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Personalized Valentine’s Gifts for Her


gifts for herGuys!  We know Valentine’s is a tough occasion for many men. How to choose the perfect gift that she’ll love?  “Things Engraved” is ideal for you!  We make it super simple for you.  Choose a gift and engrave it; she’ll love it because it’s personalized to her.  Trust us, we know gifts.

Two simple steps:
1. Choose a gift – We’ve given you several great ideas below.
2. Choose an engraving – We’ve given you some suggestions on the bottom of this page.

Remember, we’re going to make this simple for you…. We’ll ship it right to your house and you’ll be prepared for Valentine’s this year with a gift she’ll love.



Trinket Boxes – Hearts

Heart Trinket Boxes
Trinket Boxes

trinket boxes



Jewellery Boxes

jewellery boxes

Key Chains

key chains


Other Cool Women’s Gifts


Engraving Suggestions

Cupid got this one right!

You hold
the key
to my heart.

I loved you at first fight.

I love you without knowing how, why, or even from where…

Dreams can come true.
I found you.
Love, Martin

I love you more than hockey.

Crazy for you.

You complete me.

The most beautiful view is the one I share with you.

Love is being stupid together.

I love you every day for fear that tomorrow isn’t another.

How have I survived without you all these years? I love you.

Can’t get enough of your sweet love.

Kisses & Cuddles

I’m Yours.

Words cannot express my love.

Somebody loves you. That somebody is me.

I got you babe. Always and forever.

I will always love you.

P.S. I like you.

Hope we’ve helped you guys with your Valentine’s gifts?
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Personalized Valentine’s Gifts for Him


guy giftNot sure how to make Valentine’s special this year?  We have several personalized gift ideas for you to give to your male sweetheart.
AND, we’ll make it easy for you…








Knives & Tools


Pocket Watches






Money Clips

Other Cool Men’s Gifts


See anything you’d like to buy for your sweetie?  We have a wide selection of gifts for your man that you can engrave for that personalized touch.   We look forward to helping you make this a special Valentine’s Day.

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Ladies: How about a manly gift basket for your boyfriend or husband?



Buying gifts for your man, be him a husband or boyfriend, can be easy or hard depending on the  guy and how much you like shopping. But how many bottles of cologne, sweaters, and ties does one guy need? As women we appreciate thoughtful gifts so if your man is following our guidelines and putting some thought into your gift you should return the favour and also offer him a gift you’ve selected just for him.

Raising Expectations

Guys are pretty simple (give them a case of beer and the TV remote and they’re good for hours) and generally have lower expectations than us women when it comes to gifts (not all, but generally). However, his Christmas gift can be a time when you show him what he means to you.

Gift Basket

Some ideas

You can offer him a fun experience, like tickets or sky diving lessons. What guy doesn’t like tickets to a hockey game or concert? He might even take you!

You can make him homemade gifts. Make him a special meal, knit him a sweater, pour your love into something hand-crafted. Or if you’re like me and not overly talented in these areas, you leave the creativity to the pros. Many hand-made items can be purchased online. But that kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

A manly gift basket, that you arrange yourself, can be thoughtful and fun. You can include his favourite yummy treats, luxurious shaving cream, his favourite magazine (men seem to love Maxim, I’m not sure why), even some cologne. Once you find a suitable manly basket (if such a thing exists) start shopping for his favourite things until the basket is full.  Or skip the basket and use something more manly like an ice bucket or a golf cooler bag.  The sky is the limit; be creative!

Here are some ideas for your manly gift basket with personalized touches:

Engrave a BBQ Set case. includes 22 peices. Click to buy.

Golf Flask

If your guy is a golfer who likes a beverage on the course, this golf flask is ideal. Click to buy.


How about a personalized Zippo? Engrave his name across the top. Many designs to choose from. Click to browse.

Classic Pocket Watch

Your renaissance man will love this classic pocket watch. Lots of space to personalize with engraving. Click to buy.

 Many more great ideas for your husband or boyfriend can be found on our website. Stop by today!

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