Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Best Custom Mother’s Day Gifts 2024


Mother’s Day holds a special place in hearts all around the globe. Our moms, those unique and cherished figures in our lives, deserve every bit of appreciation, love, and care we can give. They’re like superheroes, aren’t they? With their love and support, they make the impossible seem possible. So, when it comes to showing our gratitude, even the smallest, most symbolic gift can speak volumes. That’s where Things Engraved comes in. They’ll help you find that perfect gift, one that truly captures your feelings and lets your mom know just how valued she is!

Gold necklace, with a bar.  Custom engraving makes a personal touch for Mother's Day.

Mark Your Calendar

Mother’s Day in Canada is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, the same date as International Mother’s Day. In 2024, Canadians celebrate the precious day on May 12. 

Planning ahead for Mother’s Day gifts is crucial. It gives you the time to carefully consider what your mother would genuinely appreciate. Plus, it allows you to research and order the best options in advance, ensuring that the gift she receives is something she’ll love. 

Find the perfect gift for your mother to capture your feelings and show her how much you care with Things Engraved’s curated selection of custom Mother’s Day gifts for 2024. From personalized jewelry to engraved keepsakes, our collection offers a variety of thoughtful options that will show your appreciation and love for your mother. Don’t wait until the last minute—start planning ahead to ensure timely delivery! Things Engraved offers delivery anywhere in Canada, within 2-3 business days, so we’ve got you covered, up until a few days ahead! 

Gifts for Every Mother

Every mom is one-of-a-kind, and that means they deserve a gift that’s just as unique as they are. The good news is that the gift collection at Things Engraved is as diverse as all the wonderful moms out there. This article serves as a guide to choosing the perfect personalized gift for different types of moms, taking into consideration their personality traits, preferences, and lifestyles. Selecting a gift that shows your mother how much you care is a great way to show appreciation and make her feel special. So, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get her something she’ll absolutely adore. And don’t forget to add a heartfelt note to make it extra meaningful!

First-time mothers marking their special milestone

Funny saying on a pillow for Mother's Day.  Pillow says "Hope Mother's Day is more enjoyable than giving birth".

Extra love for first-time moms! A new mom’s first Mother’s Day is a special occasion that  deserves thoughtful, sentimental gifts. She’ll love a personalized necklace with hers and her baby’s initials. Another great idea is to make matching bracelets with her and her baby’s names. She’ll love these adorable keepsakes for her first Mother’s Day, symbolizing the special bond between mother and child.

Custom photo mug makes a sweet and sentimental mother's day gift.

Mothers who cherish sentimental keepsakes

For mothers who hold sentimental value in high regard, personalized gifts are a perfect choice. Customized keychains, photo gifts, and personalized photo frames are more than just practical accessories; they are constant reminders of the bonds we hold dear. With a range of design and personalization options, these gifts offer a thoughtful way to mark important occasions and express love and gratitude. Whether adorned with initials, dates, or heartfelt messages, these gifts are imbued with the power to capture cherished memories and celebrate the constant love and bonds that enrich our lives.

Moms looking for unique accessories and decorations

Sweet text engraved on a cutting board for Mother's Day.  A recipe for a mom includes the nicest of ingredients.

For moms who adore uniqueness in their accessories and home décor, there’s no shortage of delightful options to explore. Cushions engraved with meaningful quotes or personalized designs give a touch of personality and warmth to any living space, turning a simple sofa or bed into a cozy shelter full of memories. Flower vases engraved with intricate patterns or initials become more than mere flowerpots; instead, they are exquisite works of art that enhance the atmosphere of any room. These unique accessories and decorations express individuality and style, transforming the house into a reflection of the mother’s distinctive taste and personality.

Mothers who appreciate practical gifts

Super Mom, Super Wife, Super Tired Coffee Mug

For moms who appreciate practicality in their gifts, Things Engraved offers thoughtful options that effortlessly blend utility with sentiment. Engraved photo mugs, engraved ceramic mugs, or engraved glassware lined with meaningful messages or pictures serve as a daily reminder of love and appreciation at every sip. An engraved cutting board gives a personal touch to the kitchen items and enhances the pleasure of cooking with the personalized board’s tailored design. For mothers with active lifestyles an engraved travel mug may be the perfect gift idea – it’ll help them stay hydrated wherever they go, combining functionality with elegance.  

Moms who adore personalized jewelry as a symbol of love

custom heart jewelry box

Personalized necklaces are the perfect gift for moms who are big on jewelry. These precious accessories can be engraved with initials, names, or significant dates, creating mementos that hold a special place in their hearts. Alongside a personalized engraved necklace, a jewelry box personalized with her name or a heartfelt message provides a beautiful and practical way to store her precious jewelry, adding a touch of elegance to her vanity.

Moms of teens

Mama-Mommy-Mom-Bruh funny pillow

When it comes to moms of teens, imprinting cherished memories takes center stage. A well-tailored photo collage or personalized photo puzzle depicting moments to be remembered with her teenagers will become her home’s favorite spot, marking the connection between mother and child. Go the extra mile and get her engraved picture frame with messages or personalized names.

Wrapping it Up

We hope our guide helps you choose the perfect gift for your perfect mother! Ideas are endless—just think back on the special milestones in your lives, the words you wish to say to her, the pictures you love and adore. Don’t forget your inside jokes and craft some funny gifts, such as engraved cushions, coffee tumblers, personalized ceramic mugs, and more! Everything from a keepsake to a practical item you put your time and energy into will forever be cherished. 

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Let Things Engraved help you craft the perfect gift that will be held dear for many years to come!