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Jewellery Trends and New Products


According to InStyle magazine, Things Engraved is on TOP of some of the latest trends in jewellery. Okay, they don’t mention us directly (they DO mention Selena Gomez, Diane Kruger, and Olga Kurylenko, and while we don’t regularly hang out with those stylish women, we like to THINK we are in the same league…hey, a girl can dream, right?)

Want to see some of our new on trend jewellery? I thought you might (by the way, you can click on the photos to go right to the product pages, so you don’t have to search them out yourself):

Bar Necklaces and Rose Gold

Just like Kate Hudson or Rose Bryne, our bar necklace is the perfect accessory for almost any outfit or look. It is perfect for customizing with engraving and showing off your style. ADD to that, we are offering a rose gold bar necklace – rose gold is yet another popular trend in jewellery. Our Genevieve First Blush rose gold necklace is ALWAYS selling out. It is such a great price point for such a lovely design. We also have the Rose Gold & Silver Heart Flip Necklace which is also very popular.

Things Engraved Rose Gold Or Sterling Silver Bar Necklace

Things Engraved Rose Gold Or Sterling Silver Bar Necklace

Rose Gold and Silver Heart Flip Necklace Things Engraved

Rose Gold and Silver Heart Flip Necklace

Bar Necklace Things Engraved

Bar Necklace with Inspiring Word

Genevieve First Blush Rose Gold Necklace Things Engraved

Genevieve First Blush Rose Gold Necklace

Kate Hudson and Rose Bryne wearing bar necklaces

Kate Hudson and Rose Bryne wearing bar necklaces


Emma Watson


Amy Adams

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba


At this years SAG awards, celebrities Amy Poehler, and Kaley Cuoco Sweeting were all wearing bangles. Taylor Swift is frequently photographed with some sort of bracelet, often stacked on her arm. Now, maybe their versions were worth more than your mortgage payment, but that is okay. We are here to help you with this trend at a more affordable price point. Alone, or stacked up your arm, bangles are a classic look that will also work with any outfit. Here are our new bangles AND some of our classics that have always been popular with our customers.

We even have a bangle for babies (not to mention ID bracelets, charms and pearls for babies and kids).

"Confident" Sterling Bangle with Infinity Charm Things Engraved

“Confident” Sterling Bangle with Infinity Charm

Sterling Silver Ornate BABY Bangle Things Engraved

Sterling Silver Ornate BABY Bangle

Bangle Bracelet Silver with Crystal  Things Engraved

Bangle Bracelet Silver with Crystal

Ladies Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet Things Engraved

Ladies Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet


Amy poehler stacked brackets

Amy Poehler

Heidi Klum and Anne Hathaway



Going along with the bangle trend, charms are hotter now than they have ever been.. Some of our new bangles come with a charm on them already. We also carry the Rembrandt Charms, which we are happy to tell you are made right here in Canada.

"Alluring" Sterling Silver Bangle with Heart Charm Things Engraved

“Alluring” Sterling Silver Bangle with Heart Charm

"Sweet" Sterling Silver Bangle with Love Charm Things Engraved

“Sweet” Sterling Silver Bangle with Love Charm

Rembrandt Charms Things Engraved

Just some of our Rembrandt Charms

Black Leather/Silver Bracelet Things Engraved

Black Leather/Silver Bracelet


Charm bracelets

Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Beyonce

Personalized Jewellery

InStyle Magazine reports that celebrity moms are obsessed with personalization on their jewellery. From initials, to letters or messages, celebrities like Christina Applegate, Charlize Theron and Kourtney Kardashion are all on this trend (now you know one simple way you can be JUST like the Kardashions! Well, if that was your dream LOL). It can’t be any real surprise that we offer TONS of ways to follow this trend, so let me show you just a few. Pearls and gold tones are ALSO on trend. Perfect!

Sterling Silver Tree of Life Necklace Things Engraved

Sterling Silver Tree of Life Necklace

Gold Plated Butterfly Locket Necklace Things Engraved

Gold Plated Butterfly Locket Necklace

Crystal Flower Necklace Things Engraved

Crystal Flower Necklace

Bracelet - Pearls and Link Chain Things Engraved

Bracelet – Pearls and Link Chain



Katie Holmes


Naomi Watts


These are the ones that never seem to go out of style. Dog Tags and Id Bracelets will fall into this category. Just Google “celebrity dog tags” and you can see people like Rhianna, Kristin Stewart, Ben Affleck, and Chris Hemsworth wearing them. I also found some random Guess models sporting dog tags at a photo shoot. ID bracelets are something that have been around for-EVER. I saw some on Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez. Selena actually shows up for LOTS of these trends. No surprise since she always looks great!

Military Style Dog Tags Things Engraved

Military Style Dog Tags

Infinity ID Bracelet with Crystals Things Engraved

Infinity ID Bracelet with Crystals

Gun Metal Mesh Men's ID Bracelet Things Engraved

Gun Metal Mesh Men’s ID Bracelet

Cross with Black Dog Tag Pendant Things Engraved

Cross with Black Dog Tag Pendant

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens

snowboarder shaun white

Shaun White


Hopefully you will be inspired to update your summer jewellery looks, or gift someone else with something from this list of ideas. I am personally crazy for bracelets, so many of these pieces are right up my alley, which makes me very happy.

AND Ryan Gosling LOVES personalized  jewellery…

Hey girl,

(Was that a bit much? Nah, I think that is just about right).

These jewellery ideas might be on the current trends lists, but ALL of them are simple and classic enough to stand the test of time.


From your Things Engraved Social Team,

Things Engraved Social

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Tips for Meeting New People When You Start College/University



Are you ready for the full college/university experience?
We’ve compiled a short list of ways to meet new people when you start college/university:

  • Turn off your computer/phone. Connect in real life.
  • Join a club or two. Find people with similar interests to yours.
  • Check out events in your town.
  • Go to parties.
  • Start a study group with class-mates.
  • Join an intramural or club sports team.
  • Find the popular hang-outs on campus and around town.
  • Talk to people. Ask Questions. Remember Names.
  • Get a job or volunteer.
  • Find a note-sharing buddy.
  • Be-friend class-mates on social media.
  • Go to events. Step out of your comfort zone and see who you’ll meet in the process.
  • Do homework in public: coffee shops, libraries etc.
  • Take an elective such a communications course. Take a lab-class.
  • Take the initiative to hang out with the people you seem to click with.
  • Take advantage of any previous acquaintances.
  • Be approachable. Smile.
  • Move early. Start meeting people before school even begins.
  • Meet your dorm-mates and floor-mates quickly. Leave your door open.
  • Work for the campus newspaper or yearbook.
  • Run for student body.
  • Don’t “go home” on weekends; stay on campus.
  • Ditch the long-distance relationship.
  • Find a friend who is more social than you.
  • Go to as many Frosh Week events as you can.
  • Tag along with groups of people.
  • Listen more than you talk. Ask questions.
  • Sit with people you don’t know in the dining hall/cafeteria. Strike up a conversation.
  • Use course work as an ice-breaker (“Gee, this class is easy/hard/boring”).
  • Meet people from outside of your old high school group.
  • Don’t come on too strong.
  • Be yourself.

Use some (or all?) of these tips to get your school year, and college experience, started off right.  Make this year the best year ever!

Best of Luck!

Did we miss anything?  Share your ideas below!

You can enter our back-to-school pack contest at this link until the first week of September ends.


Some of these ideas were inspired by these two articles on the topic:

Top 5 Summer Drinks


Top 5 Drinks for Summer!


Tequila Sunrise Margarita

Add triple sec, sugar, grenadine, and lime juice to your tequila to make this zingy drink!
Check out the recipe at Better Homes and Gardens.






Love lime?  Love mint?  This is the drink for you!  Check out the recipe at Food and Wine.  How about pouring this in a tall glass?






For all wine lovers, sangria is a nice way to mix-it-up this summer!  View the recipe at Epicurious.  Serve this rich colourful drink in our classic wine glass or if you need more than 1, here is a set of 4.






Long Island Iced Teadrink4

This drink is known for serving up a whole lot of booze and making it taste lovely.  Check the recipe on Food Network.  Your “tea” would look great in our Cool Old Fashioned Scotch Glass.





Pina Colada
My most favourite summer (or winter, or spring, or fall, ANYTIME) drink is a pina colada!  I like the Mr & Mrs T’s mix, however, I do like to use Amaretto instead of rum….Try it!





Ready to mix up some summer drinks?  Once mixed, you’ll need a secure drinking vessel… find one/some/many hereCheers to summer!  Cheers to you!


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