Font Preview Now Available Online!


What’s in a font?!?!  For us, a lot.  Once you’ve chosen the best gift and perfect personalization sentiment for your gift you’ll next be faced with choosing a font.

We are happy to announce that our website now offers a font preview of your personalization.  That means once you type in your sentiments, choose a font and click on preview you’ll get to see what your sentiment looks like in the font(s) you chosen.  Don’t like your selected font?  That’s okay, you can change to something else and preview again.  You can mix and match fonts (by line) if you’re feeling really creative!

Also, introducing for the first time on our website, CONTEMPORARY – a hip “new”  font and my personal favourite.  It looks great on pens, piggy banks, and picture frames!  You’ll see it as a font option added to new products over the next few weeks so keep an eye on our website for the ability to choose this as your engraved font soon.

We invite you to try out our font previewer by selecting any gift and clicking Personalize it!