Engrave your new year’s resolution in…..


Engrave It


 Here are some items ready to be engraved with your New Year’s resolution:



See your new year’s resolution every morning with your cuppa-joe!
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Every time you look at the time you’ll be reminded of your resolution.
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money clip



Trying to save money in 2012?

Be reminded about your spending every time you reach for cash.
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Want to spend more time with family this year? This frame can act as a great reminder!
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Engrave your new year’s resolution on a keychain – you’ll see it every day and be reminded of your goal. We have many many key chain designs to choose from.
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Ever thought to engrave a whistle? If you resolve to do something sports-related in 2012 then this whistle could act as the reminder you need to keep to your sporty goal.
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Glass Cube


Engrave this glass cube to help you remember your new year’s goal. Makes a great paper weight or coffee-table conversation piece.
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Want to play more golf in 2012? Engrave it as a fun way to remind OTHERS that you want to play more golf! 🙂
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Embroider this teddy bear with your new year’s resolution. He’ll remind you of your goal every day.
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FBcontestWe recently ran a contest on our Facebook page where we asked folks what new year’s resolution they would engrave on a clock and a keepsake box. We chose two winners to receive the gift, engraved.

Here were the winning gifts before we shipped them out to the winners:

winner2 winner1











We are currently running an “Engrave it & Win it” contest for Valentine’s gifts.
Click to enter the contest on Facebook.
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  1. I love the desk clocks that can be personalized.

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