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Friends Staying Connected, No Matter the Distance


Wherever we are, it is our friends that make our world. Henry Drummond

If you are lucky enough to have an amazing friend in your life, you already know the value of that relationship. A good friend is priceless.

Recently, one of our online customers, Melissa, sent us an order for a lovely friendship trinket box. We asked her who the gift was for, because we were very intrigued by the engraved message she added to this box.

friend trinket box

Distance doesn’t have to make us distant.

Melissa has a very special friend named Christine. They have been BEST friends since elementary school, and Christine was Melissa’s bridesmaid just last year. They are also known to spend some time socializing together. Melissa says of Christine, “We have shared many good memories that we still laugh about and she is always there when I need a friend.”

Now Christine is about to move to new Brunswick, and we are sure she will love it there. But that does mean these two friends will have to find ways to stay connected between their visits. Thankfully, in today’s connected world, there are LOTS of ways to do that.

But we also loved that Melissa is gifting this special friendship box as a means to stay connected offline too. Every time Christine uses her gift, she will be reminded about Melissa and her friendship.


From your Things Engraved Social Team,

Things Engraved Social

Looking for a friendship gift to give to someone special to you? The possibilities are endless, really. You can choose a gift that is sentimental, silly, practical or beautiful. Whichever you choose, your friendship will be strengthened by your show of love. This is our newest puzzle piece key chain set, which is perfect to gift a friend on the move.


To purchase a friendship gift for YOUR best friend, visit our website or find it in a store near you.


Thanks for the Weird Spelling of My Name, Mom!


This one is for the Braedyns, Cyndees, Izobels and Mykels. You know who you are. You have a name that SOUNDS like it should be easy to spell, but your creative parents decided to be all artsy and take your “Jason” or “Madison” and turn them into the much more fancy “Jayceson” and “Maddisyn”.

They meant well, really they did.

As I am sure you already know, your name has never EVER turned up on the side of a coke can. Or on notebook covers, back to school pencils, or door tags that say “David’s Room.” No where to be seen!

Now, my name is Julie, not “Juley”, “Jewleigh” or “Julee”. I have never had this problem. My name was EVERYWHERE on stuff, especially in the 1980’s when it seemed like there were a TON of “Julies” around. This problem has never really cross my path.

Recently, someone in our office hosted a birthday party for a friend and when she was telling us about the fun time everyone had, she said that she had taken some of our newest Christmas ornaments and had each person’s name engraved on one, as a party favour for each guest. It was exceptionally well received by one woman in attendance, who exclaimed “My name is NEVER on any of these things! THANK YOU!!!!!”

Alyshia, another member of our Things Engraved staff, said she FEELS her pain and had the same experience, with her name being spelled differently than the more traditional version, being “Alicia”.

We at Things Engraved are all FOR creativity, so we say, embrace your unique spelling, and shout it out to the world how much you love being uncommon. AND just get your uniqueness engraved onto whatever you want! Whether it be something our store, or something you already have (we offer carry-in engraving as well), you can have YOUR name, spelled YOUR way, on just about anything you wish (as long as we can fit it into the engraver!)

If you are already a “Sue”, “John”, “Sarah” or “Andrew”, then I am sure there is a person in your life that will be THRILLED to receive a gift with their unique name engraved right there for all the world to see! We can help you choose exactly the right thing. And we will be happy to spell their names however you wish.

Here are a few great gifts, just waiting for a unique name!

Things Engraved

Embroiderable Ladybug for Jazmyn

Things Engraved

Kids Sterling silver ID Bracelet for Myah

Things Engraved

Fireman Bear Bank for Zakkery


From your Things Engraved Social Team,

Things Engraved Social

We have so many ways that you can give someone with a unique name! No matter their age, they will be thrilled to receive a gift that celebrates their wonderful name.


Keep Calm and Drink On Danyal and Alyzzabeth!

To purchase a personalized gift, visit our website or find it in a store near you.

International BACON Day – September 5th 2015


Before you ask, yes, this is apparently a real thing, although admittedly it’s unclear how it’s celebrated. BUT when my fast fingered googling for fun fall stuff to do accidentally happened upon this little nugget of fun, I was intrigued. I mean, come on, its BACON!

That is all one needs to say, am I right?

I know, there are tons of these “National/World Day of…” things, and some of them are down right weird. BUT, how can bacon be weird, I ask?

It isn’t (silly question).

How about some fun International Bacon Day FACTS, just to add a little legitimacy to this whole thing, in case you need in an argument for your boss to get a stat day off work to eat bacon or something:

  • Bacon Day began in 2004 by a group of university graduate students as a distraction from exams (uh, oh, that puts our quest for believability in question right there).
  • Bacon Day revelers are known to have social gatherings where much bacon is consumed.

Um, that is pretty much all I could find.

BUT I did find a blog post from CNN, so if THAT makes your International Bacon Day more of a real deal then here is the link to prove it to whoever you are trying to convince: CNN Makes Bacon Day Real By Talking About It. I should write headlines for a living…maybe CNN will see that link and get in touch. I won’t hold my breath. I WILL have some bacon though.

Bacon is having a hay-day among foodies these days, and it’s being incorporated in to all kinds of foods (sitting on a plate beside fried eggs is just not enough anymore). The weirdest bacon things I have eaten was chocolate covered bacon and bacon jam on some sort of crostini bread (both were delicious by the way). Here is a link to 10 unique bacon recipes for you to try (and yes, there is chocolate covered bacon AND bacon jam!): Lifehack Bacon Recipes

We are VERY excited about International Bacon Day! We hope you enjoy your salty, protein treats.

From your Things Engraved Social Team,

Things Engraved Social

Well, not ALL of us are so keen on this bacon observance.


To purchase, visit our website or find it in a store near you.

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