Survival Guide for Singletons on Valentine’s Day


While there are certainly scores of happy couples eager to make dinner dates and await bouquets of roses, there are ample individuals who will be spending Valentine’s Day alone and wondering whether to feel blue or buoyant. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about couples in love — it’s a day for anyone to express his or her feelings.

Spending Valentine’s Day alone? Here are some ways to avoid the pitfalls from the pressures of this day.

* If you recently experienced a loss of a mate, take the time to grieve and remember this person. You don’t have to pretend it isn’t a hard day. Enjoy the support of others.

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* Don’t define yourself by relationship status. Single or part of a couple, who you are with doesn’t illustrate who you are.

* Get together with people who love you, like friends and family members. Make plans to spend the day together.

* If you don’t like being single, use Valentine’s Day as a day to figure out your path to a relationship. Don’t be afraid to go out on dates. There are plenty of other single individuals out there looking for a match.

* If you are used to dining out, order in on Valentine’s Day to avoid the hordes of couples canoodling over dinner and champagne at area restaurants.

* Relish in the fact that you’ll be saving a lot of money. Prices on flowers, chocolates, gifts, dinners, etc. are generally marked up to capitalize on Valentine’s Day.

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* If you have several single friends, consider hosting a Valentine’s Day party. Do themed drinks and snacks and enjoy the night together. If the idea sounds like too much work, get together and go to a fun restaurant that probably would be too loud and boisterous for intimate dining.  Cheers to the single life!

* Spend the day giving and sharing your talents with other people, perhaps by volunteering or spending time with seniors at a care facility.

* Make a list of all the people who continually make you smile. Call them up and resolve to get together at the earliest convenience.

* Treat yourself to something nice. If you’ve been eyeing that new tech toy or a pair of shoes, go out and splurge on yourself for Valentine’s Day.  Self love, baby!

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