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How The Groom Can Help Plan the Wedding


When it comes to wedding planning, the stress on brides can be overwhelming BUT it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of details the groom can assist with, especially if he’d like to be hands-on and involved in the process from start to finish.

1. Picking his groomsmen
The wedding day is just as much about the groom and his friends and family as it is the bride. This means that he should be in charge of deciding who he wants standing by his side on the big day. With that said, naturally, the groom is in charge of actually asking his friends to be groomsmen in your wedding. After all, his people are the ones that are going to help him accomplish everything on his list. From coordinating schedules for tux fittings, and even lending a hand in bachelor party planning, there is much to be done. When it comes down to it, the bride should not have to worry about anything groomsmen related because the groom should have it covered!

2. Testing his tux
While the bride will probably want to make sure that the groom is picking the appropriate colour and style, he should take initiative to go and try on different tuxedos well in advance. This may end up being a decision that you make together, but taking the initiative beforehand will ease a lot of stress. That way the groom knows what he’s comfortable in, and that can hopefully narrow down the choices when it comes to having to make a decision.

3. Styling his hair
You may think that there isn’t a lot that goes into deciding a hairstyle for the groom, but think again! While grooms typically have less hair to deal with, any mishaps are likely to be more noticeable. Grooms should take it upon themselves to try different styles well in advance of the big day. It is essential to use the exact products he plans to use on the day so that he can closely monitor how his hair reacts. That way he will be able to tell if they hold his hair where he needs it to stay. Not only that, he should look closely to see if his skin has any type of unexpected reaction. When it comes to shaving, he should take the same approach and use a fresh razor and trusted products well before the wedding day. That way the groom will be confident that his skin won’t have any reaction on the day of the wedding. This is arguably the more important test run given the fact that his face is quite literally the focus of the day (and in the pictures and videos that will live on for years to come.)

4. Thank you gifts for his groomsmen
If you’ve ever been in a wedding party, you know how much work goes into being a part of the big day. The groomsmen are in charge of making the bachelor party something to remember. More importantly, they’re tasked with keeping the groom as calm as can be throughout the entire process. That’s no easy feat! He can give thanks by giving his groomsmen gifts they can use well after your day is over. A practical idea would be to pick out something they love and make it personal with engraving. You can choose from flasks, mugs, jewelry or keychains to say thanks to these guys.

How to be the best Best Man


Being given the title of Best Man means you have responsibilities from the second you receive the honour til after “I do.” Your part in helping the groom during all the different phases of the wedding will get him through one of the most stressful, yet wonderful, times of his life. Both before and after the ceremony, there are plenty of ways you can support your friend and help facilitate a positive wedding experience for him and everyone involved.

Check in on the groom’s well-being throughout the process
The weight of deadlines, tension from balancing a wedding budget, and exhaustion that comes with planning can surface as symptoms anywhere from headaches to hair loss. Check in on the groom’s health throughout the process and advise him to seek professional help in the form of remedies for chronic pain or prescribed hair loss treatments when he won’t seek help himself. As the best man, you have the responsibility of lightening the load of wedding planning in any way you can, so step up when times get tough and put the groom’s health first when he neglects to.

Make sure the groom brings along the necessities
The groom will undoubtedly have a ton of things he has to remember on the morning of the wedding. It’s likely that he’s already nervous about the ceremony, so chances are he’ll need you to help him remember anything he might overlook amidst the day’s chaos. Talk to the bride, create a list of things the groom cannot forget and check them off as the day goes on. Keep in mind that whether or not you remember critical items like rings or vows can make or break the entire experience, so be sure you have them with your wedding checklist.

Write the perfect speech
If you’re one of the many people who cringe at the thought of standing in front of a huge audience and delivering a speech, you’ll need all the help you can get in making sure that the speech is up to par. The finest best man speech will entertain your guests with a good balance of seriousness accompanied by a little bit of humour. Incorporate some funny stories or marriage advice, and always remember to thank the couple for making you an important part of their big day.

Keep the groomsmen under control
One thing the groom shouldn’t have to worry about on the big day is the groomsmen. Your job as best man is to ensure that each of the men are fully aware of where they need to be and when. They should know what to do, what they’re wearing and should have perfected their roles as groomsmen for the ceremony and beyond. Though it is always fun to hang around with the boys, things can get crazy when friends get together, so make sure you keep the group contained and collected.

Choose a meaningful gift
Though you’re helping in various different aspects of planning the wedding, you can’t get so lost in helping out that you don’t take the time to get a meaningful gift for the couple. Use both your friendship with the groom and history with the couple to choose a gift that you know they will love. Take some time out of helping the groom and find a gift that will stun the couple, like a customized wedding box or a bride and groom toasting flute set. Get them a heartfelt present they will actually use and want to keep and remember.

While a large part of the wedding planning is done by the couple, the best man can have a huge impact on the groom’s experience as a whole. When he’s stressed, you’re there to take some weight off his shoulders. When he needs a second set of eyes and ears, you can be that for him. Regardless of how you contribute, the groom will surely be grateful that he chose you as his best man when looking back on the day he married the love of his life.

How to Spend Valentine’s Day


Love is in the air! Can you feel it? Whether or not you’re in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is a holiday for every one of us. While there are so many ways to celebrate the occasion, here are the top date and gift ideas so no matter who your Valentine happens to be, you’ll be looking forward to the 14th this year.

Your SO
The Date:

Dinner is a must, but restaurants are way overrated, not to mention way overcrowded for this occasion. Instead opt for a night in where you cook for your love, or maybe even prepare your meal together over some good conversation and a bottle of wine. Plus, when you’re already at home it’s much easier to transition into the Netflix and Chill part of the evening.

The Gift:
I’m not usually a fan of super cheesy but on VDay, I usually make an exception. When it comes to what to gift your Valentine, make sure it’s something that will remind them of you each time they see it. For example, these puzzle piece necklaces for two are so freaking adorable, not to mention absolutely ideal for this type of occasion. It’s a great reminder how perfectly you fit together and can even be engraved with coordinated messages to make them super special.

Your Friend
The Date:
What could be yummier than a brunch date for you and your Galentine? In true Leslie Knope fashion we encourage you to plan the ultimate waffle breakfast or brunch party to celebrate all your exceptional gal pals who make life all the better.

The Gift:
Remember when best-friend necklaces were all the rage? Good news is they’re totally back in style, and if that’s not exciting enough on its own, gifting one of these Share & Pair Rafiki Bracelets from ME to WE can actually make a difference to someone in need! Handmade with love by a woman in Kenya, every Rafiki purchase gives one of five life-changing impacts in a developing community, and these ones give health!

The Date:
Self-love should never be put on the backburner, and especially not on Valentine’s Day. After all, you’re the most important person in your world, so don’t you forget it! If you’re solo this year, pick your favourite activity and make a day (or night) of it. When it comes to making yourself happy, you’re the only real expert.

The Gift:
There are literally a million different gift options to spoil yourself with, but since we’re all about gifting with intention around here I’m gonna suggest something a little off the cuff. Have you ever considered buying yourself an embroidered plush animal? Because if not, you definitely should!  Stuffed animals were once our greatest comfort and the amazing thing is their magical properties never go away, no matter how old we get. Embroider yours with a personal message to yourself to make it the ultimate self-gift!  

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