How to Capture Your Wedding


These days, our lives are pretty much encouraged to be broadcasted on social media. Everything from something simple as what we had for breakfast to as major as a gender reveal announcement can be seen plastered in squares over Instagram, summed up into short sentences on Twitter, or wrapped up in a photo album on Facebook. Personally, I would call myself a bit of a social media addict — like many of us. I love sharing memories and telling stories with posts and having them to look back on as little snippets of important moments in my life, and I’m sure many of you are the same way.

Social media is one of many current tools that can be a great way to keep track of and store your most important memories and life events. Here are some ideas for how to capture your big day and keep track of all your special moments:

Get the news out early. Proposal announcements are a great way to get your guests involved in the process of your wedding as it unfolds. You can use a special hashtag (see below) and social media to share a photo of the ring and give a glimpse of when/where/how the proposal happened. Or, get creative and take some classic “I Said Yes!” photos with your new fiancee.

Use a custom hashtag. Think of a quirky and catchy phrase to generate a personal hashtag that you and your guests can use when posting images or videos on social media. Many couples use their first or last names in a clever way, or using a play on words — such as #SayYesToTheKress or #MorganHeBargainedFor. A hashtag is a great way to look back on yours and your guests’ star memories from the day.

Capture video footage. Whether you hire a videographer, take video yourself, or ask guests to send you the videos they capture, putting together a compilation of special moments from the big day is a beautiful keepsake. Wedding Mix is a great website that allows you to upload photos and videos and for a charge, they will create the video for you.

Rent a photo booth. Sure, hiring a photographer is great, but what about allowing your guests to take their OWN photos in a fun and engaging way? Plenty of companies offer photo booth rentals for your big event. Try to ensure you rent a booth that offers both digital and paper copies of the photos, to ensure that each person in the picture has access to a copy.

Upload photos to a personal online gallery. There are countless free and paid options for uploading your photos online. This is an easy way for you and your guests to access the day’s photos easily and from multiple devices and locations. Some sites even offer password protection for the galleries to keep your memories more private to you and your loved ones.

Create a wedding website. Beyond saving photo and video memories, a personalized website for all things tying-the-knot is a great way to keep guests updated on details as they arise, post necessary information, and capture the essence of your wedding in an online fashion. The Knot is a great resource to start creating your wedding website, housing plenty of templates and customization options.

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From Your Things Engraved Social Team