What to Get for a Memorial Gift?


In times of loss, words are often not enough to express our love and sympathy to the deceased and the grieving. That’s why, whether you’re commemorating your loved one or solacing their friends and family, memorial gifts are an amazing way to express your innermost feelings.

Since it’s a truly deep and meaningful gesture, you must always think twice before choosing and presenting a memorial gift. Not only can it be time-consuming to select something that’s just right, but you must also ensure that the gift has a sentimental value. Besides, you also have to think about navigating the etiquette and timing of gift-giving during difficult times.

To make this important task a little bit easier, we decided to create a guide covering almost all aspects of memorial gift-giving, from helping you understand the ethics and timing to providing ideas for budget-friendly gifts.

Whether you decide to comfort the grieving family with a memorial picture frame made of glass or wood or a custom-made memorial keepsake box, Things Engraved prides itself on creating the highest-quality custom memorial remembrance gifts, even tailored to the most unique occasions.

What Is the Significance of Memorial Gifts in Honoring Loved Ones?

Memorial gifts can be an embodiment of both the grief we share with those affected by loss and our ongoing respect and connection to those who have passed. Such presents can hold an enormous sentiment, providing solace and a sense of continuity, which can be so important and comforting in the face of loss. Thoughtfully chosen memorial gifts can be reminders of the most cherished moments we’ve shared with the deceased, allowing the family to feel the love that transcends this world. 

By gifting something meaningful, we allow grieving individuals to remember and celebrate the life and the legacy of someone they’ve lost, almost creating a bridge between the past and the present. 

How Can I Personalize Memorial Gifts to Make Them Meaningful?

We’ve already discussed the inherent depth of memorial gifts. However, a little touch of personalization can turn any present into a truly meaningful item, making it completely tailored to the person we’re trying to honor.

At Things Engraved, we do everything possible to create the most impactful memorial gifts. With the power of personalization, we allow our customers to choose every detail of the present, from the item itself to the quote or the picture displayed on it. 

There are several different ways to personalize the gift, giving it a deeper meaning and a sentimental value:

  • Engraving: Do you feel there’s something you’ve left unsaid to the deceased? Maybe there’s something you’d like to tell the grieving family, but you’re unsure about how to express it. The Masters at Things Engraved can use any quote or message you’d like and engrave it on different items, such as a keepsake box or a piece of jewelry.
  • Photography: Photography allows us to reminisce about our fondest memories – that’s why it’s such a good idea to use them for memorial presents. Find and gather pictures of the loved one’s most important and cherished memories and create a custom photo frame or a whole album dedicated to reminiscing about these moments, evoking the feelings of joy and nostalgic happiness.
  • Hand-written letters: Heartfelt quotes, messages, or even poems are guaranteed to touch the grieving family and friends. Try to find the words to express your innermost emotions and present them, showing just how sympathetic you are towards their loss.

What Are Some Popular Memorial Gift Ideas?

If you’re struggling to come up with the idea for a memorial gift, don’t worry. It’s completely normal to be puzzled by the etiquette of gift-giving during hard times – that’s why we’ve got you covered. In this section, we’ll discuss several options you can consider when selecting a present.

Customized Ornaments

Holidays are one of the hardest times for the people grieving their loved ones. In Canada, memorial christmas ornaments are becoming more and more popular for this very reason. Surprise the family with a memorial ornament customized with the picture of the person they’ve lost, so they can hang it up on their Christmas Trees and reminisce of the holidays they’ve shared with the deceased.

Wall Calendars

Create a compilation of the most cherished memories of someone who’s passed – memorial calendars will allow you add multiple photos, captions, and important dates, so you can reflect on these moments and celebrate the lives of those you’ve lost.

Engraved Necklace

We’ve already discussed how engraving can be a powerful tool for customizing jewelry. Whether it’s the birth date or the day of a loved one’s passing, a heartfelt message to the family, or a meaningful quote, such unique engraved necklaces are a great way of honoring those close to us.

What Are Some Budget-Friendly Options for Memorial Gifts?

There’s absolutely no need for a gift to be extravagant in order to carry a deep meaning. Let’s explore some budget-friendly memorial gift ideas that are still as cherished as others.

Customized Pillow

Personalized pillows can be truly beautiful gifts, holding a unique place in memorializing our loved ones. Whether you decide to decorate the pillow with embroidery or printed pictures of the departed, they’re guaranteed to offer comfort and solace, acting as a tangible reminder of the memories we’ve shared with people no longer with us.

Memorial Plaque

A custom-made engraved plaque can be turned into a tangible and enduring reminder of the legacy of those departed. The heart of this particular gift lies in its personalization – in most cases, people choose to engrave the name of the person who’s passed, along with significant dates and meaningful tributes. You can also consider adding religious symbols or specific icons that hold a deep meaning to the family of the departed.

How Should I Navigate Etiquette and Timing When Giving Memorial Gifts?

Correctly navigating the etiquette and timing during times of loss is essential if you want to ensure your gesture is respectful and sensitive. Always remember to respect the privacy of the grieving family – while some might prefer grand public gestures, certain individuals might prefer to receive gifts privately, away from the public eye.

Cultural and religious customs are also extremely important during gift-giving – certain religions and cultures might have specific traditions about memorial presents. Some gifts might even be considered inappropriate or offensive, so it’s always a good idea to do research to guarantee you’re honoring the grieving family’s customs. 

Are There Specific Memorial Gifts for Unique Circumstances, Such as Pet Loss or Military Service?

Things Engraved will handle all your memorial gift needs, even when they’re for such specific occasions such as pet loss or honoring veterans. While we still must follow the general etiquette of gift-giving, there are a couple specific memorial gift ideas you can consider during these particular occasions.

Pet Memorial Gifts

The loss of your beloved animal can be a deeply traumatic experience, and it’s important to comfort our friends with the help of pet memorial gifts when they’re grieving.

Memorial Photo Frames

Framing a picture of your loved one’s beloved pet can be a heartfelt present to someone grieving the loss. At Things Engraved, you can find memorial picture frames for cats and dogs, designed with the highest-quality wood. You can select the best pictures of departed pets and surprise your loved one, gifting them an enduring tribute to their four-legged friends.

Photo books or collages also allow you to gather multiple pictures of pets, turning them into a collection of the most cherished memories your loved one has shared with them. Such compilations, along with a heartfelt message to the grieving, will be an amazing way to show support and comfort your friends during difficult times.

Military Sympathy

Memorial gifts honoring veterans show our appreciation for the bravery and sacrifice of military personnel. It’s crucial to display the utmost respect and pay tribute to the fallen soldiers with the help of customized presents.

Memorial Jewelry

Consider purchasing jewelry and engraving it with different military symbols, such as emblems and ranks, and ensure to decorate them with patriotic colours. You can also personalize the jewelry by engraving the name, initials, or the date of birth and passing of the departed.

Flag Displays

You can always honor the military service of a fallen soldier by gifting their family a personalized flag display. The plaque of the flag can be customized with various options, such as the name of the soldier, their rank, or service date. 

Final Notes

Navigating the intricacies of memorial gift-giving can be truly tricky, as we must be extra sensitive and thoughtful every step of the way. However, it’s absolutely essential to show support to our grieving loved ones, and memorial presents are an extremely effective way to do that.

A slight touch of personalization can turn any item into a heartfelt tribute, honoring the journey of the departed. At Things Engraved, we take full responsibility for providing the highest-quality gifts and for customizing them exactly according to your preferences, crafting tangible reminders of those we’ve lost and allowing grieving families to reminisce about their fondest memories.