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Canada Day Sale!


Need a last minute gift on Canada Day? Many of our stores are OPEN on Canada Day and we’re having a sale! Save 25% on ALL regular priced gifts, when you get the gift engraved. Perfect for celebrating Canada’s big 1-5-0!

Here is the list of stores that are OPEN on SATURDAY July 1, 2017:

0300 – Cottonwood Mall
0301 – Tsawwassen Mills
0302 – Sevenoaks Shopping Centre
0500 – Bower Place
0501 – The Core
0600 – Cataraqui Centre
0627 – Square One Shopping Centre
0630 – Square One Shopping Centre
0635 – Pembroke Mall
0642 – Cherry Lane Shopping Centre
0643 – Orillia Square Mall
0645 – St. Albert Centre
0647 – Kingsway Mall
0649 – Southcentre Mall
0650 – Prairie Mall
0654 – North Hill Centre
0660 – Central City Shopping Centre
0662 – West Edmonton Mall
0664 – Village Green Centre
0665 – Brentwood Town Centre
0667 – Millwoods Towne Centre
0669 – Markville Shopping Centre
0673 – Charlottetown Mall
0679 – Southgate Centre
0681 – Richmond Centre
0749 – Sears, Metropolis at Metrotown
0767 – Tecumseh Mall
0772 – Market Mall
0780 – Sears, Park Place Shop. Ctr.
0826 – Chinook Centre
0845 – Sears, Medicine Hat Mall
0848 – Rideau Centre
0849 – Woodgrove Centre
0858 – Sears, Midtown Plaza
0865 – Southland Mall
0866 – The Promenade
0892 – Guildford Town Centre
0895 – Sears, Hillside Centre
0898 – Coquitlam Centre
0917 – Upper Canada Mall
0919 – Orchard Park Shopping Centre
0930 – Park Royal Shopping Centre
0939 – Parkland Mall
0945 – Devonshire Mall
0953 – Aberdeen Mall
0981 – Metropolis at Metrotown
0985 – Mayfair Shopping Centre
0988 – Northgate Mall
0998 – Lougheed Town Centre

Happy Canada Day!







Canada Day Sale!



Many of our stores are OPEN on Canada Day and we’re having a sale!

Save 25% on ALL regular priced gifts, when Engraved.

Online use coupon code: CANADADAY2016.

No coupon code required in-store.

All Stores that are open on July 1st are running the same promotion as online – But for July 1st only!

List of stores that are OPEN on FRIDAY, July 1, 2016

300 Things Engraved, Cottonwood Mall

600 Things Engraved, Cataraqui Centre

625 Things engraved, Lindsay Square

627 Things Engraved, Square One (kiosk)

630 Things Engraved, Square One (inline)

635 Things Engraved, Pembroke Mall

642 Things Engraved, Cherry Lane Shopping Centre

643 Things Engraved, Orillia Square

645 Things Engraved, St. Albert Centre

646 Things Engraved, Park Place Shopping Centre

647 Things Engraved, Kingsway Mall

649 Things Engraved, Southcentre Mall

650 Things Engraved, Prairie Mall

654 Things Engraved, North Hill Centre

660 Things Engraved, West Edmonton Mall

662 Things Engraved, West Edmonton Mall

664 Things Engraved, Village Green Centre

665 Things Engraved, Brentwood Town Centre

667 Things Engraved, Millwoods Town Centre

669 Things Engraved, Markville Shopping Centre

673 Things Engraved, Charlottetown Mall

678 Things Engraved, Cornwall Centre

679 Things Engraved, Southgate Centre

681 Things engraved, Richmond Centre

749 Sears Personalized Gifts, Metropolis at Metrotown

767 Things Engraved, Tecumseh Mall

772 Things Engraved, Market Mall

780 Sears Personalized Gifts, Park Place Shopping Centre

826 Things Engraved, Chinook Centre

845 Things Engraved, Medicine Hat Mall

849 Things Engraved, Woodgrove Centre

858 Sears Personalized Gifts, Midtown Plaza

865 Things Engraved, Southland Mall

866 Things Engraved, The Promenade

892 Things Engraved, Guildford Town Centre

895 Sears Personalized Gifts, Hillside Shopping Centre

898 Things Engraved, Coquitlam Centre

917 Things Engraved, Upper Canada Mall (inline)

919  Things Engraved, Orchard Park Shopping Centre

922 Personally Yours, Londonderry Mall

925 Things engraved, Niagara Square

930 Personally Yours, Park Royal Shopping Centre

939 Things Engraved, Parkland Mall

945 Things Engraved, Devonshire Mall

953 Things Engraved, Aberdeen Mall

981 Things Engraved, Metropolis at Metrotown

985 Things Engraved, Mayfair Shopping Centre

988 Things Engraved, Northgate Mall

998 Things Engraved, Lougheed Town Centre


Happy Canada Day!

“To travel is to live” – World Tourism Day – September 27


I want to see the world! Every bit of it! But I want to see some places more than others, and high on my list of places to see is…Canada!

As a Canadian, I have seen far too little of this vast, varied country and while I do plan to escape from time to time to places farther afield, I also have quite a few plans to see more of the great white north.


September 27th is World Tourism Day, and according to the United Nations, it’s purpose is to “foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value.” In Canada, tourism plays a huge roll in our economy and it’s no wonder. We have so many unique, interesting and diverse places to see and experience, that the world loves to come play in our back yard (plus they know how darned nice and polite we are, eh? It’s just a bonus that our beer, coffee and sports teams are the best!)

What is on your Canadian travel bucket list? When I asked myself that, I thought, “hmmm, you should google that for MORE ideas!” And so I did. Imagine my surprise that first on the results was a blog entitled Canadian Bucket List. Kinda took the thinking away for me (and that is ALWAYS a good thing).

Here is my top 5 list. Because I am a photographer, mine are heavily weighted towards places that will give me some good material for my instagram feed (only sorta kidding on that ha!)

Julie’s Canadian Tourism Bucket List (in no particular order):

  1. Northern Lights – I must, in my life time, see and take photos of the northern lights.
  2. Lake Louise, AB – Yes, a million photos are taken of that gorgeous lake and mountains, but I want my own. Because that will mean I had BEEN there.
  3. Newfoundland and Labrador – Every single thing about these landscapes draw me there. Rock cliffs and icebergs, unique flora and fauna, lakes and rivers, villages and culture.
  4. Quebec City – I visited there as a teen on a school trip and loved it. But now I want to visit and bask as an adult
  5. Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands), BC – For the same reasons I want to see the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, I also want to see this archipelago on BC’s coast.

Here are my 5 Top Weird Canadian things to do:

  1. Go yurting – Probably in a provincial park in Ontario.
  2. Sleep in the Hotel de Glace (ice hotel) – Reality is, this will never happen cause I detest being cold. Maybe a day visit though.
  3. Drive a Zamboni – I grew up in arenas in Ontario. But I have never driven a Zamboni – seems like a thing to try.
  4. Sleep one night at the Royal Ontario Museum – I need to see for myself if things do indeed come alive in a museum at night! Similarly, spend at night at the Ripley’s Aquarium. Sleeping with the fish…get it??!!?
  5. Try the Magdelan Island Cave Bash – I only JUST recently heard of this one place and shouted, “I have to try this!!” (it was in my head though, don’t worry.) Waves crash you into the cave walls – there is some scientific reasons for why you don’t die, likely “physics” or some other science I dropped in high school. Either way, sounds like a blast!

How about YOU? What is on YOUR Canadian tourism bucket list?? Wherever your wanderlust takes you, Things Engraved  has many gifts that can be personalized, either to take with you, or to have as a reminder. They also make PERFECT Christmas gifts for the traveler in your life.

Things Engraved

Buck Nobleman Stainless Steel Knife

Things Engraved

Zippo Hand-warmer for all those hikes (or stay overs in ice hotels)

Things Engraved

Classic Brush Metal Zippo Lighter

Things Engraved

A Special Photo Presentation for After a Special Trip

Things Engraved

Military Style Dog Tags – engrave trip memories, dates & quotes

Things Engraved

MOVA Globe to Inspire your next trip


From your Things Engraved Social Team,

Things Engraved Social

For these or other great gift ideas to bring along on a trip or to keep as a memento afterwards, visit our website or find it in a store near you.

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