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Year-End Recognition for your Employees


employee of the month reward

The new year brings thoughts of new business goals. However, it’s also the ideal time to recognize last year’s accomplishments. Your business likely relies on other employees to function as well as it does.  Others help make you successful. Recognizing your employees or business partners is important so they feel appreciated.   Chances are if your employees feel appreciated and recognized for their efforts they will continue to work hard.

Do you have top salesman to recognize?  A Length of Service or an Award of Excellence to give?  We can help!

Whether you want to recognize an employee with a tradition crystal award or another type of memento we have several options available.  We engrave your employees’ name, the date, the award type, or whatever type of message you want to include, on the product.  Discounts are available for volume purchases.

Here are some suggestions:

Traditional Awards


Other Recognition Ideas

other ideas

Year-end recognition and employee awards are available online and in-store. Product availability may vary.  Questions? Please call us: 1-800-363-5053.

Our customer service representatives can assist you in choosing a one off reward or in the development of an ongoing rewards program.  Give us a call or email us to get started.

Some do’s and don’ts for exchanging gifts with coworkers



You’ve bought gifts for your significant other… your mother…. your children… your granny…. your BFF… but what about choosing holiday gifts for coworkers or bosses?

While there is nothing inherently complicated about choosing tokens of appreciation for one’s associates or superiors, the challenge is not just choosing the right token, but in choosing something without the potential to offend or confuse the recipient.

To help make the process go smoothly from purchase to presentation, here are some of the chief do’s and don’ts for office gift-giving.



* Make sure that you know your company’s policy on gift-giving. For example, are there specified or unstated spending limits?

* Be clear about who should be on your gift list.  Do you get gifts for everyone in your department or just those individuals with whom you interact most frequently?

* Different or the same? Choose thoughtful and tasteful gifts, whether buying a different item for each person or the same item for all.

* Consider gifts that can be used in the office, such as distinctive office supplies, a photo frame, gadget, calendar, or pen.

* Go for gifts that can be shared either at home or work, such as gourmet food items, books or plants.

* Find out if colleagues have food or plant allergies before selecting gifts in those categories.

* Take the time to package and wrap gifts with care.



* Overspend, especially when purchasing a gift for your boss.

* Kiss-up by giving presents to colleagues outside of your “gift circle” in order to make a good impression or curry favor.

* Choose “joke” or “gag” gifts, even for coworkers you think you know well. While the recipient might appreciate the gesture, it could be misinterpreted by others.

* Re-gift or give items that are used or in anything but pristine condition.

* Stray outside the limits of “good taste.” In other words, don’t even think about gifts that could be considered too personal (including clothing, perfume or jewelry) or are in any way political, religious, racial, or sexual.  And unless you are absolutely certain of the recipient’s tastes and habits, steer clear of alcoholic beverages of any kind.

* Give gifts that can be misconstrued as having a hidden meaning or agenda, such as flowers (especially roses), cash, lingerie, or personal hygiene products.

* Leave anyone out. Hurt feelings are hard to overcome and can strain otherwise productive working relationships.

Here are some co-worker and boss-friendly gifts from Things Engraved to get you started.

Are you buying gifts for co-workers this Christmas season? What about your boss? Share with us on Facebook.

Office gifts – To buy for the boss? Co-workers? or even a Secret Santa?


Gift for the bossTo buy for the boss or not?  A simple bottle of wine or something more extravagant?  Will it help you get a promotion? Will you look like a brown-noser?  These are tough political questions.  Sometimes finese is needed in buying your boss a holiday gift. Christmas is a great time of year to buy your boss a gift without it looking too “suspeicious” or as if you have ulterior motives (even if you do).  Hey, let’s face it, you’re buying gifts for tonnes of people already, why not the boss too?  who knows where it might get you.

Also, what about co-workers?  Or the inter-office secret Santa. Those can be fun.


Here some office-gift-giving suggestions for your boss or co-workers to get you started:


Office Set

Love your boss or co-worker? You can't go wrong with this office gift set. Totally engravable. Click pic to buy.

Memo Pad

Simple, useful, and personalized. Perfect for boss, co-worker, or secret santa. Click pic to buy.


Engrave this chrome compass and paperweight with co-workers name. Click pic to buy.

Desk Clock

Boss of the year? Manager of the decade? Engrave this clock any way you like. Click pic to buy.

Inspired yet? Do you still need more ideas? We have over 100 office-type gifts on our website. Click to see more.

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