Things Engraved Part of Another Wedding Proposal!


This is about a love story that’s still waiting for its fairy tale ending. So if you’re a romantic like I am, or even if you’re looking for a proposal idea or inspiration, keep reading!

Engagement Album

Recently, one of our customers ordered a silver photo album. On it, he requested their names, “Matt & Breanne’s” be engraved, followed by a word almost every girl dreams about, “Engagement.” Now here’s the amazing part, at the bottom of the photo album there is a date, “December 19, 2015” and below that, “Niagara on the Lake”. However, this order came to us WEEKS before December 19, 2015!!

We get to engrave the special keepsake that will forever hold the photos from their wedding proposal. How awesome!

We reached out to our customer, Matt, to find out more. We want details! Did Breanne know about the place?Was he planning on hiring a photographer? (Cause you know, that’s the new thing every girl wants as a part of her engagement… *hint hint*) As it turns out, Matt was still in the process of planning their big day – and Breanne had NO idea about any of it.

Engagement photoWe can’t wait to hear the rest of this love story. We’d love to know exactly what he planned for the big day – and if she said yes. We would also love to see some of the photos that will go inside of the album. Of course, if we ever hear the ending to this story, we will share it with you!

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If Matt’s story has inspired you, and you’re looking for similar ideas to engrave YOUR proposal or romantic message, here are a few ideas for you to consider:

Pewter Rose With Heart Disc

This pewter rose with a proposal on the charm would be perfect!

Skeleton Key with charm

Offer the key to your heart

Triple Locket Heart Key Chain

Your heart, your photos, your proposal








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