What is on YOUR bucket list?


I am sure you have seen or heard of that movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman called “The Bucket List” about two old guys, sick and unhappy, deciding to do some crazy fun things before they die.

Somber, right? Or not depending on how you look at it.

A bucket list can be aspirational, rather than just stuff you gotta do before the end arrives. A checklist of awesome, if you will.

That is how I look at a bucket list – a collection of AMAZING experiences or activities I want to try! Having a bucket list of ideas, gives me some options for when I am in the mood to do something new or big or scary. I have things on my list that are the typical big ticket items – world travel, own a classic convertible, etc. But there are also small things, like sleeping outside under the stars, read 5 more books from the top 100 books of all-time list, or to try my hand at learning to make my favourite dim sum dishes. I call this list “The Official SMALL But Big-Hearted Bucket List”. The list of the big and expensive stuff is called “The Official Big Stuff Bucket List”.

I am also weird in that I like to be overly organized and so I have a third list – “The Official List of Cool Bucket List Stuff I Have Completed”. When brainstorming and googling ideas for my own bucket list, I realized, happily, that I have already done a bunch of things that OTHER people put on their bucket list. This list makes me feel happier when I think I am stuck and have not done anything interesting lately. I LOVE to add new things to THIS list!

I was thinking about bucket lists recently because a few customer orders came in that were PERFECT gifts for someone undertaking or finishing one of their BIG bucket list items. Engraving encouragement onto a gift OR engraving a sentiment about ACCOMPLISHING something awesome makes it all the more memorable.

So I went back into some of our customer orders and found a few examples to inspire you, either for a gift for someone special or for yourself (and of course, you are definitely someone special):


Buying your first home

Start a new business

Carpe Diem
Take a dream trip

Learn yoga

Believe In Miracles
Start a passion project

There is still time
Take a HUGE risk


Ideas for a bucket list are endless!

– get a dog

– meet Oprah

– skydive

– have a baby

– do 50 random acts of kindness

– learn mandarin

…etc. etc…

What is on YOUR list?

Once something is crossed off the list because you finally experienced it, keep the memory close with engraving on a keepsake.

From your Things Engraved Social Team