How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon


Who said wedding planning stops at “I do”? As you’ve probably heard, your wedding day will fly by, so you’ll want to have something you can still look forward to after the chaos has died down. It’s important to not get so caught up in wedding planning that you forget to plan your dream honeymoon until the last minute. Take some time, follow these tips, and you can have the honeymoon you’ve always dreamed of!

In order not to forget about romance during the honeymoon and plunge into the candy-bouquet period, make gifts to each other. This is always relevant and so you will definitely be able to show attention to your significant other.
How to choose original and interesting ideas that suit you? You can surprise your loved one with flowers and gifts. An expensive or cheap bouquet will warm the soul, and a selected gift will not be able not to cheer up in such a romantic period-a honeymoon. Please and make your soulmate happy.

Start the planning early
Don’t wait until after you’re married to start thinking about your honeymoon. For many reasons, you should start the honeymoon planning shortly after you’ve begun the wedding planning process. Although you don’t necessarily have to book your trip before getting married, the earlier you start planning, the better. Planning early will allow you to find more options, and have your pick of resorts and flights instead of filing through everyone else’s leftovers. An even better perk of planning and booking early is you’ll find better prices, which means you’ll get to enjoy more than you anticipated!

Find room in your budget
Speaking of better prices, be sure to fit your honeymoon into your wedding budget. Most couples tend to focus on how much money they’re going to spend on each detail of the wedding day, but forget to set aside a specific amount for the celebration after. Don’t make that mistake; decide how much you can afford to spend on your trip and create a separate account to budget for that. If you create a budget for your honeymoon, you’ll be able to break up that money into amounts to cover your flights, your hotels, and then your food and adventures along the way. If you fail to set aside a budget, you’ll end up just using the money left over from the wedding (if there is any).

Go with something that fits your personality
While it might be easy to just ask your friends and family what they did for their honeymoon and plan the same trip for yourself, it’s not always the best choice. Whoever you’re getting a recommendation from could have an entirely different personality than you, so you want to choose something that’s going to work for you and your new spouse. If you’re more of the relaxing type, you won’t want to plan a honeymoon backpacking across Europe. Or if you’re in between and like to relax but also like to have fun, you might want to book a cruise that has amenities that allow you to lay low and get a tan but also enjoy entertainment and nightlife. Plan a trip that satisfies your likes and hobbies!

Find the right destination
Once you’ve decided what kind of vibe matches your character, you can start researching specific destinations you want to visit. Maybe consider checking off a bucket list destination, or pick a region you’d like to visit and look into honeymoons available there. Picking the right destination is crucial in your experience, and you want to enjoy yourself fully on this newlywed adventure. Once you have an idea of where to go, you can start planning your activities, your meals, and your relaxation as well!

Use an agent
While it’s likely that you could plan a honeymoon all on your own with the research you do online, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a travel agent. An agent will be able to plan a completely cohesive trip that has all the amenities you’re looking for. They will also be able to work with your budget to get you what you want (and maybe more) for the amount you’re able to spend. An agent will likely have connections all over the travel community, and will be able to fit you into a certain hotel, or find better accommodation than you could have on your own! So don’t shy away from using an agent right from the get-go.