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Who’s at Your Head Table?


There are many ways to make your big day special for not only you, but also for those closest to you. You’ve chosen them to be a part of a milestone in your life, so why not help them remember?

Think about who you’d want at your head table, or perhaps who was at your head table at your wedding. They’re family, friends, loved ones, endless supporters, your team and your cheerleaders all at once. They are a special part of your day, so you’ll want to make them feel special and valued.

A great way to do this is giving them a customized memento of the wedding to remember your relationship and the big day all in one. We make this easy with our multitude of gift options. Read on for some suggestions!

Our engraveable wallet cards (above) not only make a classy alternative to the classic place card, they also make a lovely keepsake for your guests. Engrave your special message, a customized wedding logo, your names, the name of the recipient, a well wish, an inside joke…the choice is yours, it’s all up to your imagination.

Our puzzle piece keychain set (or any of our keychains, really!) is anther great option to treat those at your head table with a gift; or even makes a great gift for your guests! The keychains “connect” to one another just like real puzzle pieces, giving an interactive component along with a meaningful one. Engrave them with your initials/names and your wedding date, or a short & sweet message of your choice!

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Wedding Song Inspiration


A huge part of your wedding day is the celebration after the ceremony. Whether the folks in your life like to tear up the dance floor or stick to the sidelines, these songs are sure to get everyone movin’ (or at least a little groovin’). Everyone likes different genres and styles of music, and choosing songs that speak to you as a unique couple is a great place to start. Consider choosing songs that have special meaning in your relationship, like the first song you slow danced to or your favourite song you jam out to in the car with them.

Here are some romantic and feel-good song ideas to get you started on your Big Day playlist (click on the links to listen!).

First Dance Songs:

Dance Floor Songs:

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Alternative Guestbook Ideas


Nowadays, I’m blown away by how creative people are getting with weddings. One can quickly fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole of DIYs, themes, colour schemes, proposals, bridesmaid dresses, gifts etc., I know I have! However, it is also a great source to catch up on the latest trends, alternative options, do-it-yourself cost saving options, and updated forms of many timeless wedding ideas.

A current trend I’ve seen a lot of is taking a new spin on the classic guestbook. The so-called “alternative guestbook” is completed by coming up with an activity that your guests can participate in which in turn creates a beautiful looking memento for you.

One of these ideas is a see-through glass box (our Card/Note Box is shown above) in which guests can write messages on paper and place them in the box. As the box fills it not only looks beautiful, but it contains loads of well wishes from the couples’ loved ones which is a lovely keepsake.  A great idea to spice up the look of this “alternative” guest book would be to use different colours of paper or even textured papers (gold, rustic, etc.) to give the box even more charm and to match your wedding colours or theme.

Another idea could be having your guests write their well-wishes directly on a themed display. Since this idea is more simple, you can set up the table around it to be nicely designed. Use the wooden Happily Ever After wall plaque (shown above), customized with your name and wedding date, for the more sentimental couple.

To take the more whimsical route, check out our Wedding Wish Jar (above): a complete kit for leaving sweet dreams or wishes for the newlyweds. Included is the jar itself, a roll of wish cards, and a pen. A great idea is letting the jar fill up with the wishes, and then opening the jar on your first anniversary as a couple for a special gift of love to yourselves.

Of course, a classic guestbook and pen set will do the trick too but perhaps you’re looking for alternatives to the traditions; either way, we can help make your day JUST as you wish!

From Your Things Engraved Social Team


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