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Employee Appreciation Day – March 3, 2017


RecognizeEmployeesThe 1st Friday of March is Employee Appreciation Day.  It’s a day for companies to acknowledge the dedication and success of their employees.  Some companies use this day as a time to honour their employees’ milestones, achievements, or work anniversaries.  However, recognizing your employees should be done on a regular basis, not just once a year.  Positive recognition can be a motivational factor for many employees in the workplace.

6 Benefits of Employee Appreciation

  1. Increased Productivity – Recognizing positive employee behavior increases the chances of that behaviour being repeated; which can help increase productivity.
  2. Greater Employee Satisfaction – Enjoyment at work will lead to less time complaining and more time focusing on work.
  3. Higher Company Morale – A high morale among the team creates a more effective and positive work environment.  You want your people to want to come to work.
  4. Increased Employee Retention – It is hard to find good people and it costs your company time and money to replace employees.  If you can decrease your employee turnover and keep your ‘gold star’ employees you’ll be better off.
  5. Improved Customer Service – When employees are happy at work, it is reflected in their overall attitude and service towards customers or business partners.  Your employees represent your business; you want them to happily do so.
  6. Improved Work Environment – When your employees experience less stress it results in less “sick days” and loss productivity.

One simple and cost-effective way to accomplish the list above is to recognize your employees for their dedication to your business and their hard work.  A simple “thank-you” should be given on a regular basis (weekly or monthly).  However, on employee recognition day you have a chance to ‘blow their socks off’ with a tangible offering of your appreciation.  Of course, we suggest a personalized gift such as a pen or even an award.  However, any type of recognition you give will go a long way in securing the success and future of your business.

We believe your company’s success is based on the success of your employees.


From your Things Engraved Social Team,

Things Engraved Social



Trish Celebrates 25 Years with Things Engraved


25TrishThings Engraved would like to recognize Trish Dietrich for 25 years of service and commitment to the company!  Trish celebrates her 25th anniversary on August 20, 2015 and so she started at the company back in 1990.  Trish was hired directly out of college, where she completed a marketing diploma.  Her first role for us was as a marketing assistant for “House of Knives.”  House of Knives was a sister company of Things Engraved and the two companies amalgamated soon after Trish started.  Trish remembers the early days working here where there was a lot of support staff as everything had to be done on type-writers and they had staff dedicated to typing up memos!  How things have changed!  Now everything is done through emails that we write ourselves! 🙂

Trish quickly moved from a marketing assistant role into a buying role where she started buying products for Things Engraved and House of Knives.  Trish even met her sweetheart here.  Dean worked in the warehouse and the two of them co-planned several inter-company baseball games.  They dated for a few years and they were married in 1994.  Dean left the company a couple of years after they married and Trish moved into a merchandising role following the birth of their first child.  Recently, Trish has been straddling both buying and merchandising departments and is enjoying the extra challenges and growth.

Over the years, organizing social events and Christmas parties has been a highlight of Trish’s experience with Things Engraved.  She feels these social events have helped people work better together on a daily basis.  Trish says the best part about working here is the size of the company.

I really like that it’s a big enough company to matter but it’s a small enough company that you can still start a project and see it through to completion.  I like being involved in all the aspects of seeing a new product be designed, manufactured, merchandised into stores, and being sold to happy customers. At larger companies you don’t get to be involved in all these aspects so I really like the size of our company.

Trish brings a tonne of experience (25 years!) to our head office team.  She’s very familiar with past products; in fact you could say she’s kind of the product encyclopedia around here!  Trish is friendly and always welcoming to new-comers.  We are lucky to have such a loyal and caring employee working for us and we Thank You Trish for your years of dedication to our company.


Sharon Celebrates 25 Years with Things Engraved



We would like to Recognize Sharon Brayton, who is celebrating 25 Years of working at Things Engraved this month. Sharon started part time as an employee of Sears Keys and Engraved Gifts Department located in Sears at 1000 Island Mall in Brockville in August 1990!   Shortly after she started, there was an opening for store manager and Sharon applied and got the job. As the new manager, Sharon was very successful at taking over the location and making it work.

In 2003, the company decided to depart from Sears, at this location, and moved to a kiosk in the same mall, and our store name would now change to Things Engraved. Sharon was excited about the move, instead of being in Sears, she would be right in the middle of everything! She was looking so forward getting a brand new bigger store, and of course a larger selection of product to fill it.

Sharon is in this location to this day. If you walk by our kiosk you can see her, with her big smile, ready to welcome you and help you in selecting that special gift and engraving it. Sharon is always up for the challenge! Over the years, she has more than satisfied her customers with her engraving accomplishments, let alone her unique engraving of swords, daggers, pool cues and her most recent success was a pair of deer antlers. She’s always ready to engrave those hard-to engrave gifts for customers!

My favourite time of year is Christmas! I love the hustle and bustle of it all. I love making customers happy and seeing them with a smile really seals the deal for me!

Over the years, Sharon has grown strong relationships with employees who have moved on and customers, who still drop by and say hello. She comments she never wants to retire, she loves what she is doing and even misses the store when she goes on vacation!

We thank Sharon for her many years of service and hope there is many more to come!


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