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Branding Your Gifts using #UniquifyYourWedding


Wedding season is in full swing, and customers have been loving our custom wedding logos. While we are encouraging you to #UniquifyYourWedding with these designs, of course our logos aren’t limited to weddings. Our customers have been getting creative by using them for other gift-worthy milestones, such as for an anniversary gift (like shown above) or just a personalized present for that special someone.

Here are some more ways that customers have used our logos on gifts:

an anniversary design for Anan and Grace (photo by @tentativeartist on Instagram)

a wedding photo album with a sweet quote (photo by @tentativeartist on Instagram)

a ceramic platter with lovely gold leaf (photo by @tentativeartist on Instagram)

personalized necklace (photo by @thingsengraved681richmond on Instagram)

View more logo options to customize to your needs at our website on our Custom Wedding Designs page, and make sure to share your personalized gifts with our wedding logos on social media using the hashtag #uniquifyyourwedding!

From Your Things Engraved Social Team


Save the Date


When it comes to planning your wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is the most important: picking a date! With so many factors to wedding planning and various times of year, choosing which day is “The BIG Day” can seem overwhelming. Don’t let this fun time get the best of you — read on for some tips (source: The Knot) on how to best Save the Date to avoid any unnecessary stress:

  1. SEND save the dates! You don’t want your guests to be in the dark about when your wedding is taking place, and giving them a heads up allows them to make the necessary arrangements to witness you tie the knot.
  2. Send them early enough. The general guideline here is 6-8 months before the big day. Giving your friends and loved ones plenty of time in advance ensures that they’ll be more likely to be able to attend, and gives you peace of mind that everyone you want there is aware. Win-win!
  3. BUT, don’t send them TOO early! On the opposite side of things, if you send save-the-dates too far in advance, guests are more likely to forget about the date. Moreover, the details of your wedding may change between that point in time and when you send out formal invitations.
  4. Be sure about who you send them to. Only send them to people who you are 100% sure you want to attend. If you send a save the date to someone you’re unsure about inviting and then change your mind later; it just creates an unnecessary and awkward scenario…yikes.
  5. Don’t worry too much about the design! Since your formal wedding invitations will come later, you can put much more thought and energy into those. Have fun with your save the dates, get creative, and let your excitement shine through.
  6. If you’re into sending them digitally, send paper ones too (as a backup). While technology is reliable 99% of the time (well, mostly…), there’s always a chance that an emailed save the date could get lost in someone’s junk folder. Sending them electronically is by all means a good option, you just may want to send paper ones as well. They can also make a great keepsake for the sentimental folks in your life.
  7. Be clear about who is invited. You don’t want your guests wondering if they can or can’t bring their kids, their new girlfriend, their dog…name the intended guests specifically and intentionally to avoid any confusion.

As an extra gesture, add some special gift-giving to remind those closest to you (such as your groomsmen and bridesmaids who will be an integral part of your special day) to remember the celebration. We have our engraved black matte flask and white skinny mini shown above which make great options!

From Your Things Engraved Social Team


Alternative Guestbook Ideas


Nowadays, I’m blown away by how creative people are getting with weddings. One can quickly fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole of DIYs, themes, colour schemes, proposals, bridesmaid dresses, gifts etc., I know I have! However, it is also a great source to catch up on the latest trends, alternative options, do-it-yourself cost saving options, and updated forms of many timeless wedding ideas.

A current trend I’ve seen a lot of is taking a new spin on the classic guestbook. The so-called “alternative guestbook” is completed by coming up with an activity that your guests can participate in which in turn creates a beautiful looking memento for you.

One of these ideas is a see-through glass box (our Card/Note Box is shown above) in which guests can write messages on paper and place them in the box. As the box fills it not only looks beautiful, but it contains loads of well wishes from the couples’ loved ones which is a lovely keepsake.  A great idea to spice up the look of this “alternative” guest book would be to use different colours of paper or even textured papers (gold, rustic, etc.) to give the box even more charm and to match your wedding colours or theme.

Another idea could be having your guests write their well-wishes directly on a themed display. Since this idea is more simple, you can set up the table around it to be nicely designed. Use the wooden Happily Ever After wall plaque (shown above), customized with your name and wedding date, for the more sentimental couple.

To take the more whimsical route, check out our Wedding Wish Jar (above): a complete kit for leaving sweet dreams or wishes for the newlyweds. Included is the jar itself, a roll of wish cards, and a pen. A great idea is letting the jar fill up with the wishes, and then opening the jar on your first anniversary as a couple for a special gift of love to yourselves.

Of course, a classic guestbook and pen set will do the trick too but perhaps you’re looking for alternatives to the traditions; either way, we can help make your day JUST as you wish!

From Your Things Engraved Social Team


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