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2015 – Resolutions Engraved for the New Year!


2015resolutions* Yes, this is actual engraving on plain metal plates.

For your Chance to Win a lucky fortune cookie key chain – where you can write your resolution on the fortune and carry it inside the cookie, to help you remember your resolution – and a $25 Things Engraved gift card, share your new year’s resolution with us on Facebook, Twitter (using hashtag #ThingsEngravedGifts), or Instagram.  5 Winners will be chosen on Friday January 16th.  The more social media pages you share with us, the better your chances of winning.  So tell us, what is your 2015 resolution?


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Blog Review: Christmas Gifts!


We’re so excited to be featured in BC Mom‘s Holiday Gift Guide!  Read the detailed review of our gifts on BC Mom’s blog here or below:

Things Engraved, Personalized gifts for the Holidays! #giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide


Raise your hand if you are the perfect gift giver. The one who shops 6 months in advance, always has the perfect, sentimental gift on hand, painstakingly created and shipped with ample time for the holidays. You spend December relaxing in front of the fire, sipping egg-nog and watching Christmas movies without a stress in the world during the holidays.

Anyone? Yeeea…. I’m not one of those either. I love giving personalized gifts but it is a challenge to find the PERFECT gift every year and find by the time I have decided what I want, it is too late to order it. I end up settling and this year I want something that won’t be forgotten about as soon as the holidays are over.

I’ve had amazing success ordering my Christmas gifts from Things Engraved and we are thrilled to include them in our Holiday Gift Guide! 


Things Engraved has really thought of everything to help take the stress out of gift giving. With thousands of products to choose from and over 100 store locations in every province, as well as an ample online store, they are there to help you find the perfect gift. On their website, they offer you the choice of choosing the occasion you are shopping for, or (what I think to be) more importantly, the recipient you are shopping for! How helpful is that? Whether you are shopping for him, her, teacher, bride or groom to name a few, they have painstakingly organized their gifts to make you finding the perfect gift that  much easier.

Things Engraved Bracelet

Things Engraved shipped Alivia & I a surprise box, we had no idea what was coming in this box, it was definitely a thrill! When it arrived, Alivia helped me carefully unwrap everything and was very excited to see her name on so many things! She was very excited to hold her Princess ornament with her name on it, to wear her beautiful customized bracelet and to know that when it was time to take off her bracelet, she had a special box (just for her!) to store it in. They really thought of everything for us and included a beautiful engraved keychain locket that I am so excited to fill with this year’s Holiday photos.

We were impressed by the weight of the Christmas ornaments, they are solidly made to last and include a matching ribbon tie, making them ready to hang on the tree the moment you open the box. Things Engraved also offers a variety of different fonts to personalize your gifts so you can have a bit of fun matching them to your recipients personality!

Things Engraved Crown Things Engraved Monkey

In our box we received a girl’s ID bracelet with daisies, a princess trinket box and a silver locket keychain, these gifts are perfect for any time of year and the the ability to engrave a special message or name on them makes them a very cherished gift. We also received a purple tiara ornament, a sock monkey ornament and an owl ornament, engraved with both names and years they make the perfect gift to look back on each year as you trim the tree, adding a special ornament each year that commemorates any special events or celebrations makes for a one of a kind Christmas tradition.

November is the perfect month to grab your Christmas gifts at a discount as there is an assortment of Christmas ornaments and gifts on sale until November 24, 2014 during the ‘Tis the season to engrave’ promotion. Sign up for their newsletter and you’ll also receive 10% off your online order, with free shipping over $75, you can start crossing names off your list in your pajamas!

Excited to get a start on your shopping? Things Engraved has generously given us a $50 in-store gift card valid at any location in Canada to get started on your gift ideas.

Enter the contest on BC Mom’s blog here.


Halloween Fun Facts!


Happy Halloween!

10 Halloween Fun Facts!

1.  Halloween was inspired by the Irish Celtic festival called Samhain, which celebrated the end of the harvest season.  The tradition spread after the Irish fled during the potato famine.

2. Why are orange and black traditional Halloween colours?  Orange represents the fall harvest and black represents darkness associated with the death of summer.

image source:

3. Jack-o’-lanterns also originated in Ireland!  People used to place candles in hallowed-out turnips (instead of pumpkins) to keep away spirits and ghosts during the Samhain festival.

4.  Did you know pumpkins also come in white, blue and green?

5.  It was believed the spirits and ghosts roamed the countryside on Halloween night.  Masks and costumes were worn to avoid being recognized as a human.

6.  Chocolate candy bars top the list as the most popular candy for trick-or-treaters, with Snickers being #1!

7.  Black cats were once believed to protect a witch’s powers.

8.  Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween.

9.  The largest pumpkin ever weighed was over 2,000 pounds!  See the photos here.

10.  According to ancient myths, if a person wears their clothes inside out and walks backwards on Halloween, they will see a witch at midnight!

Enter WIN a set of 4 Glass Coffee Mugs engraved for Halloween!  Enter the contest here.

halloween contest image

What are you, or your kids, dressing up as for Halloween?



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