Wedding Gift Ideas For Colleagues


So you’ve received an invitation in your mailbox: your colleague is going to spend life with their loved one. What an exciting news! But when the big day approaches, you face a challenge of finding a wonderful wedding gift. You want a thoughtful, memorable and perhaps unique touch. But worry not because we got you! Things Engraved made a comprehensive guide to gift ideas for your colleagues that includes wedding gifts for both the groom and the bride-to-be!

Gifts for Grooms

When the groom stands on the threshold of marriage, each gift serves as a reminder of the trip he intends with his significant other. As a colleague, you can go with both practical gifts and those carrying more sentimental values. Whichever you choose, we guarantee that it’ll make the groom’s special day even more joyous. Things Engraved specializes in crafting the most creative, thoughtful gifts in Canada. The gift ideas are endless – as is the groom’s hopes and dreams for the new path he’ll soon set on. Now, let’s get to the point straight-away and have a look at the top picks by Things Engraved. Keep in mind that the items in the list below can perfectly serve as 25th anniversary gifts, too. 

Newlyweds Champagne Flute


When newlyweds raise their glasses as a toast, there is a feeling of joy and anticipation in the air. Engraved “Mr.” and “Mrs” or dress and tuxedo, a set of champagne flutes reflects the essence of their love and loyalty. With each sip they do not celebrate only one moment; They toast the life of happiness and common adventures to come. Made with unique design, these flutes become more than just glass products; They become symbols of eternal love and cherished memories.

Vintage Tattoo Zippo Gift Set

For an unconventional groom, a vintage Zippo tattoo gift kit is the epitome of cool. The set includes a Vintage tattoo genuine Zippo lighter. If you know that groom’s into those type of stuff, go on and personalize it to be tailored to him. Help him ignite the memories for years to come! The lighter with its classic and elegant design is the gift that reflects the personality of the owner and, at the same time, keeps its practical value for quite a while. 


Flask is one of the most popular choices when it comes to picking a gift for a groom. It’s a classic. High-quality material and style come together to create the wide collection of personalized flasks by Things Engraved. Additionally, flask often represents elegance, sophistication, and style, making the owner feel confident. To increase the impact of the gift, customize it to match the groom’s personality! For example, engrave a quote or a funny joke, reflecting the characteristics or a mindset of the recipient. Well, possibilities are still endless!

Wine Glass Set

There is something essentially romantic about clinking glasses and sharing toasts with loved ones. With a set of elegant wine glasses, each sip becomes a celebration of love and friendship. Made of premium materials and created by paying attention to details, these glasses enhance the experience of the drink, transforming even the simplest moments into something unusual. Whether it’s a quiet evening at home or a festive gathering with friends, the wine glass set adds elegance to every occasion.

Beer Glass

For a groom who loves enjoying a cold drink after a long day at work, personal beer glasses are a wise choice. Whether he prefers beers or lagers, these glasses add a touch of sophistication to his favorite pastime and make every sip special.

Tumbler Set

Versatile and practical, the sleek tumbler set is the gift that works all the time. From morning coffee to evening cocktails, these tumblers are designed to keep drinks at the perfect temperature, ensuring that every moment is enjoyed to the fullest.

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Gifts for Brides

For your future bride colleague, each gift is an opportunity to enhance her joy and mark the beginning of her new chapter. From the sentimental gifts that reflect his elegance to practical things that will simplify her daily routine, the options are as diverse as his personality. Below are some of the bridal gift ideas:

Bamboo Cheese Board

For the bride who loves to host parties, a bamboo cheese board is a gift that combines style with functionality. Pair it with some gourmet cheeses and a bottle of wine for the ultimate wedding gift package that will inspire the couple to create new memories together.

Jewelry Box

In a world full of fleeting moments, a beautifully crafted personalized jewelry boxes stands as a symbol of eternal elegance and long-lasting love. When the bride-to-be carefully places her most precious things inside the personalized jewelry box by Things Engraved, she does not only keep jewelry; she’s safeguarding memories. A necklace, bracelet and ring tell a story – a reminder of promises. With its complex design and sentimental value, the jewelry box becomes more than just a gift; It becomes a treasure trove of precious memories.  

Silver Bracelet

Treat the bride to a stunning silver bangle she can wear on her wedding day and beyond. Whether she prefers subtle glamor or bold statements, a customized silver bracelet is a timeless accessory that complements her natural beauty.

Wedding Certificate Tube

Help her preserve and display a wedding certificate in their home with a beautiful wedding certificate holder from Things Engraved. Have it custom engraved to make it a treasured keepsake and a unique wedding gift. 

Bridal Party Swig Set


Show appreciation to the bridal party with personalized bridal shower gifts, such as silver swig cups. Not only are they perfect for toasting the newlyweds, but they also make a fun and practical keepsake for the bridal party when engraved with something personal and unique. 

Final Thoughts

In a journey of love and commitment, exchanging gifts becomes a tangible expression of support, love and celebration. As your colleagues prepare to walk down the aisle and begin their lives together, a thoughtful selection of wedding gifts will keep the power to enhance their joy and create lasting memories.