Will You Be My Bridesmaid?


When I think of the most important girls in my life, the ones who come to mind are those who have been there for me and shown me their support through anything life throws at me.  I have close friends who are there for me through everything, and I’m right there for them as well. Your wedding is a day you look forward to for months (for some, even years!) and what better way to celebrate than with the most important ladies in your life?

It’s a special moment when you ask your girls to be in your wedding party. If any of you have had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid or maid of honour, or have been the bride popping the question to your closest friends, I’m sure you’d agree. You can commemorate this moment with a unique matching gift.

For those ladies at your bachelorette party, a very appropriate gift for this event and for the gals who are helping you celebrate is our engraved Swig wine cups (below). Classy and customizeable for each girl in your wedding party.

To create a lasting memory and a lovely accessory for your friends, personalized necklaces do the trick. You can put their name on the front and the date on the back, or anything you can dream up. These gifts serve as not only a memento of the day, but also as a sweet token of your friendship.

Gifting the special girls in your life a sweet thank-you for sharing this important time is a great way to commemorate the celebration and create a cherished memory. You can browse more gift ideas on our website!

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From Your Things Engraved Social Team