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How to Customize a Throw/Blanket


Yes, we’re an engraving company and no, you cannot engrave fabric.  But we DO embroider blankets and throws.  In fact, between our two main styles (white basket heart weave and antique ivory throw) we embroider over 2,600 blankets per year!  And that doesn’t even include baby blankets, plush-animals, towels, nor Christmas stocking embroidery!

chairembrAll of our embroidery is done at our head office in Kitchener Ontario.  So if you order a throw in one of our stores in BC or Quebec, your embroidery is still being done in Ontario and shipped to that store.  This is why orders with embroidery sometimes take 1-2 weeks (when ordered in a store).  For online embroidery orders, we get two days to complete your embroidery (+ add shipping time) so the time can be reduced when ordering embroidered gifts online.  But embroidery is more customizable in-store than it is online. More about the below.

We have over 40 base embroidery designs but by changing the text and thread colours, your custom options are virtually endless!  Online we’ve created over 60 design templates, from our most popular designs, for you to choose from.  The main themes for these templates includes: weddings, wedding party, babies, baptism/christening, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, retirement, house-warming, mother’s/father’s day, retirement, graduation, and thank you gifts.

So now, the HOW-TO:  Choose either an ivory/antique or white throw from here.  Select your design template based on the occasion you are celebrating.  Then you will be asked to put in your customization.  In the example below I have chosen to personalize a throw for an upcoming wedding.  Here you can see 3 fields that need your input.  First you will choose your name for the left heart, the right heart, and the wedding date.  The rest of the text shown on the right (“Two Hearts Joined in Love”) will automatically be embroidered.  You’ll notice that personalization is FREE on these two throws.  The fields also show you the maximum characters we can fit for each case.  Once you have your custom text entered, you click on “Add to Cart” button on the right.

throw1Some of the templates are more flexible with less text so you can customize them more to suit your needs.  The Canadian geese template includes 3 lines of text and you can have them say anything you like.  In the example below I have selected the “Flower Scroll – Maid of Honour” in Mixed colours.  However, because there is no extra text shown in the sample, besides the fields I can customize, I am able to turn this template into a Happy Birthday blanket for Melanie.  “Maid of Honour” will not be sewn but Happy 30th will be.throw2Once you get the throw added to your cart you can confirm you’ve typed in the text correctly and head to the check-out or add more items to you cart.  Even further customization of these templates is available in-store but with endless possibilities, we had to choose a set number of templates for online ordering.

We trust you’ll be able to find a design template that suits your needs in a colour palette you like.  I personally love the dark palette (navy, chuchill and raspberry); they are so rich-looking on either the white or antique throw.  As far as the designs go, I like the “Heart Scroll” and “Rose Wreath” and “Sunflower” best.  Our best selling design is the “Two Hearts” design by far.

With so many options available, custom embroidery on a throw or blanket, or stuffie, is an ideal gift for many types of occasions; click here to see all of our embroidery gifts.  These are snuggly, thoughtful, and unique gifts for you to consider.

From your Things Engraved Social Team,

Things Engraved Social

Now that you have the know-how on how-to add custom embroidery to out gifts, we invite you to try it out here.


Summer Wedding Gifts


bride parents

If you’re attending a wedding this summer you may be wondering, what should you give the bride and groom as a wedding gift?  I attended a wedding recently and it was suggested to just give the couple cash.  While cash is super easy, it’s so impersonal I just couldn’t do it.  These people are my friends and I wanted to give them something special to commemorate their happy day.  So if you’re looking for a special, unique, one-of-a-kind wedding gift I’d like to suggest an engraved gift (surprise! surprise!).  Engraved gifts can turn virtually any item into a fabulous memento of the happy occasion.

1.  Picture Frames – Sure, they seem too simple, and maybe even boring… but they don’t have to be!  Every wedding has a photographer, of some description, to capture the day digitally.  Sometimes it takes an extra step to get the photos printed and displayed.  A frame is a great wedding gift idea so the couple is half way there to displaying their photos.  By adding engraving to a frame you’ve taken the extra step of making it more than just a frame; you’ve made it a keepsake.  You can engrave their names and/or wedding date on any frame to customize the gift.

weddingframes2.  Toasting Flutes – Most weddings include a toast to the new couple (& lots of other various people too) so toasting flutes are perfect for weddings.  Now this is a gift you may want to give BEFORE the wedding, like at a wedding shower or engagement party, so that the couple has their flutes ready for the first big toast on the wedding day.  Adding engraving to a set of flutes make them a treasured keepsake.  They may never drink bubbly out of them again (well, maybe on their first wedding anniversary) but they will be a part of their special day and will be kept forever.

3.  Something For Their Home – If you’re looking for something more utilitarian, you could find a unique gift that could be used in their home.  Below I’ve suggested a clock, a canvas, and a mantel statue.  All can be customized with their names and wedding date and yet be on display and useful for years to come.


4. A Bit of Extravagance – Maybe you want to be really unique and some might argue, over the top!?!  You could consider these three items.  First, our musical carriage; perfect for a princess and her prince or any magical fairytale wedding.  Engrave the plate with their names for a fairytale ending!  This piece will turn heads!   Or how about, taking a favourite photo of the couple and having it put onto a piece of slate?  Perhaps their engagement photo would be ideal for a photo slate? Finally, if you have a couple with a sense of humour, a double body bobblehead might be the perfect custom gift.  We hand-sculpt the couple’s heads and faces so it looks just like them!  Be sure to have about 4-6 weeks if you order one of these so we can custom design your bobble gift!  Any of these extravagant gits are sure to please the new couple.



Hopefully one of these 12 wedding gift ideas inspires you to find a wedding gift that you can make perfect through personalization with us.  We look forward to helping you create a gift-giving memory this summer.

From your Things Engraved Social Team


Wedding Gift Giving Tips



When do I give the couple their wedding gift?

The best time might be at the wedding, if you were invited and if you plan on attending. If there is a reason you aren’t going to the wedding or your gift is too big to deliver at the wedding itself, you can deliver, or have the gift delivered, before the wedding. Some say you have up to one year to gift a bride and groom a wedding gift. That seems like a long time to me.


Is cash an appropriate wedding gift?

Maybe yes, maybe no. Yes, couples starting their new lives together can always use cash and weddings and honeymoons can be expensive. So cash gifts are often welcome. But how personal is a gift of cash? In addition, there is no “right” amount to give so this becomes a challenge. The expectation/customs surrounding giving money also varies by culture so keep that in mind if you’re considering giving cash as a wedding gift.


Does the wedding gift have to equal the value of the meal at the reception?

Probably not although this might be a good guideline to use if you have no idea how much to spend. If the reception is at the nicest venue in town where the meal will be $100 per plate that sets a certain expectation. However, wedding guests should only buy a wedding gift based on their personal financial situation, how close they are to the bride and groom, and the distance they had to travel for the wedding. Not everyone is a filthy rich Uncle Bob!

Canadian Living reports that “the industry average is between $100 and $150 per guest”. Does this seem right to you?


Do I have to choose a gift from the wedding registry?

This seems to be a common question in the reading I’ve done and the consensus seems to be “no.” It is suggested that you use the bridal registry as a guideline to what types of gifts the couple needs and what style preferences they have. But then you can take that information and choose something of your own liking. You can always include a gift receipt so the couple can return the gift for something else they need or want if you are worried about straying too far from the registry.


Are group gifts appropriate?

Sure! If you want to pool your money with other people in your family or a group of friends to buy a bigger gift that you cannot afford on your own, than a group gifts is a great way to go. Ideally you’ll want the gift to be bigger and more expensive than what one couple would give on their own so as not to appear cheap. It’s all about appearances right?


What makes the “best” wedding gifts?

Well, here at Things Engraved we believe that an engraved gift creates a lasting memory. Sure, you can buy the couple something they need from their bridal registry but will they remember that you were the ones who gave them that stand mixer or that cappuccino machine? Probably not. When you choose a personal gift, you will remain in the newlyweds’ minds and hearts every time they see or use the gift you give them. When they look at that engraved wedding album with their names and wedding date engraved on the front, filled with the photos from their special day, they will also think about you and what you mean to them. Hey, if they invited you to their wedding, you obviously are an important part of their life somehow, right? In addition to the tips above, consider gifting a personalized gift the next time you’re invited to a wedding.

Do you have any extra tips we missed on finding and giving wedding gifts?

From Your Things Engraved Social Team


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