Custom Gifts for Your Wedding Party 2024


Planning your big day? Excited for the love and gifts you’re going to receive? Of course, you are, who wouldn’t be! 

But wait, isn’t there something you’re forgetting? That’s right – custom gifts for your wedding party. This article will help you choose and customize the heartfelt gifts for your loved ones who are always there for you and are waiting for your special day with as much excitement as you are. 

Gift Ideas for Different Wedding Parties

Whether you’re a bride orgroom-to-be, you HAVE to get your people something that shows the love and appreciation you feel for them. Plus, these gifts will make your wedding parties feel even more special, memorable and genuinely awesome. As a bride, you’re looking to get the gifts for both your bridal and bachelorette parties. As for the groom, you want to gift something to your best man and groomsmen at the bachelor party. Things Engraved will help you craft the perfect wedding gift for any occasion – whether it’s a bridal shower, bachelorette or bachelor party. To make it easier for you, we’re gonna divide this article into different parts and guide you through the gift-hunting process! 

Bridal Shower Ideas


Bridal Showers are typically for the family.  – a chance to have brunch, mimosas, and celebrate!

So,, let’s start with bridal shower gifts. Sit down and really dive into the guest list. Who do you see there? What types of personalities? Preferences? Characteristics? You know the drill. One of our top-picks for bridal shower gift ideas are engraved champagne glasses,making your celebratory toast more personal and fun.

A cheese board is a great addition to your festivities,. Since everyone’s big on cheese boards and charcuterie, get a custom Bamboo cheese board from Things Engraved: This exquisite serving platter set comprises of well-made accessories that are practical, durable, and elegant. The set includes a bamboo wood platter, 2 cheese forks, and 4 high-quality stainless steel knives. Add a laser engraved message, his&hers initials, and your wedding hashtag to make it uniquely yours for your bridal shower! 

Make the bridal shower even more memorable with personalized touches that reflect your unique marriage. Take as many pictures as possible and then print & display them with a personalized photo frame by Things Engraved. This way, you get to freeze the memories in time . 

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Since a bachelorette party is all about fun and letting loose before the big day, it’s a great opportunity to let your friends know that you care that much more, by getting custom bachelorette party gifts.

Don’t forget to get some personalized wine glasses for your girls! Engrave the glasses with your own message or get the ones already customized by Things Engraved. For example, a wine glass that says Bachelorette Weekend will definitely make the toasts more fun – talk about instagrammable moments! It’s not only perfect for celebrating the bride-to-be, but it’ll be the go to choice for your future wine nights. Make the bachelorette party unforgettable with this must have glass. You can always add the date or a special message for each party member.

You could also consider getting Bride Squad Wine Glasses. There’s no such thing as a celebration without a glass of wine, honestly. Make it more fun and intimate with customized wine glasses – “Bride Squad” engraved on the glasses really creates a feeling of belonging and strengthens the bond of friendship even more! 

And finally, consider getting an engraved swig set, which consists of three mugs beautifully engraved with the words “Bride,” “Maid of Honour,” and “Bridesmaid,” that add a special touch to your bachelorette party. These mugs make the perfect gift for your bridesmaids and Maid of Honour to thank them for their love and support during this exciting time.

Bachelor Party Ideas


Let’s move to the bachelor party ideas. Grooms-to-be – it’s your time to shine! Get Drinking Team Beer Glasses for your best buddies and make the boys night more special. If your groomsmen are more of the whiskey type, get the Groomsmen Booze Whiskey Glasses from Things Engraved. Add their names and the special date. It’ll look great wherever you’re planning to celebrate!

Make the groomsmen bond stronger and give each of them a vintage tattoo zippo gift set engraved with an inside joke that you’re sure everybody on the team will find funny and memorable. Go the extra mile to show your appreciation to the best man and and give him a best man set: this set includes a customized tumbler, as well as a bottle opener, a can koozie, and a whiskey rocks glass, perfect for showing appreciation to your best man and ensuring he’s equipped for the wedding festivities. The tumbler keeps his drink at the perfect temperature while the bottle opener ensures he’s always ready to pop open a cold one. The can keeps his drink cool and his hands warm, and the rocks glass makes for a sophisticated sipper. This set is the ultimate way to say thank you to your best man.

Wrapping it Up

Things Engraved is proud of our new 2024 designs for Weddings.  We hope that our trendy designs, with your unique flair, will help make all the festivities around your Wedding Day so much more special.  To browse our full collection, click here.

If you ever need help planning all your custom gifting ideas for your Special Day, reach out to our team of experts at for design help, bulk discounts and more.

And for when you’ve successfully had year after year of marriage, visit Things Engraved for amazing anniversary gifts in Canada and get inspired! 


Do I really need wedding favours for my guests?

While wedding favours are not a requirement, they are a thoughtful way to thank your guests for celebrating your special day with you. Favours can add a personal touch to your wedding and serve as a keepsake for your guests

How can I ensure my wedding party gifts reflect the personalities of my loved ones?

Take some time to consider the preferences and characteristics of each person in your wedding party. Personalizing the gifts with thoughtful messages or inside jokes can add a personal touch that resonates with each individual.

Should I match the wedding favours to my wedding theme?

Matching wedding favours to your wedding theme can create a cohesive look and feel for your celebration. However, it’s not necessary. Choose favours that align with your theme if it’s feasible and adds to the overall aesthetic.

Can I customize the gifts with specific messages or dates?

Yes, most of the gifts mentioned can be personalized with your own messages, initials, or wedding dates. Things Engraved offers customization options to make your gifts truly special and meaningful.

Are there any additional gift ideas for anniversary celebrations?

Things Engraved also offers a range of anniversary gifts in Canada. Explore our collection for unique and meaningful gifts to celebrate years of marriage.