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Happiness is a warm blanket


Close your eyes.  Ok, well close them metaphorically because otherwise you couldn’t keep reading.  Can you feel it?

Ever since Linus exclaimed “My blanket…I can’t be without it!” (and probably even before that), the blanket has been a source of inexplicable comfort.  We reach for them during cold nights (or scary movies), we swaddle little ones as they sleep and, if we’re a toddler, we cling to them and drag them everywhere we go out of security, their surfaces becoming dirty and worn but somehow never diminishing in value.

We received an email from a customer not so long ago who had purchased one of our personalized Royal Plush blankets for her daughter and it was too cute not to share.

“I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much my daughter loved her blanket.  From the second she unwrapped it we couldn’t get it out of her hands.  She is now insisting that it goes everywhere with her and proudly states “Becca’s blanket!” to anyone who will listen.  I know eventually I’ll have to sneak it away from her to wash it, but for the time being I’m perfectly happy watching her drag it through the house or curl up with it in bed.  So thank you – you’ve made a little girl very happy!”

I’m not going lie to you…I’m curled up in one of these blankets as I write this, and honestly I could stay like this all day.  What is it about a blanket that makes everything seem OK?  I can’t say that I know for sure…so I should probably keep snuggling in it until I figure it out.

We here at Things Engraved are happy to offer warmth and snuggles to our customers all winter long.

Memories on Display – Engraved Christmas Tree Ornaments


So here’s the thing.  I LOVE Christmas.  Not only do I love it, but since the dawn of time…well, my time anyways, the very mention of Christmas has conjured up nostalgia so intense that I’m overwhelmed by the memories of times long ago.  I think of traditions.  I think of family gatherings, seeing faces light up as gifts were opened and before all of that, decorating the tree with my parents while the Carpenters crooned their Christmas Portrait in the background.  Ahhhh the tree.  The tree, in all of its glory, covered in twinkling lights and tinsel and bobbles and decorations of all sorts, the star the crowned jewel peering down from the top.

I don’t know what Christmas memories are close to your heart, but personally I relish the moments of unwrapping carefully packed ornaments, each specific to a time and place with memories all their own.  I have dozens upon dozens, an ornament and a memory to go with it.  Some make me laugh, some make me thoughtful, some bring a tear to my eye, but they all make me smile.  There’s the Merry Mice that from years of wear are no longer fuzzy, the one half of a pair of turtle doves whose counterpart hangs on the tree belonging to best friends in England, the Santa hat-wearing basketball from when my dad and I road-tripped to Indiana and, most recently the two new ornaments that will adorn my tree this year, the Big Sister and Little Sister ornaments I’ve personalized for my daughters.

The Christmas tree, to me, is a collection of memories hung on display for a brief period of time.  In their shiny surfaces we remember Christmases gone by, we relive the magic and wonder of our childhood Christmases and we build memories for future generations.  What a special gift it will be this year to share this experience with my little ones.  I’m hoping that they will eventually grow to love this tradition as much as I do.

Opening engraved ornaments year after year takes your tree decorating party to the next level of sentimentality and nostaglia.

To purchase, visit our website to view our full collection.

Keepsake Baby Gifts to Welcome the New Arrival


The birth of a new baby is a cause for great celebration. While some gifts are great and practical (like a diaper cake), other gifts are perfect to create the keepsakes that the child will keep forever (unlike a diaper cake…we hope…)

We love these pieces to have engraved or embroidered for the baby with their name, birth information or any message you want them to always keep close to their heart.


Embroiderable Monkey


Stainless Steel Baby Cup

Carpe Diem

Pewtertone Block Bank

Birth Certificate, 1st Tooth, 1st Curl Box

Birth Certificate, 1st Tooth, 1st Curl Box

Believe In Miracles

Duck Sippy Cup

There is still time

3×5 Ultrasound Frame

From your Things Engraved Social Team,

Things Engraved Social

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