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Boss’s Day – Gift Ideas


boss's day

Don’t be caught off guard this year!  Boss’s Day is Wednesday, October 16th and is traditionally celebrated by employees thanking their boss(es) for being kind and fair throughout the year.  Things Engraved has put together a list of gift ideas for your Boss.


1.  Business Card Holders

silver desk clock card holder pen

Silver Desk Clock, Card holder & Pen

cardcase carbon fibre w plate

Card Case Carbon
Fibre with Plate

ss business card case with rivets

S/S Business Card Case with Rivets

2. Desk Clocks

silver panel clock

Silver Panel Clock

Wooden Desk Clock

Wooden Desk Clock

3. Pens

cross edge rollerball pen

Cross Edge Rollerball Pen

cadence gun metal pen set

Cadence Gun Metal Pen Set

franklin covey greenwich chrome ballpoint pen

Franklin Covey Greenwich Chrome Ballpoint Pen

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How does your office celebrate Boss’s Day?

Tips for a successful school year


back 2 school

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This year’s summer has come to an end and the time to get back into the routine of school has arrived.  Whether you (or your children) had a busy summer at camps, working or maybe just relaxing, the first few weeks can be a difficult adjustment.  We’ve put together some tips to help make this school year a successful one!

  • Routine: Find an evening and morning routine that works for you and stick with it! If you’re a morning person, maybe your morning routine will include making your lunch for that day and double checking homework.  Your evening routine could include helping with dinner, completing your homework and watching TV before bed.  Whatever your routine is stick to it as you can for the first few weeks until it becomes natural.
  • Waking Up: The popularity of smart phones with thousands of apps has provided numerous options of ways to make sure you actually get up in time.  Some apps require you to take a few steps with your phone in hand or shaking your phone to turn off the alarm.  These are great options for people who love to hit snooze over and over (and over) again.  However, sometimes this means that you have your phone by you in bed, which may be a distraction when it’s time to go to sleep.  If this is the case, stick with a good old fashioned alarm clock.
  • Homework: While we all dread (or have dreaded) homework, it has to be completed at some point.  It’s better to get it over with sooner than later so you can have fun!  Try to get in a routine of completing your homework first and then have fun afterwards.  When given essays or tests come up, break it down into smaller tasks that you can tackle daily.
  • Balance: School is not just about what you learn in the classrooms, even though that is what most of your day is spent doing.  Get involved in a club, sport or school activity.  This gives you a nice break from the school work and will introduce you to new friends who have similar interests.  There are many lessons to learn through team work and dedication.

What back to school advice do you have for others?




Some Advice for the Class of 2013


Grads 2013Whether you recently graduated University, College or High School, graduation is an exciting event.  A time to celebrate your major accomplishment!  With the recent memories of exams, assignments, essays, all-nighters; you may be thankful that you are FINALLY DONE!

So you’ve graduated!!  Congratulations!  … Now what?

Graduation marks the end to a time in your life and your success, whether it be High School, your undergraduate degree or maybe completing a specific certificate.  However, graduation also marks the beginning to a new and exciting chapter!  Some new graduates may have a detailed plan for their next steps.  Your plans might be more education, starting a new job or perhaps traveling.  But many graduates may not know what’s next, which can be stressful!  Especially when family and friends are asking, “So what do you plan to do with your life?”

But don’t sweat it!  We have some tips to help you with the post-graduation stress and confusion.

1.  Take Time to Enjoy Your Accomplishments
Graduating is a major accomplishment, especially after the years of dedication put into your education.  Make sure to take the time to celebrate your achievement.  Enjoy the support and compliments from friends and family because you deserve it!

2. Now What?
When the celebrating is over, the dreaded question; “Now What?” will be inevitable.  This can be one of the toughest questions to answer for some.  You may not know this answer yet, which can be stressful!  Try not to feel pressured by the questions or expectations by family and friends.  Instead, focus on the skills and tasks you succeeded in school, summer jobs or volunteer positions.  For example, coaching a soccer team may have been a volunteer position, but the leadership skills you acquired maybe the perfect catalyst towards a future management position.  Take your time to figure out what your skills and interests are.  This will help you find the right career for you!

 3. Goals
Goals, we all have them.  Whether they are personal, career or financial goals, write them all down.  Writing them down may sound silly or a “waste of time” since they are your goals and you’ll remember them… right?!  The act of writing them down is a great form of motivation and a way to keep you focused on them.  In a study done of Harvard MBA graduates, the 3% of the class that had written goals earned 10x the amount of their classmates.  The 13% that had goals, but did not record them earned 2x the amount of the 84% that did not consider their goals.  Lesson is, take the time and write out your goals, it will pay off!

One way to celebrate this special milestone is a personalized gift to commemorate your achievement!  Things Engraved has up to 50% off select Graduation Gifts. 

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Do you have any advice to offer a new graduate?




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