How The Groom Can Help Plan the Wedding


When it comes to wedding planning, the stress on brides can be overwhelming BUT it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of details the groom can assist with, especially if he’d like to be hands-on and involved in the process from start to finish.

1. Picking his groomsmen
The wedding day is just as much about the groom and his friends and family as it is the bride. This means that he should be in charge of deciding who he wants standing by his side on the big day. With that said, naturally, the groom is in charge of actually asking his friends to be groomsmen at your wedding. After all, his people are the ones that are going to help him accomplish everything on his list. From coordinating schedules for tux fittings, and even lending a hand in bachelor party planning, there is much to be done. When it comes down to it, the bride should not have to worry about anything groomsmen-related because the groom should have it covered!

2. Testing his tux
While the bride will probably want to make sure that the groom is picking the appropriate colour and style, he should take initiative to go and try on different tuxedos well in advance. This may end up being a decision that you make together, but taking the initiative beforehand will ease a lot of stress. That way the groom knows what he’s comfortable in, and that can hopefully narrow down the choices when it comes to having to make a decision.

3. Styling his hair
You may think that there isn’t a lot that goes into deciding a hairstyle for the groom, but think again! While grooms typically have less hair to deal with, any mishaps are likely to be more noticeable. Grooms should take it upon themselves to try different styles well in advance of the big day. It is essential to use the exact products he plans to use on the day so that he can closely monitor how his hair reacts. That way he will be able to tell if they hold his hair where he needs it to stay. Not only that, he should look closely to see if his skin has any type of unexpected reaction. When it comes to shaving, he should take the same approach and use a fresh razor and trusted products well before the wedding day. That way the groom will be confident that his skin won’t have any reaction on the day of the wedding. This is arguably the more important test run given the fact that his face is quite literally the focus of the day (and in the pictures and videos that will live on for years to come.)

4. Thank you for gifts for his groomsmen
If you’ve ever been to a wedding party, you know how much work goes into being a part of the big day. The groomsmen are in charge of making the bachelor party something to remember. More importantly, they’re tasked with keeping the groom as calm as can be throughout the entire process. That’s no easy feat! He can give thanks by giving his groomsmen gifts they can use well after your day is over. A practical idea would be to pick out something they love and make it personal with engraving. You can choose from flasks, mugs, jewelry or keychains to say thanks to these guys.