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Giving Feels Good



The warm and fuzzy feeling that arises when helping others is what drives many to donate money or do good for others. Studies show that altruism may actually have profound physiological effects.

Scientists have determined that the feelings of happiness associated with doing good can be traced to a particular pleasure center of the brain that can be viewed and measured with brain scans. There are physical components to doing thoughtful or charitable things, according to a 2008 report in The New York Times.

It isn’t just financial donations that make a person happy.   Any type of goodwill toward others is a way to generate the endorphins and mood-boosting properties of altruism. That means there are plenty of opportunities that can boost feelings of happiness.

Here are some feel-good ideas many of which are crazy-simple and free!

* During the holiday season, write a “Letter from Santa” to a less fortunate child and include a gift card to a toy store so that he or she can get a treat.

* Visit seniors in a retirement community or assisted living facility and sit and chat for a while.

* Knock on an elderly neighbor’s door and find out if you can help out with any chores around the house.

* Bring a friend breakfast or lunch simply because you were thinking of them and wanted to surprise them.

* Take in the trash cans for your entire street, especially if the weather is nasty.

* Tell a fast-food employee or another hard worker that they’re doing a good job. Complaints come easy in the service industry, but praise is often hard to get.

* Volunteer to watch neighborhood children so other mothers and fathers can get a much-needed break.

* Don’t ignore a phone solicitation from a charity organization. Get more information and do your best to donate.

* If you practice a religion, go to your house of worship and participate in community togetherness.

* Hold a door, smile at someone or offer to get something down from a tall shelf in a store. It’s the little things that can bring pleasure.

* Share something you have with another person who doesn’t. That may mean generator-supplied electric power during a power outage, a special snack at school lunch, a tool, a piece of clothing or whatever you can think of.

There are so many ways to give to others, and one of the biggest benefits is the smiles and positive feelings giving provides.

How does GIVING make YOU feel?

Halloween Fun Facts!


Happy Halloween!

10 Halloween Fun Facts!

1.  Halloween was inspired by the Irish Celtic festival called Samhain, which celebrated the end of the harvest season.  The tradition spread after the Irish fled during the potato famine.

2. Why are orange and black traditional Halloween colours?  Orange represents the fall harvest and black represents darkness associated with the death of summer.

image source:

3. Jack-o’-lanterns also originated in Ireland!  People used to place candles in hallowed-out turnips (instead of pumpkins) to keep away spirits and ghosts during the Samhain festival.

4.  Did you know pumpkins also come in white, blue and green?

5.  It was believed the spirits and ghosts roamed the countryside on Halloween night.  Masks and costumes were worn to avoid being recognized as a human.

6.  Chocolate candy bars top the list as the most popular candy for trick-or-treaters, with Snickers being #1!

7.  Black cats were once believed to protect a witch’s powers.

8.  Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween.

9.  The largest pumpkin ever weighed was over 2,000 pounds!  See the photos here.

10.  According to ancient myths, if a person wears their clothes inside out and walks backwards on Halloween, they will see a witch at midnight!

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What are you, or your kids, dressing up as for Halloween?



Boss’s Day Gift Ideas


Gift for the boss

Boss’s Day is Thursday, October 16th, 2014.   Traditionally, it’s a day for employees to thank their bosses for being kind and fair throughout the year.  Boss’s Day is also a great opportunity to strengthen the bond between an employer and employee. Most offices and companies celebrate Boss’ Day by giving small tokens of appreciation such as a card, gift, treats etc.   We’ve put together a few gift ideas for celebrating Boss’s Day that any Boss will appreciate!

1.  Personalized Pens –  An engraved pen is a great, practical gift for any boss.  Have the pen personalized with their name, initials or office nick name engraved for a personal touch.

2. Business Card Cases – Personalized business card cases make the perfect gift for any boss that is always networking.   Impress your boss with an engraved motivational quote.

3.  Awards – Do you have the best boss?  Make it official with an engraved award!  This will be a gift your boss will proudly display in their office.

4.  Keychains –  Engrave a keychain with your boss’s name, an inside joke or inspirational quote for a practical gift any boss would appreciate.

Engraving Ideas:

boss's day engraving ideas

Shop more corporate gifts for Boss’s Day here.

How does your office celebrate Boss’s Day?



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