Wedding Trends: What 2019 Has In Store


While most traditional aspects of a wedding will always remain the same, 2019 will have couples adding in touches of creativity to set their wedding apart from the rest. Of course, there will be the historic flowers, vows, and some kind of entertainment, but the trends that are set to come in the new year will be giving us all gallant vibes.

Shiny Accessories
This trend will be proving that not all girls would like a diamond as a best friend. In 2019 we will see a rise in alternative engagement rings styles. Between opals and colourful gemstones, the choices will be endless. We are already seeing jewellers such as Blue Nile taking this trend into consideration and offering a bunch of varied engagement ring styles for soon to be fiancés!

Another shiny trend that we will be seeing a lot of are bridal tiaras. After all, what is more magical than feeling like a true princess on your wedding day with a sparkling accessory atop your head?

Bold Statement Attire
2019 will be the year for bold statements in both bridal and groom attire. We’ll be seeing the grooms suiting up to look their best in a three-piece look making this style sharper than ever. Once the “I do’s” are spoken and the celebration begins, the jacket can be removed and sleeves pushed up for a relaxed and confident look. For those seeking a more adventurous, playful look, we will be seeing burgundy suits and statement lapels also making their wedding day debut on the groom’s end.

As for the bride, they will be sure to make show-stopping entrances down the aisle in beautiful lace gowns with big bows to make a statement. Long trains and veils will be sure to accompany them down the aisle as well.

Edible Decor
Let’s be honest, one of the best parts about a wedding, aside from witnessing the newlyweds saying “I do”, is the food. 2019 will be showcasing many different ways on how couples can incorporate yummy treats in fun and creative ways. Some of next year’s trends will have you wanting to present your guests with take-home bite-sized favours that will be sure to break the mould. From homemade jellies to decadent treats, placing one favour at each place setting is a delightful way to make each guest feel welcome by gifting them with a homemade touch.

In addition to favours, delicious desserts with also are presented in out of the box ways. Couples are saying goodbye to the once popular tiered wedding cake and introducing memorable dessert presentations through doughnut walls, cupcake towers, pie and cookie tables. Depending on the theme of the wedding you may attend, you may be seeing unique plated options such as strawberry shortcakes or chocolate tarts!

However 2019 trends are implemented into upcoming weddings, one thing is for certain, they will be sure to make a lasting impression on your guests!