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Engrave It: Infinity


Fans of Toy Story’s “Buzz Lightyear” know that his catchphrase is “To infinity…and beyond!”  But what is infinity?   The concept of infinity ()  is used mainly in the fields of mathematics and physics to refer to a quantity without end. In fact, infinity comes from the Latin word infinitas, which means “unboundedness.”

In mathematics, infinity has many applications. For example, the mathematical constant known as pi is an infinite decimal.  Thus, it goes on forever with no end.  For cosmologists, many believe that the universe may be infinite; it may go on forever and ever with no end.  Both the fields of science and mathematics care a lot of about this “infinity” term.  But they’re not alone….

– Infinity is the idea of something that has no end.
– Infinity does not grow.
– Infinity is not a real number; it is an idea. An idea of something without an end.  It cannot be measured.
– Infinity is a simple idea: “endless”. Most things we know have an end, but infinity does not.

Infinity is represented by it’s side-ways figure 8 symbol:

Infinity Symbol

This symbol is sometimes called the lemniscate, which comes from the Latin word for “ribbon” (lemniscus).  Pretty appropriate since it looks like a ribbon to me!

Infinity Bangle

Our Infinity Bangle bracelet is new and already very popular!

Outside of math, space, and science, the endless infinity (yes, that’s redundant) concept is popularly used in messages of love and encouragement.  For example, infinite possibilities and infinite love.  The infinity word and concept is becoming popular everywhere!  We now have infinity scarfs, brand name cars, a Disney movie, infinity tattoos, AND infinity jewellery.  It is all the rage!  You can see our infinity bangle bracelet on the right there… cute right?  You can engrave infinity messages and quotes on any number of gifts: frames, key chains [as below], glasses, jewellery, and Zippos.  Why not?

Here are our top 10 favourite INFINITY sayings for engraving:

1. I will love you until infinity runs out (which is never…)

2. There are infinite possibilities outside of your comfort zone.

Infinity Quote Engraved on a Key Chain

3. To infinity and beyond!

4. Let’s Fly to Infinity!

5. “Only in the eyes of love you can find infinity.” -Sorin Cerin

6. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.

7. Your limits are somewhere up there, waiting for you to reach beyond infinity. – Arnold Henry

8. My love for you is infinite.

9. ‘For every fact there is an infinity of hypotheses.” – Robert M. Pirsig

10. “Just beyond the horizon of the so-called impossible, is infinite possibility.” – Bryant McGill

∞ ∞ ∞

In-Store (and coming soon online) we also have the ability to engrave symbols and of course, the infinity symbol is a popular choice.  Here it is shown engraved on a wedding cake serving set.  That’s endless love!

Cake Server Set Engraved with Infinity Symbol

Cake Server Set Engraved with Infinity Symbol


 Please share your infinity engraving ideas with us below or on our Facebook page!

From your Things Engraved Social Team,

Things Engraved Social

A Cake Topper Love Story


THIS is an amazing love story!

unnamed 1

One of our customers shared a photo on our Facebook page of a gorgeous cake topper that had been engraved by one of our in-store experts. It was truly unique! We just HAD to to know more about it, and we contacted the couple to ask  them about the story behind their one of a kind cake topper.

cake topper 4

Their story begins in a very small town in Newfoundland, where a young Nanci and Colin, grew up together, and began dating in high school (you know, the kind of life long love story they make movies about!).

Many years later, they planned a dream a trip to New York City (seeing the world together is one of their life goals). On this trip, they were going to see many of the amazing sites in NYC, including Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and the 9/11 Memorial. Also on their list was the Love Sculpture.

Because it was the Memorial Day weekend, Colin told Nanci there was a large parade happening in the city, and that they should head off early in the day to avoid the crowds. He suggested visiting the Love Sculpture first to get some photos without too many people in the background. When they arrived there was someone taking photos already. Colin and Nanci began taking photos as well, including a few selfies (of course, you HAVE to take those). Before Nanci knew what was happening, Colin was down on one knee, proposing to her! The other person taking photos was actually a professional photographer Colin had hired to take photographs of their proposal, and to then whisk them away for engagement portraits in New York City.

Nanci, it seems like you choose a great guy! Creative and romantic!

Their engagement story played a HUGE role in the planning of their wedding, and the theme of the Love Sculpture in NYC was part of the design of the day, including on the invitations, favours and programs. They went in search for a cake topper to match the design, but didn’t find anything that would work.

They visited the Things Engraved store in the Avalon Mall in St. John’s, Newfoundland and noticed a glass heart shaped plaque with a glass base. They decided it was EXACTLY what they were looking for. When talking with our staff, they broached the idea of spelling the word “love” on this plaque in the same arrangement as the original sculpture. They choose a font as close as possible, and our expert engraver took on the challenge of arranging the letters, including the tilted “O”, on this heart shaped plaque.

I think you will agree…it turned out BEAUTIFULLY!

cake topper 2


Now that the wedding has passed, the cake topper now sits on a shelf in their family room, to be a constant reminder of their story. And it will become a part of their family heritage in the coming years.

We just LOVE that!


From your Things Engraved Social Team,


If you are looking for something extra special and personal for YOUR wedding, our in-store engraving and gift experts would be very happy to help you chose something perfect!

cake topper 3a

To purchase, visit our website or find it in a store near you.

Can pets feel love?


Scientific evidence would have you believe that only human beings are capable of complex feelings that include love and hate.   However, talk to any dog or cat owner and chances are they’ll say that they love their pets and receive equal love in return.  Do you agree?

Distinctive areas of the brain light up on MRIs when humans are shown someone they love. Researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine saw the caudate area of the brain –which is involved in cravings — become very active when study participants were shown an image of their significant other. Another area that lit up was the ventral tegmental, which produces dopamine, a powerful neurotransmitter that affects pleasure and motivation.  Does the same occur with pets? It is debatable.

Although dogs and cats rely on their human owners to provide much of their necessities, from food to water to a safe place to live, their motivation toward affection does not seem linked to security alone. Cats have been known to travel hundreds of miles to find a pgirlwithcatrior owner who moved. Or if the cat has run off, he can generally find his way back. Dogs, similarly, have been shown to mourn the loss of a loved one after he or she has died, sitting outside of the room whimpering. Both dogs and cats have been documented as taking the proverbial bullet for their owners, attempting to save them when owners are injured or attacked. Cats have even been known to lick away tears.

However, experts still debate whether or not pets can feel love. Researchers at Penn State have offered that dogs and cats probably don’t feel love in the same way that humans do. However, they’ve learned that by putting out cues that seem like love and affection to people, they stand to gain more — treats, food, pats on the back. Dogs and cats may “love”us based on the reward of their behaviors. If people no longer supplied rewards, the love would wane. One could say that it’s ironic that Pavlov was able to train his dog to salivate as a conditioned reflex to a bell. For it seems people have been conditioned to reward dogs and cats for the supposed “love” they are showing their owners.

Still, others have said there may be some basis to the concept that pets feel deep emotions. Jane Goodall’s research into primates gives evidence that animals actually do have emotions. “From a behavioral perspective, it only makes sense that animals would experience edoggysittingmotions,” she has noted. Goodall’s research suggests that social animals must be able to read other animals in their society and must be able to maintain social bonds, much in the way pets form a social bond with their humans.

The jury may continue to be out regarding whether puppy dog eyes or purring symbolizes love or our pet companions are just looking to secure their place in a comfortable environment. However, there is no harm done when pet owners lavish affection on their pets, especially if that companionship brings everyone involved joy.

Share with us – How does your pet show you his/her love?

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