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Some Advice for the Class of 2013


Grads 2013Whether you recently graduated University, College or High School, graduation is an exciting event.  A time to celebrate your major accomplishment!  With the recent memories of exams, assignments, essays, all-nighters; you may be thankful that you are FINALLY DONE!

So you’ve graduated!!  Congratulations!  … Now what?

Graduation marks the end to a time in your life and your success, whether it be High School, your undergraduate degree or maybe completing a specific certificate.  However, graduation also marks the beginning to a new and exciting chapter!  Some new graduates may have a detailed plan for their next steps.  Your plans might be more education, starting a new job or perhaps traveling.  But many graduates may not know what’s next, which can be stressful!  Especially when family and friends are asking, “So what do you plan to do with your life?”

But don’t sweat it!  We have some tips to help you with the post-graduation stress and confusion.

1.  Take Time to Enjoy Your Accomplishments
Graduating is a major accomplishment, especially after the years of dedication put into your education.  Make sure to take the time to celebrate your achievement.  Enjoy the support and compliments from friends and family because you deserve it!

2. Now What?
When the celebrating is over, the dreaded question; “Now What?” will be inevitable.  This can be one of the toughest questions to answer for some.  You may not know this answer yet, which can be stressful!  Try not to feel pressured by the questions or expectations by family and friends.  Instead, focus on the skills and tasks you succeeded in school, summer jobs or volunteer positions.  For example, coaching a soccer team may have been a volunteer position, but the leadership skills you acquired maybe the perfect catalyst towards a future management position.  Take your time to figure out what your skills and interests are.  This will help you find the right career for you!

 3. Goals
Goals, we all have them.  Whether they are personal, career or financial goals, write them all down.  Writing them down may sound silly or a “waste of time” since they are your goals and you’ll remember them… right?!  The act of writing them down is a great form of motivation and a way to keep you focused on them.  In a study done of Harvard MBA graduates, the 3% of the class that had written goals earned 10x the amount of their classmates.  The 13% that had goals, but did not record them earned 2x the amount of the 84% that did not consider their goals.  Lesson is, take the time and write out your goals, it will pay off!

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The New Multi-Function Pen


Multi-Function Pen

Multi-Function Pen

Remember back when multi-function pens included four different colours of ink inside the sky blue plastic pen?  Remember when we thought it was cool to write in green ink on tests in school?  Well that pen is now way old school.  There is a new multi-function pen in town and it’s prettier and awesomer (is that even a word?).  Our Franklin Covey “Hinsdale” delivers ultra-function with a simple twist.  This everything-you-need-in-one-design lets you choose from red, blue or black ballpoint pen colours, or with another twist it’s a 0.5mm pencil!  Three pens and a pencil all inside a fancy pink body with a cushion grip for comfortable writing!  Our new school multi-function pen comes in a grey gift box and is ready to be engraved.  Oh yes, and the best part is the price point. At $20 this makes the perfect gift for pretty much any woman in your life for any occasion.   Old school function in a trendy new school way!

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pink pen

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5 tips for employee recognition programs


employee award
employee award

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Employee recognition programs may be more productive than annual bonus plans.  The new year or any time of the year, is a great time to recognize your hardworking employees for their efforts.

Forbes magazine suggests:   (Source:

1. Don’t wait until the end of the year to reward a job well done. Year-long employee recognition programs are ideal.

2. Make it memorable – cash is easily forgotten, mementos are remembered.

3. Don’t just reward your top performers – reach all workers who make a difference

4. Recognize performance and behaviours that embody your values to build a strong work culture.

5. Show employees how much you value their efforts, including progress they have made this past year.

Read about specific ways that you can recognize your employees.

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