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National Pet Day!


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April 11th is National Pet Day, a day for all pet lovers to  spoil their furry friends.  In honour of this special day here are some fun facts about fellow pet owners:

1. 57% of Canadians own a pet.

2. Think dogs are the most common pet?  Surprise, cats are! 35% of pet owners own a cat and 32% own a dog.

3. The most popular pet name for cats and dogs in 2013 was Bella.

4. Do you take your pets on trips with you?  32% of pet owners say they take their furry friends on vacation.  Lucky!

5.  The majority of pet owners like to spoil their pets with special presents.  64% of pet owners say they purchase gifts for their pets.  Find a personalized gift for your pet here.

What would you have engraved on a pet tag for your furry friend?  Tell us in the comments below.




Happy take your dog to work day!


It’s not only the first day of summer, it’s also the 15th annual Take your Dog to Work Day (TYDTWDay).  Pet Sitters International created this day in 1999 to celebrate our furry companions and to encourage pet adoption.  On this day, companies are encouraged to open their workplace to employees’ dogs on this special day.

Photo shared with us from @summeraby of her two "helpful" office assistants!

Photo shared with us from @summeraby of her two “helpful” office assistants!

Several studies, including the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, reported having canines in the corporate world shows significant benefits in everything from increased productivity, to a boost in employee moral and increased sales.
Sounds like some great benefits for the whole workplace!

Find a gift from Things Engraved for your Furry Friend to celebrate their special day.

Does your company celebrate Take your Dog to Work Day?

Do Pets Make Good Gifts?


PuppyTo the millions of pet owners across the globe, pets are more than just furry friends around the house. Pets put many people in a good mood and can also make for a valuable addition to families with children, instilling a sense of responsibility in kids they might otherwise never learn.

But pets are also a very personal choice. Such a reality makes giving a pet as a present during the holiday season a difficult proposition — one that requires careful consideration of the pros and cons before making a final decision.

Some things to consider for your Pro and Con list:

The Pros

* Companionship: Pets make fine companions, and many people think giving a pet as a present during the holiday season is a great way to put a smile on a lonely friend or relative’s face. However, when giving a pet in the hopes it will provide companionship, be sure to find a pet that’s known for liking attention, such as a golden retriever, and not a pet that doesn’t require much care or appreciate the attention.

* The surprise element: Oftentimes, when a family pet dies it takes awhile before the family is ready to get a new pet. However, if sufficient time has elapsed, the surprise element of a new pet at the holidays can make it one of the more memorable holidays ever.

The same can be said when giving a child their first pet. For moms and dads who have decided the kids are ready for their first pet, the holidays make a great time to surprise them with a Fido or Morris of their own.

* Cost: Particularly in the current economy, not all families can afford to adopt or buy a new pet. While they might be able to afford to feed and care for a pet, the initial costs (some adoptions can cost several hundred dollars) might be well beyond their budget. For gift givers who can afford the costs of adoption or the purchase price from a breeder, giving a pet can be a gift the family will greatly appreciate.

The  Cons

* Personal choice: Pets don’t take long to become a member of the family. And that’s often because pets are a deeply personal choice made by the pet owner and his or her family. Giving a pet as a gift might be a nice gesture, but many people would prefer to pick their own pets.

Kitten* Timing: Not all families are ready for a pet. Even parents who want to add a pet to their home should consider if the timing is right. Are kids ready for the responsibility of a pet? Is the family ready to add another member?

Timing should also be a consideration for those thinking of giving a pet to someone they don’t live with. It might be a nice gesture to give newlywed friends a pet, but they might also be trying to have a baby and might not have the time to care for a pet.

* Allergies and additional health considerations: Not everyone can have a pet in their home. Many people are allergic to animals. It could prove a disaster to give a kitten to someone who is highly allergic to cats. Shoppers who are unsure if a friend or loved one has a pet allergy should avoid giving a pet as a present.

In addition to pet allergies, another medical concern is some people might not be physically capable of caring for a pet. Dogs, for instance, need to be taken on daily walks or, at the very least, taken outside to relieve themselves. What’s more, training a puppy is no small task. If a friend or family member does not appear capable of caring for a pet, consider a different gift.

So what do you think? Do pets make a good gift?

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