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What is the Best Gift He Ever Gave You?


We recently asked our Facebook & Twitter followers What is the Best Gift He Ever Gave You?Your father?  Your husband?  Your boyfriend?  Your BFF?  Anyone!
The answers we received range from tangible things like rings to intangibles like good advice and love.  Leave a comment below to tell us what is the best gift he ever gave you?




Leave a comment below to tell us what is the best gift he ever gave you?

St. Patrick’s Day Fun Facts!


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March 17th is the one day where everyone is Irish!  In celebration of being Irish today here are some Irish fun facts:

1. SURPRISE – St. Patrick was NOT Irish!  St. Patrick was born in Great Britain.  He was captured by the Irish at age 16 to be a slave.  St. Patrick eventually escaped and returned to his family.  He returned to Ireland later as a missionary.

2.  It’s Paddy, not Patty.  Patty is short for Patricia.

3.  The 4 leaf clover is not the symbol of Ireland, it’s actually the harp.

4. Your odds of finding a four-leaf clover are:  About 1 in 10,000.

5.  The official colour of St. Patrick is actually blue.  Historical artworks of St. Patrick show him wearing blue liturgical garment.  Blue was also commonly used on flags and coats of arms to represent Ireland.   Green came into the picture much later, most likely as a symbol of the greenness of the “Emerald Isle.”

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New Years Resolutions


As New Year’s approaches, many people will start to think of their goals and resolutions for the upcoming year.  According to the Toronto Star, 54% of Canadians regularly make New Year’s resolutions.   Self-improvement resolutions are the most popular type of goals made for the New Year.  Unfortunately, only 19% of New Year’s Resolutions are successful!  To help you keep your New Year’s resolutions we’ve put together a list of tips to help you achieve your goals.

New Year’s Resolution Tips:

Be Specific: Be detailed and very specific about your goals.  For example, “save money” is a great goal to have, but if you are not specific in what your actual goal is or how – how can you succeed?  Be specific in your resolutions, such as “save 10% of earnings” or “skip the morning Tim Hortons run to save money”.

Break it Down:  A year to achieve a goal can seem like forever, and if you’re a natural procrastinator it’s hard not to think, “I have all year!”.   Give yourself monthly goals to achieve, or specific deadlines.  Achieving part of your goal or resolution will help keep you motivated and on track.

Share your Goals:  It’s great to know what your own New Year’s resolutions are but by sharing your goals with others it will make you accountable to achieve them!  Share your New Year’s resolutions with anyone, everyone,  even us!  Not only will you gain a sense of responsibility to succeed, but it will help motivate others.

Write it Down: One of the best ways to increase your chances of achieving any goal is simple: Write it Down!  The simple act of putting pen to paper can help you succeed in achieving your New Year’s resolution.  Put your list of resolutions somewhere you will see every day – such as your mirror, fridge or computer background.  An even better way to keep you on track is to  have your resolutions engraved on a keychain or charm that you will see daily.  If your resolution is for weight-loss or fitness have a Before & After frame engraved to motivate you.  Put a motivational picture in the “After” side for extra motivation.  Our Double Brushed Aluminum Frame would work great.

Tell us on Facebook: What are your New Year’s resolutions?




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