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Create the Most Personal Gift with Photo Engraving


Gift cards, clothing, tools, accessories and home decor are all great gifts for any occasion.    They are useful and/or practical gifts.  But gift giving isn’t meant to always be practical!  If you think about a favourite gift that you’ve received it’s most likely one that was sentimental, had special meaning and perhaps something that you would not have thought to buy (or make) for yourself.   It’s always great getting those shoes that you’ve had your eye on for your Birthday, but there will always be a pair of shoes you like!

This year, “Wow!” your friends and family with the most personal gift ever!

Take a favourite photo:

A picture of your baby's footprint.

A picture of their baby’s footprint.

Then, select a  Pendant or Keychain from our website.

And you’ll get…..

The Most Personal Gift Ever!

A personalized pendant with a favourite photo!

The most personal gift ever!

Order your photo engraved pendant today!

photo engraving bike example

Gifts for Mother’s Day Under $30


Celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day with a personalized gift she will love, without breaking the bank!

Top Gifts for Mom under $30

Mom Heart Butterfly with Crystal - $15.00

Mom Heart Butterfly with Crystal – $15.00

Glass Photo Coasters - Set of 6 - SALE Price: $9.99

Glass Photo Coasters – Set of 6 – SALE Price: $9.99

“A Mother Understands” Necklace – SALE Price: $15.00

Special Mom Keychain - Chelsea Pewter - $8.00

Special Mom Keychain – Chelsea Pewter – $8.00

Manicure Set  - $15.00

Manicure Set – $15.00

MOM Heart Necklace - SALE Price: $30.00

MOM Heart Necklace – SALE Price: $30.00

Sterling Silver Charm - #1 MOM - SALE Price: $15.00

Sterling Silver Charm – #1 MOM – SALE Price: $15.00

Find the perfect gift for any Mom during our Mother’s Day Sale in-stores & online until May 12th, 2014.



New Years Resolutions


As New Year’s approaches, many people will start to think of their goals and resolutions for the upcoming year.  According to the Toronto Star, 54% of Canadians regularly make New Year’s resolutions.   Self-improvement resolutions are the most popular type of goals made for the New Year.  Unfortunately, only 19% of New Year’s Resolutions are successful!  To help you keep your New Year’s resolutions we’ve put together a list of tips to help you achieve your goals.

New Year’s Resolution Tips:

Be Specific: Be detailed and very specific about your goals.  For example, “save money” is a great goal to have, but if you are not specific in what your actual goal is or how – how can you succeed?  Be specific in your resolutions, such as “save 10% of earnings” or “skip the morning Tim Hortons run to save money”.

Break it Down:  A year to achieve a goal can seem like forever, and if you’re a natural procrastinator it’s hard not to think, “I have all year!”.   Give yourself monthly goals to achieve, or specific deadlines.  Achieving part of your goal or resolution will help keep you motivated and on track.

Share your Goals:  It’s great to know what your own New Year’s resolutions are but by sharing your goals with others it will make you accountable to achieve them!  Share your New Year’s resolutions with anyone, everyone,  even us!  Not only will you gain a sense of responsibility to succeed, but it will help motivate others.

Write it Down: One of the best ways to increase your chances of achieving any goal is simple: Write it Down!  The simple act of putting pen to paper can help you succeed in achieving your New Year’s resolution.  Put your list of resolutions somewhere you will see every day – such as your mirror, fridge or computer background.  An even better way to keep you on track is to  have your resolutions engraved on a keychain or charm that you will see daily.  If your resolution is for weight-loss or fitness have a Before & After frame engraved to motivate you.  Put a motivational picture in the “After” side for extra motivation.  Our Double Brushed Aluminum Frame would work great.

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