Best Birthday Gifts for Women in Your Life


Keeping the women closest to you happy can be a source of great happiness for yourself, and gift-giving is an amazing way to brighten up the days of the most special girls in your life, whether it’s your mother, teacher, or your wife.

There are countless occasions for buying presents, including wedding anniversaries or holidays. However, since birthdays are one of the most important dates in all of our lives, they call for putting extra thought in selecting the perfect gift for the recipient.  

Anyone buy and give a present, but it takes a talent to find something that fully encapsulates your feelings for the recipient. That’s exactly why going for personalized gifts is such a good idea – they allow you to show affection to women in your life without having to verbally express it. 

Finding the Perfect Present

Gift-giving is not a one-size-fits-all business. Everyone has different tastes, so it can be rather tricky to choose the perfect birthday gift for her. While choosing presents for special women in your life, you must, first of all, think about her interests and hobbies – otherwise, it will be especially hard for you to select a suitable gift.

Reflect on some of the memories you share with this woman – which are the ones that she will remember most fondly? Choose some pictures that will make both of you reminisce about the times you’ve shared – Things Engraved will help you turn these photos into unique gift ideas for women that they will cherish for life.

Customized Birthday Gifts for your Girlfriend

Your girlfriend inevitably holds a large space in your life and heart, which is why it’s important to make her feel loved and cherished, especially for her big day. We all struggle with expressing our feelings sometimes, and gift-giving is an amazing way to show affection and appreciation with the help of physical objects. 

In this part of the blog, we’ll discuss some of the best options to choose from for your significant other’s birthday. 

Personalized Jewelry


Chances are quite high that your girlfriend enjoys adorning herself with different types of jewelry. While a plain ring or a necklace might not be that impressive of a present, you can always take several extra steps to personalize the specific piece of jewelry to give it a great sentimental value and turn it into the perfect gift for her.

Would you like to engrave the date of an important milestone, her name, or a quote best describing your feelings towards her and the relationship? With the help of the highest quality jewelry and exceptional craftsmanship, Things Engraved will help you bring your ideas to life and immortalize your relationship, whichever option you choose.

Custom Water Globes


Imagine freezing a moment from your life and encasing it in a glass globe, bringing her joy and happiness with each shake. A custom globe is a whimsical and creative option to consider when choosing birthday gifts for your girlfriend, promising to be a worthy addition to her collection.

Let her be transported to a world filled with the warmth of true love – at Things Engraved, you can personalize your water globe with a unique message, photos of cherished moments, or even figurines of you and her, describing your most memorable adventures together. 

Custom Keychains


Who said that practical gifts can’t hold a deep meaning? When customized with love, any item can turn into a testament to your innermost feelings. For example, a custom keychain is a small, yet impactful present that she will carry with her wherever she goes. 

Whether you choose to engrave her name or initials, a meaningful message, or the date of your anniversary, a keychain suited for her style is guaranteed to be a cherished gift – your girlfriend will remember your thoughtfulness and the special bond she shares with you each time she reaches for her keys.

Gifts for Baby Girls

Celebrating birthdays of baby girls are among the most happy occasions in the world, filled with love and hope. Are you choosing a present for your daughter, niece, or a baby of someone close to you? You can browse Things Engraved to find unique gift ideas for little bundles of joy. 

Find a soft and fluffy baby towel at Things Engraved and personalize it for the baby girl. Choose a design – a quote, the baby’s name, etc. and let our craftsmen meticulously embroider it on the towel, creating a truly unique and sentimental birthday gift for a girl that she will remember even after she’s all grown up. 

Unique Presents for Mothers

The strength and dedication it takes to be a mother is tremendous. They say we can never repay the effort that our mothers put into raising us; however, it doesn’t mean that we can’t try to show appreciation to one of the most important people in our lives. With time, our busy schedules might prevent us from spending as much time with our mothers as before, and their birthdays are a chance for us to reciprocate their unconditional love. What better way to show deep love and gratitude to your mom, than creating a perfect personalized gift for her to remember you by when you’re away?

Personalized Mugs

A customized mug is one of the most amazing presents for all moms. Printing a meaningful quote, engraving a personal message from you to her, displaying a picture of the whole family, reminiscent of the good times – craftsmen at Things Engraved will be proud to help you create a unique mug for your mother, always evoking the feelings of warmth and nostalgia.

Personalized Blankets and Pillows

Things Engraved can also help you create a warm and comfortable haven for your mother at home. Choose the best pillows and blankets, created with the softest materials, and customize them to best fit your mother’s taste and home decor.

Print or embroider a quote or a message, best encapsulating your gratitude towards your mother, and let her feel your love each time she takes a rest. Provide your favourite family picture to us and let our masters display them on the most comfortable pillows and blankets, letting your mother reminisce about the most cherished moments when she snuggles up with them.

Final Notes

Keeping the most important women in your life happy is not just an act of kindness, it’s also a source of great joy and fulfillment. Any woman will greatly appreciate a thoughtful gift that speaks only to her, whether it’s a piece of engraved jewelry or a more practical present, like a mug or a keychain. 

At Things Engraved, we take the art of gift-giving very seriously. Our artisans are dedicated to creating pieces that best embody your emotions and strengthen the bond between you and the recipient, whether it’s your mother, wife, or your girlfriend. 

Never forget to celebrate the women in your life – touch their hearts and turn each birthday of theirs into a moment of love and appreciation with the help of thoughtful gestures and personalized touches.