Gifts for International Left Handers Day


Did you know that August 13, 2017 is the 28th annual International Left Handers Day? If you have a leftie in YOUR life or are one yourself, it’s a great time to celebrate left-handedness. There is EVEN a facebook page!

Things Engraved has a number of great gifts that will be appreciated by the left-hand users among us.

First, here are a few little know facts about left-handers:

  • Lefties are between 10-12% of the population, and are more likely to have allergies, migraines, be insomniacs, and have a shorter life span (boy, that stinks!)
  • Are twice as likely to be male
  • Are good at multitasking
  • Are good at baseball, tennis, swimming, boxing and fencing
  • Recover from strokes faster and statistically are often richer than right handed people from the same graduating college class (whew, this is getting better!)
  • Are often creative and excel at visual-spatial tasks such as fine art and architecture
  • Often have more balanced bodies, and tend to perform better with their right hand than right handed people do with their left
  • In history, left-handers were often viewed as evil, neurotic, criminal and rebellious. In Latin, the word for “left” is “sinister”. On another note, they are more often artists, so maybe there is something to the tortured artist thing.
  • Mother’s over 40 at the time of a child’s birth are 128% more likely to have a left handed child  than when she is under 40 (to me, that is a weird one!)
  • Incas thought left-handers were healers and had magical powers. The North American tribe Zuni believed them to signify good luck (see, not everyone thought lefties were the devil!)
  • International Left-Handers Day was launched in 1996 to celebrate left-handedness and raise awareness of the difficulties and frustrations lefties experience in a world designed for right-handers

So how can Things Engraved help our left handed friends? We have gifts that they will love and appreciate, and that don’t favour one hand over the other. These gifts are all about equal gifting opportunities. Here are 4 gift ideas to please anyone, right or left handed:

Watches and Clocks

They say that when you flush in Australia, the water swirls in the opposite direction than in Canada. Opposites having different results. Well, when you tell time as a left-hander, the clock hands move in the SAME direction as a right-hander, no matter where you are in the world.  That’s great, am I right? Our stylish time pieces make a great gifts for telling time as a left-hander.

Things Engraved
Gunmetal Pocket Watch

Things Engraved
Nurse style pin with clock

Things Engraved
Golf Desk Clock

Our flasks are equal opportunity drink dispensers, and as a left-hander, you can CHOOSE how to hold your flask (away from you to display the engraving to your friends, or towards you so you can read an inspirational message as you sip.) We DEFINITELY want you to be able to use a flask with your left hand (after all your right hand will be busy pointing at the other lefties trying to drink out of some other store’s right handed flasks. We’ve got your back!)

Things Engraved
Mahogany Box Flask Set

Things Engraved
Skull & Flask with shot glasses

Things Engraved
Black Flask

With the more “common” right-hander’s glass (wine glasses and steins), you will find the engraving challenging to manage in your left hand. Thankfully we have solved that with OUR glassware, which easily accommodates your unique left handed grip, while still working equally well for a right-hander.

Things Engraved
Shot Glass

Things Engraved
4 Balloon Wine Glasses with Monogram

Things Engraved
Pilsner Glass
Key Chains

One of our favourite products to express your personality and fun side is our key chains. We have styles to suit any personality. EVEN a left-handers! With our key chains, you can express your interests AND hold your keys in your left hand! Miraculous!

Things Engraved
Shiny Silver Dog Key Chain

Things Engraved
Puzzle piece key chain set

Things Engraved
Handcuffs Key Chain


Okay, all joking aside, we know it can be an actual challenge to be a leftie in a right-hand dominated world (I have 5 lefties in my family so I know first hand…no pun intended…or was it?!?) We hope you have a great time celebrating a truly unique physical feature on International Left Handers day…even if it DOES make your hand writing kinda messy.


From your Things Engraved Social Team,

Things Engraved Social

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