is ever-changing so don’t fall behind the times.  Check out the latest in tech gift ideas from Tom’s Guide.  I’ll take the Apple Watch, please.

The Pet Lover

Subscriptions are SO popular right now.  For someone who loves cats or dogs – check out BarkBox and for cat lovers, check out CatLadyBox or CatNipBox.

We offer a few cute gifts for pet lovers too.  Consider these:


Cat with Bell Ornament


Good Kisser Pet Tag


Cat Photo Ornament

The Busy Woman On-the-Go

Today’s woman is busier and more on-the-go than ever before. And “Fit Bits,” or similar activity trackers, are on point. People become obsessed with keeping track of their steps-per-day, the activity, and even their sleep patterns on these little devices that can be worn 24-7.  Check out the designs and options of the most popular brand: Fit Bit.

The Wine Lover

Few hobbies taste as good as developing an affinity and knowledge of the wines of the world. With their masses growing, wine connoisseurs have now infiltrated families everywhere. This holiday season, you could give your wine loving family or friend a gift certificate to a “make-your-wine” place.  An LCBO gift-card is always a great option which would pair nicely with an engraved set of wine glasses!  AND a wine lovers Christmas ornament – sounds like a great wine-themed gift basket in the making!

Stemless Wine Glass - 15oz

Stemless Wine Glass – 15oz

Wine Glass with Cork Ornament

Wine Glass with Cork Ornament

Wine Bottle Label

Wine Bottle Label

The Foodie

Everyone is a food critic but some people are serious at-home chefs. Maybe you know one?  What do you get the chef-de-cuisine foodie gourmand?  Do they need another recipe book?  Probably not!  Don’t we all get our recipes from Pinterest now anyway?  What about some fun kitchen gadgets?!? Things that no everyone has, unique items like a spiral slicer or a micoplane.  These are not essential kitchen tools but they can make cooking even more fun for the foodie!  Get some more inspiration from Amazon here.

Customers and Clients

Of course, no holiday shopping list is complete without customers and clients. The holiday season is a time for businesses to show just how much they appreciate their customers and clients, and how much they look forward to working with them in the year ahead.

A popular option if you run your own business or have regular clients who you want to recognize during the holidays season, is gift basket.  Some local cheese shop or chocolate stores will put together gift baskets at various price-points full of goodies that you can then deliver to your clients during the holiday season.  That’s a good way to recognize their support throughout the year.  We offer a few options that can be personalized for your special clients.  Here are three top ideas:

Cross "Coventry" Pen & Pencil Set

Cross “Coventry” Pen & Pencil Set

Stainless Steel Gun Metal Card Case

Stainless Steel Gun Metal Card Case

Chrome Compass in Black Presentation Box

Chrome Compass in Black Presentation Box

When it comes to holiday shopping, finding the right fit is never as easy as it should be. But when steered in the right direction, holiday shoppers can ensure the important people in their lives remember this holiday season for years to come.  We’re here to help.  Contact us today (in store or online) and we’ll help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

From your Things Engraved Social Team,

Things Engraved Social

Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro



Whether you’re using a real Christmas tree or a fake one this year, there is a “professional” way to decorate it. Now, don’t get me wrong… there is no “proper” way to decorate your tree, so if you have a preference for how you like to decorate, then by all means, decorate ‘til your hearts content!

However, IF you want to decorate your tree LIKE A PRO, here are the steps:

Step 1: Make sure your tree is nice and full. Purchase/cut down a lovely real one, or make sure your fake one is “fluffed”. Spend some time separating each bristle on the branches, if they bend.

Step 2: If your tree is not pre-lit, then this is the time to add your lights. Start from top-to bottom, making sure your plug is accessible. Make sure to tuck the cords in when you add a new strand of lights.

Step 3: If you have any garland, now is the time to add it. I prefer not to add garland or tinsel on my trees, but this is a personal preference.

Step 4: Start with your biggest decorations, your “core-elements”. A good idea would be to add large ribbon bows, feather-like sprigs, or big flowers first. If you have some different types of sprigs that lay flat on the branches, you can group a few coordinating ones together to make them fuller. You’ll want to start on the top or bottom again, adding each one to your tree in a zig zag pattern, so they have more equal spacing between one another.

Step 5: Now it’s time to add your accent ornaments. Continue adding these in a zig-zag pattern, from top to bottom.

Step 6: Add your finishing touches. Whether it be a star, an angel, or whatever else you like at the top of your tree – put it up and wrap a skirt around the base.

Additional Tips:

  • Use coordinating colours for your tree, without using too many different styles of decorations. Perhaps 12 is a good number for the amount of different ornament styles.
  • You can add some keepsake or personal ornaments, but if you want to keep a cohesive look, you can decorate a smaller tree for these ones.
  • Before you hang your lights, plug them in to make sure they are all working. As you put them on the tree, keeping them lit will also help you hang them evenly.
  • You don’t have to use an actual tree skirt that is store-bought. You can use large rolls sheer ribbon…faux fur throws…or even burlap! Get creative with this part.
  • Add a light-timer or even a light-dimmer to your lights to control the intensity of them throughout the day.

From your Things Engraved Social Team,

Things Engraved Social

Charisse’s Top Gift Picks




This 5×7 beaded frame is one of our most popular frames in stores in my region. It’s simple and classic look makes it great for any occasion!  There is lots of space to add engraving.





Our butterfly water globe is beautiful and plays music as the butterfly’s dance around. The gift transcends time as it could be from a grandmother all the way down to a first birthday!  Available in-store only.




This matte black flask makes an ideal choice because when engraved it looks exquisite. The black is durable and yet contemporary and easy choice for any occasion.



One of most popular compacts is our Venive compacts. Not only can it be given as part of our large wedding collection, it can also stand alone with it’s brushed silver finish with pretty leaves!




A great gift for baby, this item will allow you to store babies memories for them to enjoy years and years from now. Available in both pink and blue.  The 12 drawers include: My first tooth, soother, rattle, my first curl, my first spoon, hospital ID bracelet, ultrasound, treasures, my first photo, hand & footprint, my first shoes and birth certificate.





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