15 Unique Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers


Finding the perfect gift for a pet lover can be a difficult, although heartwarming, experience. An expression of thoughtfulness and a deep understanding of a passion for furry friends can be challenging for everyone. Celebrating the happiness, companionship, and unconditional love that pets bring into our lives with a meaningful gift will always be a nice gesture for any pet lover.

At Things Engraved, we understand the deep significance that our four-legged friends bring into our lives, so we’ve handpicked 15 unique gift ideas that are sure to delight those who hold their pets dear. Whether you’re looking for thoughtful gifts for cat lovers or wish to surprise your loved one’s pet dog with a brand-new accessory, we prioritise brightening any pet lover’s day. 

Personalized Pet Accessories

Custom-made accessories that make the lives of our furry friends easier are a great way of expressing your affection towards them, as well as their owners. Things Engraved adds an extra touch of thoughtfulness to your gifts by personalizing them according to your preferences. Now, let’s dive into the unique present ideas to make your or your loved one’s pets more comfortable than ever.

Ceramic Bowl


We all know that both cats and dogs are foodies – mealtimes are probably one of the most exciting parts of their days. However, with the help of a personalized ceramic bowl, you can turn each meal into an even more special occasion. Bowls come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose from a variety of colors and patterns – finding one that reflects a pet’s personality will be easy! Engrave the pet’s name on the bowl to make the present not only beautiful and durable, but also a cherished item for years to come.


By gifting a personalized keychain, you help the owner carry a small reminder of their pet wherever they go. Whether you decide to customize it with the pet’s name, a picture, or a tiny charm, these keychains will make a practical, yet sentimental and delightful gift for pet owners. 

Pet Tags

Tags are essential for any pet’s safety, but playful and curious dogs will probably benefit the most from this accessory. Additionally, custom pet tags are extremely versatile, meaning that they give you countless customization options for displaying the pet’s personality, along with the name and the owner’s number.

Whether you choose the cutest pink paw pet tag or the engraved brass one, Things Engraved will personalize your gift with meticulous attention to detail. 

Custom Pet Bandanas

Add a little flair to the pet’s daily look by gifting them custom pet bandanas that are perfect for stylish four-legged friends. The bandanas come in all shapes and sizes, and craftsmen at Things Engraved will be happy to personalize the present by embroidering the pet’s name or printing a cute picture. Bandanas are equally perfect for cats and dogs, adding a dash of special charm to their appearances.


A durable, colourful harness is an amazing gift for any pet owner looking to combine safety and comfort with style. This present can be customized with the pet’s name and the owner’s contact information in case something happens, providing a secure and comfortable fit for the pet and peace of mind for the owner.

Custom-Made Leashes

A vibrant customized leash is both a practical and stylish gift for a playful dog. This is a perfect present that ensures safety and security during walks, while also allowing you to personalize it with different embroideries or fun designs. All you must do is check that the leash is crafted with high quality materials to guarantee durability and comfort, both for the pet and the owner.

Slide-On Pet IDs

Custom slide-on pet IDs are a comfortable alternative to traditional hanging tags. They can be engraved with various information including the pet’s name and owner’s number so that the cat or dog is always easily identifiable, while also reducing noise and the risk of snagging during movement. 

Pet Beds

While a lot of owners allow their pets to sleep in their beds, many people think that cats and dogs should not be allowed on furniture. That’s why, in some cases, personalized pet beds can be the source of ultimate comfort for furry friends. Choose your favorite size, shape, and material and match your home decor with our beds – you can even request to embroider a special message and offer the pet a signature, cozy place to sleep.

Gifts for Pet Owners

While we try to make pets’ lives easy and colorful, we must not forget the humans who are responsible for their safety and well-being. Owners have extremely strong bonds with their domestic animals, which is why celebrating the shared love is always a heartwarming gesture. Things Engraved offers a variety of gifts for dog lovers and cat enthusiasts. 

Personalized Photo Frames

What can be more touching than a personalized framed portrait of a beloved pet? Imagine freezing a joyous memory and immortalizing it with a beautiful framed watercolor painting, showing the pet’s playful expression and their favorite toy. Such portraits can masterfully capture the pet’s personality, constantly reminding the owner of the happiness that a cat or dog can bring to a family. 

Things Engraved offers a variety of personalized frames in different sizes and colors, allowing you to customize them by engraving a special message or the recipient’s name along with the pet’s. 


Pet calendars are both fun and practical gifts that help owners enjoy multiple pictures of their pets. Choose the 12 most adorable pictures of your loved one’s cat or dog for each month – you can include candid shots or even festive pictures to celebrate the holiday spirit. This type of calendar will bring joy to the pet’s owner each month.

Custom-Made Mugs

You can make the owner’s morning tea or coffee ritual even more special with the help of personalized mugs. Print a cute picture, illustration, or a special message for the owner to create a heartwarming gift and make them smile every morning as they start their day. Each sip from this mug will be a reminder of their love for their pet, making it an equally sentimental and practical present. 


A soft, plush high-quality cushion will add a personal touch to any home decor. These cushions can feature various illustrations, favorite pictures of the pet, or even the pet’s embroidered name. Things Engraved’s cushions will be a delightful addition to the living room or bedroom, providing countless customization options with various colors and sizes.

Customized Pet Blankets

Personalized pet blanket is a warm and comforting gift for cats or dog. They can feature the pet’s photo, name, a special message or an ornament, making them perfect for keeping the pet warm while its snuggling on the couch or on the bed. 

Personalized Socks

A pair of cozy socks printed with the pet’s face is a fun and quirky gift that any pet owner will find adorable. Socks can be customized with different patterns and colors, creating a unique accessory and bringing a touch of warmth and joy to the owner’s outfit.

Tote Bags

Practical, versatile, and stylish – a personalized tote bag encompasses everything that a gift should be. They can be variously customized with pictures, names, or illustrations, making them both a practical accessory and a heartfelt gesture to brighten the owner’s daily routines. 

Final Notes

Finding the perfect gift for a pet owner is a challenging experience, as the best gifts are the ones that showcase the animal’s personality and are practical for the owner too. Things Engraved allows you to celebrate the deep bond your loved ones have with their furry friends by personalizing selected items according to your preferences.
Whether you’re looking for presents for dogs or custom-made gifts for cat lovers, we offer stylish and practical choices guaranteed to warm the hearts of any pet owner. Hopefully, this guide was helpful in providing you with unique ideas to help you create the most cherished items.